Michael Shaheen

Introducing Sugar Integrate Templates

Blog Post created by Michael Shaheen Employee on Jul 9, 2020

Sugar Integrate makes integrating with (or migrating data between) systems so much easier than doing it manually through code. Even with this incredible IPaaS, however, some integrations can still feel daunting. So, the Sugar Integrate team has begun identifying some common integration and migration use cases that we think make sense to templatize (is that a word?).


Today, we have published our first 2 Sugar Integrate template solutions. Each solution is a zip file containing almost everything you need to complete an advanced migration. We identified, created, and mapped the Common Resources. The formulas (and their sub formulas) have been completely written. All you need to do is install the components into Sugar Integrate, prepare your external systems (Sugar Sell, Salesforce, etc), and run the procedures.


Don't worry. We've also created installation and implementation guides to go along with the templates.


So, what do these particular templates do?


Let's start with the CRM Data Migrator for Sales template. We designed this template to facilitate the migration of records from a CRM (the documentation focuses on Salesforce) to Sugar Sell or Enterprise. It will copy ALL objects into Sugar - including custom modules. To move the custom modules, however, you will need to make some mappings on your own (because we don't know what your custom modules are called or where you want them to live in Sugar).


Take a look at one record that was migrated from Salesforce to Sugar Sell:


The second template we have created is the Opportunity to Cash template. This template automates the opportunity or quote to cash process between Sugar Sell or Sugar Enterprise and an ERP system. It supports synchronizing the account/contact data and financial history (such as invoices and payments) from the ERP system to Sugar. The template also supports automatic order or estimate creation in ERP when a quote is accepted or an opportunity closes in Sugar Sell or Sugar Enterprise.


Here's an example of data that was migrated from QuickBooks Online to Sugar Sell:


To access the templates, navigate to the Software Downloads page and select "Integrate" from the dropdown. Then simply select the correct version and package to download and follow the instructions in the Installation Guide.


We really hope that you find these templates useful. We plan to create more so keep an eye out for future announcements of new templates.


For more information on the new templates, please refer to the Sugar Integrate Template Release Notes. Here's a list of additional resources that may be of help for your migrations or integrations: