• Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined

    I changed from server to a more modern one (from hivelocity to a2hosting), I made a backup of all the crm information and copied it to the new server and I gave the necessary permissions as it appears in this link or ...
    Felipe Cortés
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  • Change analyzer in specific field in elasticsearch

    Hi,   I have one custom field created in opportunities module. This field is an auto-calculated field and contains the account_id of the opportunity.   I want to filter for this field into elasticsearch, b...
    Diego Celdrán
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  • User Filter with primary_address equals true

    Hello,     i want to get all employees(users) with an POST API Call where the "status" is active and the "primary_address=true". For the "status" my filter works, but for the "primary_address=true" i get an...
    Daniel Zebrowski
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  • Currency fields not changing all in same record

    I have a module (Accounts) that I need to set different kind of currency amounts   Each amount can be on one local currency, or USD   Normal Sugar behaviour is that when you change the type of currency in ...
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  • Sugar API to create batch of records in single API call

    Is there any Sugar API allows user to create batch of records in single go(API call)?
    pranita chopade
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  • Does anyone know any open source or paid chat modules for SugarCRM v6.5?

    We're looking to integrate a chat module in our SugarCRM and so far I've seen some livechat support which is not what we want as we would like to only have an internal chat module (like facebook that doesn't need...
    Rodolfo Tuble
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  • PHPUNIT throwing error while running {old} test in SugarCRM v9

    Recently we have upgraded to the SugarCRM v9 with PHP v7.1. I have downloaded the unittest from below github repo and followed the instruction to configure the phpunit to run the test. While running the test under {...
    Sathish Kumar Ganesan
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  • How to get scheduled report in .csv format?

    Currently scheduled report get in pdf format  but is there any way to get scheduled report in .csv format? #scheduled #report csv 
    Sagar Honrao
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  • Calculate "status" dependent on a date field

    Hi!   I got a date-field called "Valid until". If the date is overdue, the field "status" must be changed to "inactive".   How to achieve that? I am thinking about: 1) logic hook on before_save that che...
    Günter Swatschina
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  • Sugar Developer Tools

    Sugar Test ToolsCertain Sugar Test Tools are only made available to existing Sugar Customers and Sugar Partners and their use is subject to the included Test Tools License.  You are required to have a Github acco...
    Alex Nassi
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  • Integrating AWS Lambda to SugarCRM?

    whats a simple way to integrate aws lambda to SugarCRM?
    Karen Escritorio
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  • How to get selected options' ids in multiple pages in SugarCRM?

    I am using SugarCRM 6.5.x CE version. Currently I am trying to get the ids of all selected records in listview in "Calls" module in CRM across multiple pages. Suppose if I have 100 records and if I select only 50 out ...
    Sohan Tirpude
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  • How do I save a PDF locally on the server?

    I have tried about a hundred times to get this tight but at best I am left with a mangled PDF (logo issues mostly) . I just want to take a PDF Manager record and turn it into a PDF and save that PDF locally on the ser...
    Kenneth Brill
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  • Connect a related record via Workflow

    Hi,   quite simple question.   I have Module A and Module B.   In Module A there is a new record created by incoming Mails. Some Values of the Record are set by the Subject of the Mail via Workflow. ...
    Lennart Gebauer
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  • Should I keep versioning role-based views?

    Hi everyone,   We've been using Git to deploy Sugar code on premise for a while now, and since my customer started playing with role-based views, I ask myself this question : Should I keep versioning those views...
    Christopher Cacciatore
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  • Any recommendations for a live chat system to integrate w/ SugarCRM v7 Professional Cases module

    Any recommendations for a live chat system to integrate w/ SugarCRM v7 Professional Cases module
    Francesca Shiekh
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  • Generating an ID with BeanFactory

    Hello,   I am having trouble generating a new record with BeanFactory, i receive: PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught Error: Class 'Sugarcrm\Sugarcrm\Util\Uuid' not found in /home/sugar8/public_html/include/utils.p...
    Web Team
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  • Starting an advanced workflow using the API

    Hi   I am trying to customize advanced workflows. I found out that it is possible to create my own actions, but is it possible to add an extra trigger so we can start an advanced workflow any other way...
    Jan Aelbrecht
    created by Jan Aelbrecht
  • API interface to SugarCRM

    Dear community,   I'm about to program an API interface to update my CRM data. The data for the SUGAR lies in an external database (Oracle). The Json-call is programmed and executed in the database with PL/SQL.&...
    Rene Ryhner
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  • How to validate the fields in Subpanel when users click at Save button

    Hi all, Do you know how to validate the fields when users click at Save button? I've attached the picture where I mean for more understanding Thank you in advanced.
    Komsant Tivong
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