• Colored field on summary-view(detail)

    Hello guys,    I'd like to make a customization in summary-view, a part of detail view. This customization is on a field that depending of his value the background color and the text color should be changed...
    Felippe Junger
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  • SugarCRM Mobile SDK - Android Build Error After Google Map Integration

    Hello, I'm having trouble while building my custom sugar mobile application for the android platform after integrating google map plugin.   Android Build failed with below error : AAPT: error: resource inte...
    Shrikant  Borkar
    created by Shrikant Borkar
  • Notifications

    5 votes
    Are you going to add a some live notifications? It means that application checks that any notifications should be displayed. If yes, system shows some box with information (example message: "John has assigned Opportun...
    Michał Nowacki
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  • Custom Module Icon Colors

    1 vote
    Can we add the ability to change the menu icon colors?  All the customs ones are no showing in grey color.  It would be nice to be able to either select or define those colors.   Thanks,
  • Ran into a bunch of errors when trying to install the mobile dev sdk

    Here is the output of my command line, starting with not finding libffi:   /Users/aapter/Downloads/sdk # ./install Command arguments: SUGAR_MOBILE_SDK_HOME = /usr/local/developer/mobile-sdk SDK_PATH =...
    Alan Apter
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  • Customize form has support offline data storage future.

    Hi Team,   We have created action on opportunity detail page in using SugarCRM Mobile SDK. We have created checkbox fields in that custom form. we would like to know when the is user is using Offline sync, will ...
    Dayanand Patil
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  • Reload Model

    Is it possible to reload the model from the route
    Ambit Support
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  • Account view search on mobile - showing less records compared to portal

    Hello, Condition 1: - I'm using SugarCRM custom mobile application, For the account module when I try to search a particular record with initial names, sugar custom mobile app shows limited records while on another s...
    Shrikant  Borkar
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  • SugarCRM Mobile SDK Offline (Bulk Load)

    We are trying to load the on-demand data of some modules using bulk load in SugarCRM Mobile SDK.  Please see the below code snippet of app.json. It is loading all the data for module 'ProductCategories' but not l...
    Muhammad Arslan Shafiq
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  • FATAL: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'meta' of undefined

    Hi all,   I've done an upgrade to version and in one of my dashboards i'm recieving an error message as following:   "FATAL: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'meta' of undefined" ...
    Marilia Girardi Piva
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  • 64-bit variant needed for android

    Hi,   We recently received a message from Google-Play with the following:   By August 1, 2019, all apps that use native code must provide a 64-bit version in addition to the 32-bit versi...
    Steven Cox
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  • How to open the SugarCRM app (SDK Mobile) on a specific view of a module from an external apache cordova application?

    Good day community. I come to you because I have been stuck in a development and I have not been able to solve it. I'm developing an application with apache cordova and I want this application to open a SugarCRM app...
    Salvador  Lopez
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  • Error with Ubuntu

    Hi ppl. I have some problems in Linux with Sugar Mobile SDK (and I know it doesn't have any support whit this SO).   I'm follow a doc "Uncon 2017_ Building Custom Apps Using SugarCRM Mobile SDK" I was exec...
  • Image Editor

    2 votes
    Hi,   I would like to see the image editor option on the SugarCRM mobile app, where users can edit the pictures before uloadingit on fields. The editor can have feature of Preview, Crop, rotate etc. so that they...
    Avinash Singh
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  • Sugar mobile SDK  init-native fail

    Hi, everyone    I have a problem in using the SDK   I followed the Mobile SDK Quick Start Guide http://support.sugarcrm.com/Documentation/Mobile_Solutions/Mobile_SDK/Mobile_SDK_Quick_Start_Guide/ ...
    cheng yuzen
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  • Troubleshooting SDK installation

    Hello I have install the SDK recently and I had problems to setup my local environment so I want to share with you how I fixed it, I hope this help to someone.   1.- When I tried to execute the command './sdk i...
  • Do you have any video/doc tutorial how can I start with the mobile dev

    Hi devs,    I started with the Quick Start SDK SugarCRM Mobile, but doesn't work for me, I had many problems with homebrew and after it  with ./sdk, so, the question is, do you have other tutorial...
  • Using a custom filter in a custom view

    Hi,   I'm following the custom meeting view in:   https://mobiletools.sugarcrm.com/docs/latest/sdk/docs/sdk/tutorial-meetings-list-view.html    Which has a filterDef as:      ...
    Steven Cox
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  • Is it possible to add a HTML5 canvas element as a field to the android app ?

    Hello,   The title probably says it all. I want to create a canvas field on the app where users can draw their signature! I am aware that will have to create the canvas and the logic of it myself! but how can I...
    Simo Hamzaoui
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  • Is there a quick way to ID the phone?

    Hi,   Is there a way for the SDK to identify the phone - say the IMEI number or something similar?   A session ID or token of some sort may work but I would guess this may change over time/sessions?  ...
    Steven Cox
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