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Thomas Pick
The system will only allow one call to be created for a campaign going out to 1000's of users?  Any previous calls created against the campaign keep getting deleted?
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Sy Creed
Why does my iCal or any of my teams subscribed calendars only sync out 8 weeks? I need at least 12 weeks if not 18 weeks on my subscribed calendars.   v7.7.2.3
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Dear all,   Since the new Sale / Serve / Market edition appeared, it's not clear for me to understand what will be embedded in Sugar 10 Enterprise sugar10. This edition will come in few month and today it's difficult for me to understand what my On Premise Customer will get if they upgrade.   For instance, the Sales and Serve console are great… (Show more)
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Peter Robinson
I want to be able to look up my contact by company name not first or last name
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Manmeet Singh
Right now it only shows the category name that holds the product. I want the name of the parent category as well if there is one. I would like to achieve this via Studio if possible without any coding. Any urgent help on this matter is greatly appreciated!
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Jens Unger
Hi  is there an opportunity to show the sugar user who is actually working on a specific profile / task / case?   sample scenario: - user a is working on case 12112 - the case isn't linked to user a at this point of time - user b open case 12112 and sees that this case is actually "blocked" by user a     best   Jens 
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john mckenzie
Sugar (version 9.0.2) Pro   Hi All,   I've been asked to look at the Project Module for our CRM. Out of the box, it looks a bit clunky and has a bug when using UK date format.   Does anyone know of plugin that could improve the situation? I've checked on SugarOutfitters but the nearest i can find is the Kanban for the project task views   Kind… (Show more)
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Lennart Edenfjord
Just updated to Firefox Quantum 57. When I log in to Sugar CRM and then open a link as a tab, the login information is dropped and I need to login again in the new tab. Login is maintained in each tab, but every tab must be logged in separately.   Tested Chrome, just in case, and found no issue there.
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Erik Rose
Click to view contentI can launch an email in some, but not all modules when using Sugar Connect in Outlook, Office 365. It does work on leads and contacts. Any idea why? I would like to fix it.  
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Scott Swalwell
I am using Sugar 9. I can resize columns in other listviews, but I don't see a way to resize columns for any of the dashlets on my dashboard. There's a lot of wasted space.
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