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Zlatyslava Topchyi
In August 2019, 80% of Forrester survey respondents saw a single source of truth about the customer as a "significant" or "indispensable" factor to ensure the seamless customer experience. 43% stated that its creation across a complex IT-landscape is their top CX challenge.   We are going to show you how to quickly and effectively address this… (Show more)
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David Karohl
How do I get to the email inbox?
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moinerus moinerus
How can I enable the activity stream for custom modules?  This is meant to be a feature for Enterprise and upwards. Cheers Andy
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anthony malone
I use a test vesion of sugar and when I am happy that the requested report runs ok. I have to type it out in the main SugarCRM Kreporter. Thus duplicating the work. Thanks Anthony
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Thibaut  Legrand
Click to view contentHello everyone,   Request to our server have been seriously slowed down this week.  While checking the table's size, the report below has been displayed.  Does any know what's the " tracker " table ?  is the size of the table responsible for the trouble shoot ?   
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Alex Nassi
At this time, our global community is finding itself working remotely from home and juggling unprecedented challenges. If you're finding yourself with free time on your hands, are looking for a productive way to fill your day, or are even looking for a quiet respite from your children (we understand, don't worry) SugarU is prepared to help.   … (Show more)
Matthew Cooke
Click to view contentHI   First off - sorry if this has been asked and answered before - I've looked but can't find anything ...   I have a Module 'Event Locations' which has a TextArea field, 'test refreshments'. I have made a one-to-one relationship with Module 'Open Course Bookings' and created a field 'test refreshments' and in the Formula section have added… (Show more)
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Nathan Morrison
We're trying to get our SugarCRM instance calendars synced with our MS Office 365 calendars.  Have followed all instructions online.  The sync seems to happen once and then hangs on syncing contacts (spinning wheel).  And we get a "Invalid authorization in Sugar Please, log in to your Sugar account and re-enable Sugar Connect sync." error. … (Show more)
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Kamil Dyl
I would like to close Purchase Orders even they have not been invoiced completely. Could you please advise how to do it as the status is fixed and can be changed only by the system (I guess there is a workflow behind it).    I can only change Opportunity State to Paid but it does not have an influence on the Purchase Order State.
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How do you set up required fields when Converting a lead to an opportunity. Our sales team will need to have a few fields required before they can convert it to an opportunity. However, we do not want these fields to be required in the Leads module when creating a lead - only when converting a lead. Thanks
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