• Why does this cause my instance of Sugar to crash?

    The formula saves without any errors. But when I save the field I get an error that crashed my instance. It's on demand, not on my server. This is my little formula. All the fields are correct and the syntax appears t...
    Howard Jennings
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  • Uncaught Domain Exception Fatal Error in Php Error Logs after Upgrade

    Hi  This is a high priority to be addressed in Production Environment. I am not able to save record in custom module when I edit the dropdown field after upgrading from Professional 9.0.1 to Enterprise 9.0.1. I ...
    Poojitha Katram
    created by Poojitha Katram
  • Custom SidePane on Support Portal

    How can i create a custom view in the side pane of the sugarCRM portal (see image)? is it the same as with the base portal?(modifying/creating  a JS controller, a PHP metadata file, and a Handlebars) if so should...
    Karen Escritorio
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  • Adding Activity Stream or Comment Log to Quotes

    I have a client that wants to record an internal conversation about a Quote. Activity Stream is not enabled for the Quotes module and the Comment Log field has not been aded to the Quotes module.   Has anyone...
    John Boyes
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  • Readonly is not working for dropdown field data condition

    For readonly field based on condition i followed this guide https://support.sugarcrm.com/Documentation/Sugar_Developer/Sugar_Developer_Guide_10.0/Architecture/Sugar_Logic/Dependenc…  and replicate the...
    Thiraviarajan Raman
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  • How to search Process Management by record name?

    Hi, thanks for taking the time to look at this query.   When troubleshooting Process Definitions, the Process Management page is very useful under /#pmse_Inbox/layout/casesList   However, with 80k processe...
    James Banbury
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  • Search filter in sugar url / link

    Hi,   I have a webform pre-populate with a phone number.   All i need to open a sugar contact module detail / list view that match this phone number. So i need to generate a link that ...
    Rahul Jain
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  • Calculating Revenue Line Item Likely Field Based On Other Field Values

    I was wondering if you can point me in the right direction for what I’m trying to do here…   When a Revenue Line Item (RLI) record is created (either during Opportunity creation or otherwise), we w...
    Vince Outlaw
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  • Utilizing external storage for Document Files

    A common request we hear is for a solution to store files that are attached to records in an external location. For example: "How can I store uploaded documents in Box.com and include a reference to the file in S...
    Michael Shaheen
    created by Michael Shaheen
  • How to make related field search box readonly in record.js

    I want to make read-only to the related field search box on change other field or on page load in record.js
    Laxmichand Saini
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  • Custom Dependency on Decimal Field

    Hi,   I have a `total_cost` that is a currency field. I need to create a custom dependency on other field based on this `total_cost` field.    Consider there is a field `limit` that should be req...
    Parithiban G
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  • add a visible formula on multiselect field

    There is multiselect field "request_type" and a text area field "referred_by_other".   I want to add a visible formula on multiselect field:   when the value of "request_type" selected is “Other&#...
    Richa Goel
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  • Sending Info to a specific endpoint

    Is there a way to send a notification after an event has been trigger to a specific endpoint?(other than mail)    Basically like an auto-reply when someone creates a ticket/case but instead of receiving a n...
    Karen Escritorio
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  • Locating the scroll position at start of the quickcreate form

    When clicking "create" button in a subpanel, i want to put the scroll position (and page position) to the start of the form were the first field is. since yesterday and only in chrome browser, when clicking "crea...
    Asaf Army
    created by Asaf Army
  • Subpanel opens upwards instead of downwards on chrome browsers

    only since yesterday, and only on chrome browsers, when pushing "create" in the subpanel, the quickcreate opens upwards instead of downwards (or the system doesn't locate the scroll in the start of the quickcreate for...
    Asaf Army
    created by Asaf Army
  • Remove Global Team from all the modules

    Hello Everyone,   I am working on SugarCRM Enterprise, Version 9.2.0-dev.1 (Build 120) (Fall '19).   I have to remove Global team from all the records which I have in SugarCRM all modules. Earlier I ...
    Kishor Mali
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  • Email case creation created by default user

    We've implemented de inbound email automatic case creation. Following the next tutorial: https://support.sugarcrm.com/Knowledge_Base/Email/Automatically_Creating_Cases_From_Inbound_Emails/  Everything is workin...
    José Carlos Solorza
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  • Comment log not showing in customer portal

    I have already set up de fiel <Comment Log> in the case module, i can see it in my cases module form de sugar admin portal,but if i check the customer portal i doesn't show the corresponding field. Any idea what...
    Karen Escritorio
    created by Karen Escritorio
  • Sugar Integrate Quick Start Guide

    Once we’ve created a Sugar Integrate organization for you, you should receive an email from our team with your credentials.   Based on your needs, you’ll be given credentials to one or more of the fo...
    Matt Marum
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  • Custom Route doesn't pass OAuth token via app.api.fileDownload()

    Hello, I made a custom route to be able to download file via link (e.g. sent in email notification). I made a custom API endpoint for that, which shouldn't be accessible without login (noLoginRequired parameter in...
    Jakub Valenta
    created by Jakub Valenta