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Garry White
If this has already been asked and answered please point me in that direction.   I'm using Sugar Professional 9.01 and this occurs with I.E, Edge, and Chrome.   The issue I'm seeing is that when merging records you can slide the "Primary" label to the right and the radio buttons will appear correctly.   But if you change your mind and slide the… (Show more)
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Chandan KC
The sugar CRM vesrion is 6.5 , I Want to do the multiple text search inside module ,can anyone came across this? I have try to use the wild card search but not able to get the results? Other than elastic search any other way to sort this out? #multi text seach #sugarcrm6.5 #Wild card search
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John Kitsmiller
I am looking for some specific notes from an Account. There are hundreds of entries for the Account from Calls, Notes, Meetings, etc.   I'd like to be able to bring up that Account, go to the Historical Summary, and search just in that Account.   Is that possible?
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Hugo Geyskens
While looking in the Contact module at a contact (which is linked to an account), I start creating a new Opportunity via the below subpanel Opportunities (+ sign). The Opportunity record is created alright, taking over information from the account linked to that contact. However , the teams belonging to that account are NOT added to that new… (Show more)
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Manmeet Singh
Right now it only shows the category name that holds the product. I want the name of the parent category as well if there is one. I would like to achieve this via Studio if possible without any coding. Any urgent help on this matter is greatly appreciated!
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Hello,   Is there a way to copy/duplicate a module?   I customized my ''Leads'' module and I would like to copy/paste the content (fields, layout, etc.) in my ''Customer'' module.   Thanks
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Brieanne Rowe
SugarCRM's Summer '19 (9.1) release is now available!! This is a big release for SugarCRM as we've rolled out some new products as well as some great enhancements for our Sugar Professional and Sugar Enterprise customers. Learn more about our new release and all it has to offer in the "New" Sugar Overview: Get to know our New Products and Summer… (Show more)
Melissa Musser
When a user is reassigning a record to another user and then clicking save, the "assigned to"reverts back to them instead of who they reassigned it to. They have to do this twice before the record actually saves with the correct new user.
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Scott Kimbleton
Hi,   I am trying to add tags to opportunities that I don't own so I can track them. I am not the overall opportunity owner or the line items; nor even a team member.   In SalesConnect you could add a tag to any opportunity regardless of your relationship to the opportunity.   Thanks in advance! Scott
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Carlos Hernandez
Currently we have a customer that need to make a  download PDF quotation from his Ipad, nevertheless under android operating system we don´t have anything problem but when i make the same operation into IOS system the file not is possible make a download.   What is yor advice.?   Thanks
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