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The Fall '17 Sugar release featured a completely redesigned email experience. We've already posted a comparison of old-vs-new email functionality on the What to Expect page, but here's a quick overview of how you can expect emails to work going forward.


Sugar stores copies of email messages that were either sent from or archived to Sugar. You can view and work with email records much like you would work with any other type of record in Sugar.


To send mail from Sugar, users can configure one or more SMTP accounts. Any messages sent from within the application will be automatically archived in Sugar and related to the records with matching email addresses. But to view messages that aren't sent from inside Sugar, those emails must arrive in the Sugar application by one of these other methods of archiving:


  • Manually copy the contents of a message into a Sugar email record
  • Send an email campaign
  • Receive a message to a group account 
  • Forward an email to your instance's SNIP email address
  • Use a connector, third-party application, or API (e.g. MS Outlook Plug-in, Collabspot)


For more information on all of the archiving methods and other email options, check out the recently updated Intro to Email Functionality Knowledge Base article on the Sugar Support site.

We have expanded SugarCRM Hint, our flagship offering from SugarCRM’s Relationship Intelligence product line beyond leads and contacts. Now, you can gather relationship intelligence about businesses and organizations. It works like this: users enter an account name into Hint (just like they always have) and it pulls in accurate, verified corporate data about the organization into Sugar’s accounts module. This includes valuable information like:

  • Industry
  • Location
  • Revenue
  • Number of employees
  • Corporate Facebook page
  • Corporate Twitter account

In addition to the above corporate data, Hint also pulls in recent news about the company such as earnings announcements, product news and management changes. 

Not only can the sales team keep a close tab on their accounts and quickly react to changes, these new capabilities will also appeal to customer success and customer support teams.  This means Hint can be deployed to more people in your organization to eliminate manual research and data entry. 

Hint gives users a broad profile of information about people and companies. It’s not that you didn’t know this information existed somewhere online, but why manually search for it and enter the data into your CRM when Hint puts the information right at your fingertips?

Hint gathers customer intelligence from a broad range of data sources so users can quickly and efficiently learn more about their prospects to establish a productive relationship.

The newest version of Hint is available now. It is compatible with Sugar 7.8 or later and available for an introductory price of $15 per user, per month. Existing customers of Hint have all been upgraded on our On Demand environment. On Premise customers can download the latest module loadable package from the download manager. 

For more information about Hint, check out the video below or visit


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The Winter '18 release of Sugar features a significant enhancement to Reports - “Drill Through on Charts”. This capability has been requested by many of our customers and provides significant value to all report users.


Chart Drill Through


The drill through features provides the ability to see the data behind the charts in reports. As a user, when you are looking at a report, you want to get more insights to the data. Let’s say you are looking at a pipeline report and you want to see the open opportunities in a specific stage. You should be able to simply click on the relevant section of the chart and see the details. That’s what this feature does.


How does it work?


In order to see the data behind a report, all you have to do is simply click on the relevant section of the chart. After you click, you will see the detailed data. For example, let’s say we have a chart that shows open opportunities by expected close month. You would like to see all the open opportunities for this month. Simply click on the area of the chart for the current month e.g. a vertical bar for the month of January. After clicking, you will see all the opportunities that are expected to close in January. It’s that simple.


Along with the detailed data, the same chart is now available on the right hand side for your convenience. The section you clicked is highlighted on the chart. You can now click on another section of the chart, say next month’s opportunities, and the data will refresh right there. You don’t need to go back to the report or the dashlet.


But wait there’s more. Not only you see the details behind the chart, you can actually take actions. For example, you can edit the data right in the detailed view. You can do all the actions on the data that you might do on your list view. In fact, the detailed data on the chart is actually the same list view, but with only the data relevant to the area of the chart you clicked.


You can edit the data, delete or perform mass actions. Let’s see this in action in this short video.




Where can you find it ?


The drill through feature is available in the following places

  • On a report with a chart
  • On saved report dashlets


The drill through feature is not available for the following -

  • The report’s base module was legacy BWC
  • Mobile app
  • Out of the box dashlets
    • Sales Pipeline Chart
    • Case Summary
    • Opportunity Metrics





As you can see, with drill through on charts, not only you see the data behind the report, but also are able to take action on the data thus providing significant productivity improvement in managing records (Insights to Actions).


SugarCRM is investing significantly in enhancing the Reporting and Insights capability. The drill through feature is a significant enhancement in providing deeper insights and perform actions.



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The Winter '18 release of Sugar features a new dashlet in the quotes module that will help users navigate the product catalog, find items they're looking for and quickly add them to a quote.  This new dashlet puts important data right at the user's fingertips and makes it easier for users to quickly create and edit quotes.


Where can users find the new dashlet?


The new Product Catalog Dashlet is in the intelligence pane on the quotes create page (this is the the first time we've ever put a dashlet on a create page) and in the intelligence pane on quotes record view.  For now the dashlet is only available in quotes.  We plan on adding it to the opportunities module in a future release so users can quickly add items from the product catalog to their opportunities as RLIs.


What does the new dashlet do, and how does it work?


The Product Catalog Dashlet in Sugar Winter '18


Product categories are represented as folders and are organized to reflect the structure of the customer's category hierarchy.  Users can click on individual folders to reveal the products contained in each category.  Clicking the product name will immediately add the product to the quote displayed on the page.  Clicking on the icon next to a product will open the full product catalog record in a drawer.  Users may add the product to their quote directly from the drawer or close the drawer without adding the product and return to their quote.


Here's a short video that shows the new dashlet in action:



Upgrade considerations


The new dashlet will appear at the top of the default dashboard in quotes record view in new Sugar installs or in upgraded instances in which users have not previously used the quotes module.  Users of the quotes module who are upgrading from an earlier version of Sugar will have to manually add it to their dashboards.  If they've used the quotes module in the past, their default dashboard has already been configured, and we do not change it on upgrade.  The dashlet will appear automatically on the quotes create page in all instances of Sugar, whether they're new installs or upgrades.


Performance and technical notes


We did extensive performance testing throughout development.  This resulted in several architecture and design changes so that we could optimize performance and deliver the best possible user experience to all customers.  Here are a couple of things we did to optimize performance particularly for customers with large product catalogs:


  1. The product/category hierarchy is rendered using PhaserIO, a new JS library that renders shapes, text, images, video or other content in an HTML canvas or using WebGL.  Using this new library ensures that the dashlet is fast and responsive even when the UI is rendering tens of thousands of records.
  2. The new API that delivers data to the dashlet only retrieves what the user needs at any given time.  Each time the user clicks on a folder in the dashlet, the API retrieves only the content of that folder.  It also respects the "Listview items per page" parameter in Sugar's system settings.  If that parameter is set to 20, the API will return 20 items.  Additional items can be loaded by clicking a "Show more" link.


The Product Catalog Dashlet is the latest major enhancement to our core SFA modules.  It puts important data right at the user's fingertips so that it's available exactly where they need it the most.  With the new Product Catalog Dashlet it's never been easier to create and edit quotes in Sugar.


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Investing in a Rich Business Culture


News Provided By – EnableIT Technologies, 21st September 2017

London, 21st September 2017, Enable Technologies, SugarCRM’s top Elite EMEA Partner, are pleased to officially announce plans to open a second Scandinavian office, in the Swedish capital Stockholm.

Following the unprecedented success of the Enable Nordics Denmark office, Enable Technologies have made the decision to invest further into the region. Stockholm has been chosen as the second site for Enable Nordics, due to its rich business culture that is home to several high-tech Fortune 500 companies, making it the second most prolific technology hub in the world (1).

“On the back of one of our strongest years yet, we are focused on expanding our services into this rapidly growing and exciting region”, said David Bushnell, Managing Director. “Kristian af Sandberg, (Enable Nordics Sales and Marketing Director), has a wealth of experience working with Swedish organisations and we are confident that opening a Stockholm office will allow us to offer the best level of service to our customers”.

“As Enable Technologies’ services and solutions have become better known in the industry, demand has risen, and quickly,” said Sara Tatam, Sales Manager. “This is an exciting time in the technology industry and the expansion and growth of our team will allow us to continue driving forward, whilst constantly improving customer experience and success”.   

As the interest in the Copenhagen office has exceeded all expectations, and the region is undergoing rapid growth and development in the technology industry, the next logical step was to seize this opportunity and bring forward the opening of the Stockholm office to January 2018. This expansion will allow Enable Nordics to grow and develop with the industry, whilst taking on more customers and better serving its existing customers.

 “In order to drive this expansion into further international markets, we are looking for talented individuals with a range of skills and experience to join our team. We have a unique opportunity to expand our team and capabilities in development, professional services and customer support,” David Bushnell, Managing Director.

Enable Technologies is one of the few organisations to offer a complete CRM solution, from Scoping and Migration, to Training and Support. Enable is the top Elite Partner of the EMEA Region with over 100 years of combined experience, having successfully completed over 950 deployments to date. SugarCRM has recently been named as the Best CRM Service by PCMag’s Business Choice Awards, out of 236 companies.


For any further information, please contact:

Enable Technologies:
Marketing Team
01473 618980

Enable Nordics:
Marketing Team
+45 43 31 04 61            


Notes to editors

About Enable Technologies

Enable Technologies was established in 1994, and is SugarCRM’s oldest European partner, having used the solution internally since 1997. Enable has been the top EMEA Partner for over 10 years and are one of a select few partners worldwide that are trusted to be able to provide the full range of services for all editions.

With headquarters just outside of London, and a UK Tier 3 Datacentre, Enable Technologies is one of the few partners where none of the services offered are outsourced. With over 20 years’ experience in implementing CRM solutions, Enable Technologies are globally recognised by SugarCRM, delivering to all verticals from small and medium, to corporate and enterprise sized organisations.


Diversifying into a Growing Market


News Provided By – EnableIT Technologies, 30th August 2017

London, 30th August 2017, Enable Technologies, SugarCRM’s top EMEA Partner, are today pleased to announce the opening of their Nordic Office, based in Copenhagen.


Since the acquisition of their Tier 3 UK Data Centre, Enable Technologies has been expanding. The launch of the Copenhagen Office, is a further commitment by Enable Technologies to better service its customers and partners. Copenhagen was chosen as it is a leading centre for technological innovation and digital transformation in the Nordic region, as well as being home to many existing customers.


Kristian af Sandeberg has been appointed as Enable Technologies Sales and Marketing Director for the Nordic Region. Having over 10 years experience with SugarCRM, and 21 years in the Technology Industry across the Nordic region, Kristian comes with a great knowledge of the product and the industry, as well as local customers.

“I am very excited to be joining Enable and opening the Nordic Office. The Nordic market place is rapidly growing and has been missing a solid partner with long experience that can leverage small to Enterprise customers. GPDR is one important aspect with CRM systems and Enable have established a GPDR compliant cloud solution that puts our customers in a very strong position. With our combined experience, we will enable customers to have a complete CRM solution that is prepared for the future”, Kristian af Sandeberg, Sales & Marketing Director.


“We at Enable are very excited to be diversifying into a growing market, and with Kristian at the helm. His wealth of experience and knowledge of the Nordic marketplace will allow us to offer the best possible level of service to our customers. Our combined experience and knowledge will benefit all of our customers, old and new”, David Bushnell, Managing Director.  


The opening of the Copenhagen office allows Enable Technologies to situate themselves in a rapidly growing market, with the technology services sector seeing a 4% growth to €861million (1) as a result of numerous companies making the journey through a digital transformation. Despite the world economy being currently characterised by low growth, the Nordic region is expected to maintain a stable rate of growth that is in line with other advanced economies. Looking at Real GDP Growth percentages, the Nordic region is expected to achieve a 1.6% growth in 2017, climbing to 1.7% in 2018 (2).  


Enable Technologies is one of the few organisations to offer a complete CRM solution, from Scoping and Migration, to Training and Support. Enable is the top Elite Partner of the EMEA Region with over 100 years of combined experience, having successfully completed over 950 deployments to date. SugarCRM has recently been named as the Best CRM Service by PCMag’s Business Choice Awards, out of 236 companies.


For any further information, please contact:

Enable Technologies:
Marketing Team
01473 618980

Enable Nordics:
Marketing Team
+45 43 31 04 61            


Notes to editors

About Enable Technologies

Enable Technologies was established in 1994, and is SugarCRM’s oldest European partner, having used the solution internally since 1997. Enable has been the top EMEA Partner for over 10 years and are one of a select few partners worldwide that are trusted to be able to provide the full range of services for all editions.

With headquarters just outside of London, and a UK Tier 3 Datacentre, Enable Technologies is one of the few partners where none of the services offered are outsourced. With over 20 years’ experience in implementing CRM solutions, Enable Technologies are globally recognised by SugarCRM, delivering to all verticals from small and medium, to corporate and enterprise sized organisations.



1 -

2 -


If you’re looking to win more sales, enhance your business writing strategies, and get a stronger grasp on SugarCRM functionality, this year’s Chicago SugarCRM Workshop is a can’t-miss event. From October 24-25th, Technology Advisors will combine complimentary SugarCRM training with a free educational workshop on executing effective sales processes through SugarCRM. Here are some of the most exciting highlights:

1-on-1 Time With SugarCRM CMO Clint Oram

A large part of the SugarCRM Workshop experience is personalization. Attendees have the rare opportunity for one-on-one access to SugarCRM CMO and co-founder Clint Oram, in addition to our software experts. This is your chance to ask all your pressing questions, discuss strategies, and get real examples straight from CRM specialists.

It’s Cheap…Like, Crazy Cheap

If you’re eager to learn about CRM but have a tight budget, this is the free event for you. The Park Ridge Country Club is only 15 minutes from O’Hare airport and Technology Advisors offers nearby hotels at discounted rates to make your stay even easier. The entire Workshop is complimentary and includes free breakfast, lunch, cocktails, appetizers, and of course – sales and business advice. TAI is also offering free training for two of our most popular classes in Advanced Workflow and Customer Journey Mapping. You won’t find another SugarCRM event that offers this level of targeted product insight and training for free.

There’s Something for Everyone

The Chicago Sugar CRM Workshop is versatile enough for everyone in your company to benefit. While the theme focuses on a step-by-step sales process executed through SugarCRM, components involve marketing automation products like Act-On, the Gmail collaboration services of Collabspot, and the document creation of XperiDo. Act-On is a comprehensive marketing automation solution that gives your marketing team the leverage of an integrated suite tailored to your unique marketing needs. Collabspot is a Chrome extension that helps sales and service people close more deals, faster, by providing users with timely cues and easy access to customer data. XperiDo empowers your sales team by generating and delivering documents with dynamic and conditional content and formatting in just a few clicks. Plus, we’ll dive into TrustSphere relationship analytics and SugarCRM’s new Hint product to give you an inside peek at how they work.

Keynote speaker Jane Curry, a renowned business writer, will teach attendees how to write powerful and persuasive business copy for any position. As the CEO and founder of Curry Young Consultants, Jane has even helped major banks and businesses develop effective writing strategies. Imagine what attending her presentation could teach you! As a thank you, Jane is giving away a free copy of her book, Be a Brilliant Business Writer, to all Workshop attendees. This Workshop is a helpful and inexpensive way for all SugarCRM customers and prospective buyers looking for deeper insights on the product to gauge the uses of SugarCRM for their business.

Exclusive Discounts

Technology Advisors is hosting two free training seminars the day before the Workshop. These sessions are open to Workshop attendees only and will address Advanced Workflow and Customer Journey Mapping. Unlike normal training courses that can cost upwards of $1,000, this opportunity provides the same quality training, free of charge. TAI is also offering 20% off discount codes for attendees’ next training course registration with Technology Advisors, but you must attend the Chicago SugarCRM Workshop to be eligible.

It’s Fun!

Who says professional events should be boring? The Chicago SugarCRM Workshop is jam-packed with fun for everyone. Start your day with complimentary breakfast burritos and end it with snacks and cocktails at an open bar. TAI staff from all departments (sales, marketing, support, development) will be at the Workshop to chat and answer any questions you might have. Did I mention there are prizes? All Workshop attendees who attend the cocktail reception are automatically enrolled in a raffle for a free UE Boom bluetooth speaker. If you’ve ever heard the sound quality on one of those things, you’ll know why it’s such an exciting giveaway! Add a beautiful country club venue to the mix and you’ll have a day to remember.

An event as informational and exciting as this only comes around once a year, so don’t miss out! Spaces are limited. Register today for the 2017 Chicago SugarCRM Workshop by clicking here. To view last year’s SugarCRM Workshop recap video, please click this link.

W-Systems continues to grow, and we are excited to have acquired two well regarded CRM organizations as of July 1, 2017:

Contact Management Systems

Ron Canty has joined W-Systems as VP of Business Development to service the Southeastern United States. Ron has been delivering high-quality CRM solutions from an Orlando, FL base for more than two decades. W-Systems welcomes CMS customers from the Southeastern states!

“We are excited to join the W-Systems family to allow current and future customers to take their CRM implementations to the next level.“ – Ron Canty, President, Contact Management Systems

Ticomix's CRM Division

Ticomix’s CRM Division have been colleagues and friends for a very long time and share the same CRM roots and are excited to work with W-Systems. Kevin Reichley has joined W-Systems as Director of Sales for the US Central States, and Matthew Cooke is filling a new role as Director of Customer Success based out Washington D.C. / Virginia. Matt represents a distinguished career in CRM, and we look forward to utilizing his knowledge to benefit our joint customer base.

"The team remains intact, so our customers will continue with the relationships they've built, now fortified by one of the top names in the CRM service industry. We expect this process to be seamless and beneficial for everyone involved." - Tim Ancona, President/CEO, Ticomix

About W-Systems

W-Systems has worked with CRM systems for over twenty years and employs over 60 dedicated staff members focused on designing, developing, implementing and supporting innovative and cost effective solutions for our clients. W-Systems is the #1 Global Partner for SugarCRM and a top GoldMine Partner having deployed CRM solutions to hundreds of organizations in every industry and geography.

“By acquiring Contact Management Systems and the CRM Division of Ticomix and, W-Systems will be able to provide a higher level of service and a broader range of support for our customers’ CRM initiatives.” – Christian Wettre, President, W-Systems

With these acquisitions, W-Systems adds representation in Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio, Washington, Florida and District of Columbia to service our nationwide base of customers.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of these transitions, please feel free to contact us.

W-Systems Named SugarCRM Elite Partner for Third Consecutive Year and SugarCRM Global Partner and North American Partner of the Year

W-Systems announced that for 2017 it has been awarded SugarCRM Global Partner of the Year and North American Partner of the Year as well as Elite status, the highest tier in the SugarCRM channel partner program for the third year in a row. As a value-added reseller of the SugarCRM platform, W-Systems has demonstrated continuous growth in sales and technical certifications, and advancement within Sugar’s Partner Program.

Since 1996 W-Systems has provided process design, application customization, data and application integration, technical installation, training, and both on-site and telephone hotline support. With over 50 dedicated Customer Relationship Management professionals focused on designing, developing, implementing and supporting useful and cost effective solutions, we are ready to take on your Sugar installation whether large or small.

"W-Systems is proud to grow with SugarCRM," says W-Systems President, Christian Wettre. "Over the past years SugarCRM has grown significantly in marketshare and application capability. W-Systems is pleased to be a part of this growth, by helping our customers take full advantage of the powerful Sugar platform."

SugarCRM Elite Partners have attained the highest level of recognition in the company’s channel partner program by building large-scale, growing businesses that provide consulting, implementation, integration, training and development services for Sugar; meeting or exceeding standards for technical proficiency and professional certification in Sugar products; and demonstrating consistent success implementing Sugar in hosted, on-premises, and private cloud environments.

"Our Elite partners are true CRM solution providers that are deeply involved in helping organizations utilize Sugar to provide a superior customer experience to separate themselves from the competition," said Patrick Pahl, Vice President of strategic alliances and partner operations at SugarCRM.

"Our Elite Partners delivered an impressive 27 percent year-to-year increase in annually recurring new subscription revenue last year, added more than 350 new SugarCRM customers and increased the average new sale by 27 percent. I'd like to thank and congratulate W-Systems as our top partner in 2017."

SugarCRM has built a unique channel program of CRM experts with more than 200 channel partners in more than 30 countries. As a pure-play CRM vendor with an unconventional approach, SugarCRM offers a different kind of CRM application that helps our customers set themselves apart from the competition. The company's core group of partners are CRM mavericks that help extend the value of the Sugar platform for customers by providing strategic CRM consulting, tailored solutions that complement Sugar, techniques for CRM best practices, and flexible implementation and integration services.