• Blocking TLS v1.1 and earlier in SugarCloud

    We intend to disable support for TLS v1.1 and older in the SugarCloud on November 8, 2019. This action is consistent with the rest of the industry. It may impact some Sugar integrations that connect to the SugarCloud....
    Michael Shaheen
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  • Role-based dropdown not working

    We have a need for role-based dropdown control around the account_type DD   Sugar introduced Role-based dropdowns circa version 7.6 and an issue was raised in August 2017 (that is over 2 years ago) - Bug 79265 &...
    Neil Conacher
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  • How do I Auto Populate a Custom Relate Field when Creating a Record from a Subpanel?

    Hi all,   I'm attempting to populate a custom relate field (primary_contact_c) when creating an opportunity from a contact using the subpanel; the relate field in the opportunity should be populated with the con...
    Ian Trzoska
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  • Sharing a filter for the Dashlet on SugarCRM 9.0.1

    Sharing a filter for the Dashlets is available on SugarCRM v9.1, which is only onCloud solution now. Is there any flexible way to share Dashlet's filter in a native Sugar 9.1 way, using SugarCRM 9.0.1 onPrem? So after...
    Dmitrii Mikhalchenko
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  • How to correctly retrieve beams from a module.

    Hi, thanks, I was wondering if someone has got this case. I have a module called bookings and a relationship with another module bookingdetails. The type of relationship is one to many. I'm trying to retrieve the re...
  • Custom phone call fields won't show in preview of a completed phone call

    I reached out to Sugar Support and apparently it's a bug they don't yet have a fix for. They recommended that I reach out to the community to see if a customization can be created to address this issue....
    Kayla Ebert
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  • How to update a field in an after_save logic hook?

    Hello all, I have created a custom field to hold an autoincrement value for each record in the module. This works ok. I would like to use this number as a part of the name of the record. So, I have created a logic_h...
    Jaume Albaigès
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  • Cases and Account relationship is not working in sugarcrm if we create Case from Contact Screen

    Hi All,   When we are creating cases from contact screen through case subpanel, cases and account relationship is not working. We are not able to see accounts mapped to any case. We are following below mentione...
    Yashgeet Saluja
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  • User's email returned from any API?

    I am testing the API's and found that the user api (https://support.sugarcrm.com/Documentation/Sugar_Developer/Sugar_Developer_Guide_7.9/Integration/Web_Services/v10/Endpoints/Users_GET/) doesn't return the user's ema...
    Sahaj Dhingra
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  • 60 second delays in loading SugarCRM 9

    I have a SugarCRM 8.0.1 that runs perfectly.   I have 2 DIFFERENT SugarCRM 9.0.0 instances (Backups from OnDemand from 2 different customers of mine) abd have these huge 60 second delays while loading.  Bot...
    Kenneth Brill
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  • How to upload data into Quotes from csv file using a new On-Demand instance?

    I have 16,000 records that I want to import into the Quotes module in my new SugarCRM OnDemand instance. I am new to everything. One suggestion I have gotten is to use fgetcsv to upload the data. I have no clue how to...
    Andy Shouse
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  • How to add image from field to PDF template?

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to add an image from a module field in a PDF template. I've tried to use <img src="{$fields.image|tmp_image_path}"/> label but I didn't have success. Can anyone explain to me the best way...
  • How to push customer master data from SAP to Sugar?

    We are using SAP ECC and having customer data in the system. Recently we implemented Sugar CRM and We want to import that Customer master data relevant for Sugar CRM from SAP. We need to know how we can connect these ...
    Ravi Ravi
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  • How to integrate with Oracle Eloqua

    I am using the Eloqua platform for our marketing automation and ave not had success in finding an integration tool that communicates both ways without creating multiple new leads in Sugar CRM each time data is updated...
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  • Epicor Eclipse & SugarCRM Integration on Synology NAS

    I work for a company that uses the Epicor Eclipse ERP. We do not have a CRM in place and know that it would be a valuable addition to the business. I know that I can install the 6.5 version on this device. Are there a...
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  • search by all email addresses primary and not primary

    When filtering by email address in Targets, Leads or Contacts only the primary address is considered. This does not work for us. I reported the issue in v7.8 but it has yet to be addressed, Bug# 77949   The wo...
    Francesca Shiekh
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  • Writing PHPUnit tests just got easier!

    We can probably all agree that automated tests are great, but sometimes we put off writing them because the initial first step of getting everything working correctly can be really difficult.     ...
    Matt Marum
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  • how can I change the notification email templates?

    Hello,   I would like your help to change the text that appear on the automatic emails that Sugar send with the assignments notification. I have a customer who changed the names of the modules but when he rece...
    Patricia Gallego
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  • Customize what data is displayed in ListView

    Hi,   I'm working on linking multiple accounts to a single opportunity, so I have created a new relationship between Opportunities and Accounts so that there is a subpanel below each Opportunity with all the rel...
  • Consume API from within Sugar

    Hi, I would like to add a custom button to the opportunities module that makes a call to a custom endpoint that I created inside Sugar   The endpoint requires authentication, so I was wondering what would be the...
    David  Angulo
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