• Why does my iCal or any of my teams subscribed calendars only sync out 8 weeks?  I need at least 12 weeks if not 18 weeks on my subscribed calendars.

    Why does my iCal or any of my teams subscribed calendars only sync out 8 weeks? I need at least 12 weeks if not 18 weeks on my subscribed calendars.   v7.7.2.3
    Sy Creed
    created by Sy Creed
  • Sugar Enterprise vs Sell/Sales - What will be embedded in Sugar 10 ?

    Dear all,   Since the new Sale / Serve / Market edition appeared, it's not clear for me to understand what will be embedded in Sugar 10 Enterprise sugar10. This edition will come in few month and today it's...
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  • Hi All - Automatic Opportunity Creation on Inbound Outlook Email

    Does anyone know if a new Opportunity can be automatically created from an inbound email to an MS Outlook email group? And if the Opportunity can be opened against a record other than an Account? E.g. a sit...
    Malcolm Black
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  • How to get notified when sales stage changed

    I have a list of deals that I have favorited. Is there a way to get an email notification every time when sales stage changed for all my favorited deals? Thanks
    dennis lee
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  • automated reports are not working

    I have automated reports that are scheduled to be emailed at the end of each day.  They have not run since mid-April.  Has anyone else had this issue?
    Marina Ohrynowicz
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  • Performance Issues?

    Recently [Sugar Enterprise 8.3.0] my Sugar Instance has had A LOT of performance issues. Continuous logouts, HTTP500 issues, Cross-Site Forgery issues, and problems with Token Authentication. There is not pattern to ...
    Brittney Evans
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  • I am presently using Sugar Enterprise.  I'd like to create a bar and pie chart to augment my reports.  There are no drop downs to create visuals, i.e. bar and pie charts.  Looking for assistance plz.

    I am a new user and presently using Sugar Enterprise. I'd like to create a bar and pie chart to augment my reports. There are no drop downs to create visuals, i.e. bar and pie charts. Looking for assistance plz.
    Michele Rebstock
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  • Getting "Not Authorized" Activity stream is disabled

    Hi,   I am getting "Not Authorized, Activity stream is disabled" error in console, while clicking "Close and Create New" link from record view action dropdown in Calls module.  Getting blank page of create...
    Irulappan Pandi
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  • Exporting Tasks

    I'd like to export my tasks, and when I do I'd like to the Account Name that I entered for each account to be a part of that export. Right now I get the Sugar ID. Is it possible?
    Peter Ganci
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  • Why Sugar Need third-party applications?

    Integration is one the most powerful features for any type of customer relationship management application. it provide umpteen ad-on feature and functionality to CRM platform. Some of popular and widely use CRM integr...
    Mily  Rose
    created by Mily Rose
  • "Reports to" section in "User Management" is Not working if "Assign User" not mentioned. Please suggest.

    Suppose I have 3 employee A, B and C. A is Admin user who Assigns opportunities to User B. B reports to C. But in current scenario, C is not able to see any opportunities of employee B which A assigns.
    Sourav Dutta
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  • How to enable customer portal for SugarCRM 7.6 enterprise

    Hi ,   I am using SugarCRM 7.6 Enterprise edition. Can anyone please help me to enable the Customer Portal of the instance.   I am able to "create Portal API User"  but not getting where should i get ...
    Vaishali Bhalerao
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  • Is there any way to color code panels for better organization?

    For example, making all of the basic information about an account green, all jobs partnered with red,  proposal information blue, etc. that way each section stands out more.
    Samantha Shirey
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  • Es posible limitar campos a usuarios , por permisos?

    Quiero tener dos tipos de perfiles, uno para una persona admiistrativa que registre fechas y seguimientos y otro mas operativo, quien es quien registra las actividades; ellos manejan el mismo modulo, pero registran el...
    Juan David Leon
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  • Quotes - Product Catalog Stock Quantity

    Hi,   we have several Items in our Product Catalog with different Stock Quantities. When we're creating a new Quote with some Quoted line Items out of this Product Catalog the number of Items in Stock doesn't c...
    Lennart Gebauer
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  • Are there any method to reply email in Case with inline images?

    Hi everyone,   Our company is a 3D drawing company that replying support cases with inline image is a mush. Yes, we are able to reply with inline images using Outlook and manually archive the email thread int...
    Andrew Wong
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  • Creating a relationship to email module

    Im running sugar community edition 6.5. How can i add a relationship from a module loaded via an addin to the emails module in Studio? I can see the emails module loaded and enabled for display but i cant see it ...
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  • Quote Line Numbers in PDF

    How do I show the line numbers on the quote in pdf format?
    Nathaniel Ybarra
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  • How do I make sure an email that I send from Outlook, is populated into SUGAR and that contact?

    When sending an email to an account, lead or prospect... How do I make sure that email populates into SUGAR for tracking purposes?   Thanks,Chad
    Chad McLean
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  • How do I export calls, meetings, notes and tasks and still see my contacts' name ? I can only see their ID number for now

    I'm a user of Sugar Community. I've tried exporting calls and meetings to keep track of all actions done with each client. However, I cannot see my clients' name, therefore I'm unable to know to whom the call o...
    Salma Chehata
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