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The Winter '18 release of Sugar features a significant enhancement to Reports - “Drill Through on Charts”. This capability has been requested by many of our customers and provides significant value to all report users.


Chart Drill Through


The drill through features provides the ability to see the data behind the charts in reports. As a user, when you are looking at a report, you want to get more insights to the data. Let’s say you are looking at a pipeline report and you want to see the open opportunities in a specific stage. You should be able to simply click on the relevant section of the chart and see the details. That’s what this feature does.


How does it work?


In order to see the data behind a report, all you have to do is simply click on the relevant section of the chart. After you click, you will see the detailed data. For example, let’s say we have a chart that shows open opportunities by expected close month. You would like to see all the open opportunities for this month. Simply click on the area of the chart for the current month e.g. a vertical bar for the month of January. After clicking, you will see all the opportunities that are expected to close in January. It’s that simple.


Along with the detailed data, the same chart is now available on the right hand side for your convenience. The section you clicked is highlighted on the chart. You can now click on another section of the chart, say next month’s opportunities, and the data will refresh right there. You don’t need to go back to the report or the dashlet.


But wait there’s more. Not only you see the details behind the chart, you can actually take actions. For example, you can edit the data right in the detailed view. You can do all the actions on the data that you might do on your list view. In fact, the detailed data on the chart is actually the same list view, but with only the data relevant to the area of the chart you clicked.


You can edit the data, delete or perform mass actions. Let’s see this in action in this short video.




Where can you find it ?


The drill through feature is available in the following places

  • On a report with a chart
  • On saved report dashlets


The drill through feature is not available for the following -

  • The report’s base module was legacy BWC
  • Mobile app
  • Out of the box dashlets
    • Sales Pipeline Chart
    • Case Summary
    • Opportunity Metrics





As you can see, with drill through on charts, not only you see the data behind the report, but also are able to take action on the data thus providing significant productivity improvement in managing records (Insights to Actions).


SugarCRM is investing significantly in enhancing the Reporting and Insights capability. The drill through feature is a significant enhancement in providing deeper insights and perform actions.



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The Winter '18 release of Sugar features a new dashlet in the quotes module that will help users navigate the product catalog, find items they're looking for and quickly add them to a quote.  This new dashlet puts important data right at the user's fingertips and makes it easier for users to quickly create and edit quotes.


Where can users find the new dashlet?


The new Product Catalog Dashlet is in the intelligence pane on the quotes create page (this is the the first time we've ever put a dashlet on a create page) and in the intelligence pane on quotes record view.  For now the dashlet is only available in quotes.  We plan on adding it to the opportunities module in a future release so users can quickly add items from the product catalog to their opportunities as RLIs.


What does the new dashlet do, and how does it work?


The Product Catalog Dashlet in Sugar Winter '18


Product categories are represented as folders and are organized to reflect the structure of the customer's category hierarchy.  Users can click on individual folders to reveal the products contained in each category.  Clicking the product name will immediately add the product to the quote displayed on the page.  Clicking on the icon next to a product will open the full product catalog record in a drawer.  Users may add the product to their quote directly from the drawer or close the drawer without adding the product and return to their quote.


Here's a short video that shows the new dashlet in action:



Upgrade considerations


The new dashlet will appear at the top of the default dashboard in quotes record view in new Sugar installs or in upgraded instances in which users have not previously used the quotes module.  Users of the quotes module who are upgrading from an earlier version of Sugar will have to manually add it to their dashboards.  If they've used the quotes module in the past, their default dashboard has already been configured, and we do not change it on upgrade.  The dashlet will appear automatically on the quotes create page in all instances of Sugar, whether they're new installs or upgrades.


Performance and technical notes


We did extensive performance testing throughout development.  This resulted in several architecture and design changes so that we could optimize performance and deliver the best possible user experience to all customers.  Here are a couple of things we did to optimize performance particularly for customers with large product catalogs:


  1. The product/category hierarchy is rendered using PhaserIO, a new JS library that renders shapes, text, images, video or other content in an HTML canvas or using WebGL.  Using this new library ensures that the dashlet is fast and responsive even when the UI is rendering tens of thousands of records.
  2. The new API that delivers data to the dashlet only retrieves what the user needs at any given time.  Each time the user clicks on a folder in the dashlet, the API retrieves only the content of that folder.  It also respects the "Listview items per page" parameter in Sugar's system settings.  If that parameter is set to 20, the API will return 20 items.  Additional items can be loaded by clicking a "Show more" link.


The Product Catalog Dashlet is the latest major enhancement to our core SFA modules.  It puts important data right at the user's fingertips so that it's available exactly where they need it the most.  With the new Product Catalog Dashlet it's never been easier to create and edit quotes in Sugar.


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