• How to add option to operators, specifically for date type?

    Looking at the file ./clients/base/filters/operators/operators.php the following filter options are available for date type fields:   'date' => array( '$equals' => 'LBL_OPERATOR_EQUALS', '$lt' => 'LBL...
    Cecilia Hanson
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  • Relate Custom module multiple data to Accounts

    I have a custom module let's call it Custom A, Custom A is related to Accounts and has it(Custom A) on it's(Accounts) sub panel. 1. How can I have an editable drop down on Custom A when it's being used as a sub ...
    Alfred Villena
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  • Work with an authenticated redis cluster/server with Sugar

    I wrote a sample script to extend the Redis caching to support auth here: Custom implementation of Sugar redis cache, using authentication   To deploy it use the path: "custom/include/SugarCache/CustomS...
    Enrico Simonetti
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  • "Invalid Credentials" warning after upgraded to 8.0

    Hi Guys,   I have upgraded our Sugar from to 8.0.0.  After upgrade, I am getting Invalid credentials warning message "Invalid Credentials You must specify a valid username and password." on every pa...
    Selvamuthukumar Rajulu
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  • Sugar 8.0.0 Overview for Sugar Developers

    For the recording, see Sugar 8.0.0 Overview for Sugar Developers .
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  • Sugar 8.0.0 Overview for Sugar Developers

    Open video

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  • Sugar Winter '19 (8.3.0) Overview for Sugar Developers

    To watch a recording of the live webinar, visit Sugar Winter '19 (8.3.0) Overview for Sugar Developers.
    Matt Marum
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  • Sugar Winter '19 (8.3.0) Overview for Sugar Developers

    Open video

    Matt Marum
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  • Limit User Posts in Activity Stream

    Hi, A couple of questions regarding activity stream. Is there a way to limit the creating of posts based on role in activity stream? How can we disable the comment / reply in activity stream?   Thank you
    Nove Sanchez
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  • Use another file storage for Sugar

    Hello,   One of our customer wants to store Sugar uploaded documents in a separated secured container outside SugarCRM. Do you know if i'st possible to : - have the "upload" folder moved in a separated secured ...
    Groupe Sugar
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  • Add Google map in custom drawer

    How can we integrate google map marker in custom drawer. google apis map and crm integration
    Sagar Honrao
    created by Sagar Honrao
  • Can I put a date picker in a Sugar Alert?

    I have a custom module where a restricted number of users can select multiple records in list view then choose a list view Action that in turn defines a job in the Scheduler that will execute for each of the chos...
    Francesca Shiekh
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  • Custom dahslet works on base/web view but it is missing on mobile view/app

    Hello     I'm creating some new custom dashlet for home/dashboard module and they work as expects however none of them are available on mobile view/app.   When we have a dashboard that only has c...
  • Drawer onClose Callback Modification with bind

    Platform is Sugar Enterprise 8.0.1 On Premise   I'm trying to modify a Relate field drawer to do some extra lookups after it closes via the callback. Right now the stock callback is the _.bind method:  ...
    created by insxch
  • Is it possible to check for duplicate records with an event in Advanced Workflow?

    Is it possible with an out-of-the-box Advanced Workflow event to check for existing records? Then if something exists, update that record. If not, create a new record?   Here's an example workflow I'd like to bu...
    Chad Hutchins
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  • mobile view not working on secure web (citrix xenmobile)

    hello all,   i was hoping somebody knew what triggers the "mobile view not supported in this browser", and where to find these tests in the code.   our sugar instance is behind a firewall so it was unreach...
    Matthew Heinzel
    created by Matthew Heinzel
  • download uploaded files by FTP

    Hello all I have a quick question. We have been creating notes to contacts containing call recordings with them. If I use the UI I can go note by note, accesing the atchement file and hear the audio perfectly. The i...
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  • How to change Team on Email record with Logic Hook?

    Hi folks.   I´ve got an Inbound email handler that creates Cases from emails. Trying to change the Teams on my Email record from the Administrator and salesdistro teams over to Global. This is the code but...
    Kristjan Geir Mathiesen
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  • Where should this field info be stored?

    Very simple question, hopefully I won't overcomplicate it:   There's many to many relationship between users and accounts and there's a field called "commissions".   When John is assigned to account (A)...
    Robert Sinclair
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  • Copy over billing address to shipping address

    Hello. In Quotes module when you select a billing account id, it fills the billing address (street, city, etc) after you click confirm in a popup (regular sugar feature, not custom). How to hook into the exact moment ...
    Nagy Zoltan
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