• I am stuck on Amazon-EventBridge

    Hi, here is the link for sugar connector that we are trying to utilize.  https://support.sugarcrm.com/Documentation/Installable_Connectors/Amazon-EventBridge/index.html    I have followed the steps me...
    Farjad Ahmad
    created by Farjad Ahmad
  • Why my custom scheduler is not running?

    I'm doing a custom scheduler to do a soft delete to a table and when i upload the package to sugar it doesn't show any error but it's not running. The status is active and there's no last execution. Also, the LBL does...
    Itzel Cordero
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  • how to prevent module editing depending on status 'Completed'

    I am a beginner on Sugar... My target is prevent module editing. I wrote down ......this.$('.record-edit-link-wrapper').remove();   and it works.... but i want to disabled icon-pencil (it is my bigges...
    Luca Bartolini
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  • Showing timeout while trying to search on custom field

    Hi All,   I created and deployed a custom field through Studio  and when I trying to search the particular custom field in the list view it seems to be timeout.   How can I solve this issue ?
    Sino Thomas
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  • What is the status of Sugar on Docker for production environments?

    Hi community,   We've been working happily with dockerized Sugar instances for our developments. Now some of our customers are starting to host their production applications on Openshift or other similar platfor...
    Damien Pochon
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  • How to add tags using SugarBPM

    I'm trying to set up a SugarBPM process that will add a specific tag to a Task when the Related-To field is set to given values. I'm guessing that I need to use an Action that changes a field, but the list of fields i...
    Yury Voloshin
    created by Yury Voloshin
  • 500 internal server error in file cache/class_map.php

    Hi all, I faced with a problem that sometimes got as error message: PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected '=>' (T_DOUBLE_ARROW) in htdocs/cache/class_map.php on line 10198The line number always changes. ...
    Autchara Chaiprom
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  • Can a 'before' logic hook stop processing a bean

    Hi,   I'm writing a logic hook to pre-process emails being imported via the SNIP email archiving feature.   I'm using the before_email_import logic hook but I've also tested it for the more generic before_...
    Steven Cox
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  • How should I encrypt data at rest with Sugarcrm?

    Hi All,   Related to data security I need to encrypt data  while at rest,How can I apply this  ?
    Sino Thomas
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  • How to hide edit button in Dashboards module home sugarcrm 9.3?

    After update to  9.3 we have some error - View Render Failed, but our customization is very simple. ({ extendsFrom:'DashboardHeaderpaneView', initialize: function(options) { this._super("initialize", [options...
    Nick Gamora
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  • How to Create custom View In Sugarcrm 9.x EP. ?

    Hi All ,   I want To create custom View action page like own design and insert Code. within the module like leads. 
    M Gupta
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  • Is there any rest v10 API to retrieve the contacts linked to an account in the sub-panel?

    Sugar On Demand   Is there any rest v10 API to retrieve the contacts linked to an account in the sub-panel in v10 REST API version?     I have a custom MANY to MANY relationship between ACCO...
    Howard Jennings
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  • How to change the background color of records in a list view according to the Status Value??

    How to change the background color of records in a list view according to the Status ??
    M Gupta
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  • Process definition is not triggered with an after_save logic hook

    Hi All,   I need help. A process definition is not triggered in Cases module with an after_save logic hook . Process Def of updating the status field on initial save for new records doesnt trigger when a custom ...
    Roland Cadavos
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  • Utility of having leads AND contacts

    I’m wondering about the utility of maintaining both leads and contacts.   Up until now the system had 2 modules leads and contacts (contacts essentially being a copy of a lead that has converted), but IR...
    Robert Sinclair
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  • How do you autopopulate a related field in custom module from a related field of another module?

    I'm fighting against this issue since a couple of weeks and I can't figure out a way to do that. I have a custom module for the orders management and I need to produce invoices automatically. I'm following the exampl...
    luthien luthien
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  • field type htmleditable_tinymce

    I have the demand to get an html editable field in some modules. So i tried the field type htmleditable_tinymce I can edit it and enter data, but values are not displayed in view mode,   I can only see ...
    Robert Lehner
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  • Validate Discount amount with Unit price in Quote line items

    Hi,   I am using sugar 7.9 version. I am trying to validate the quote line item based on the below criteria.   If Discount amount is greater than Unit price then I need to show a error message like `Total ...
    Vijayakumar S
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  • Can you gather information from a Meeting and place it into an Advanced Report?

    Hi guys,   I have a question...is there anyway to create an Advanced Report for information logged into a meeting for instance?   I am trying to create a Custom Query to select the data entered into a meet...
    Andrew Mc Carthy
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  • How To create Custom Action In 9.X Like 6.5.

    How To create Custom Action In 9.X Like 6.5.
    M Gupta
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