• Using server side changes to customize SugarCRM Mobile

    If you were at UnCon in April 2015 then you know that one of our hottest topics was plans for a SugarCRM Mobile SDK.  Since mobile devices and mobile use cases are such a key part of what Customer Relationsh...
    Matt Marum
    created by Matt Marum
  • Modify the search with a custom hook

    Hello all,   Let's say that there are multiple ways to create relationships in Sugar. But is there any way to tell if a relationship comes from this screen? Or allow me to hook into this screen( I have attached ...
    Josh Wright
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  • Create custom email and send it to Email Queue

    Hello there   We are using SugarCRM 6.5 CE and let me share a new functionality I am trying to add to my sugarcrm configuration. I am creating a new button that launches a process which reads a custom "status fi...
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  • don't open in drawer

    In Sugar 8.0.3, the create Contacts view (when accessed from the megamenu) opens in a drawer.   Client does NOT want this behavior.  Client wants the create view to be the main screen.  How can I stop ...
    Robert Cristof
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  • Fuzzy vs exact global search results

    I am trying to understand some differences I am seeing on certain field types for Global Search. Currently I am seeing this in 8.0.3 but am comparing to different results we were getting in 7.7.   When searching...
    Shad Mickelberry
    created by Shad Mickelberry
  • 3 Tips for using the Sugar Metadata API

    What is the Sugar Metadata API? As you probably know, Sugar metadata encompasses the settings, data model (Vardefs), and visual layouts (Viewdefs) used by the Sugar application. The majority of changes made to Sugar u...
    Matt Marum
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  • quicksearch $equals instead of $starts

    We have a module where we have the quicksearch searching on two fields. One is a varchar the other is an integer. Is there a way to force the integer field to use $equals instead of $starts? The $starts generates a sq...
    Ryan Horton
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  • Guest relationship is being deleted when a user created a call on lead or contact record, so call is not showing up in call sub-panel upon creation of call

    Our users notified me that calls were "disappearing" from Sugar. On a hunch, I pulled a report showing any call that was not related to a contact or lead record (for reference, we directly work with individuals s...
    Kayla Ebert
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  • How can I share the code in 3 servers?

    Hello!   The problem that I have right now is an Infrastructure level;I'm hosting on AWS a SugarCRM application and I have to replicate the code in 3 servers of an Autoscaling group on Amazon web services, ...
    Alan Muñiz
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  • Resolving cannotPerformCollationConversionOnTable red flag on SugarCRM upgrade to version 9.0.0

    Even though there is seemingly no release notes or updates about it, files for SugarCRM version 9.0.0 have been released here.   Note: you must have a SugarCRM subscription to see the downloads.   I'm usin...
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  • Get data from a Drawer

    If I have something like this in my record.js, the module is Notes app.drawer.open({      layout: 'create',      context: {        &...
    Kenneth Brill
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  • how to add SubPanel on create view??

    I have created one custom Module. I want to add SubPanel on record Create View of that Module.(like Opportunity module contains Revenue Line Item in its Record Create View) please help me..
    Tejas Kulkarni
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  • SugarCloud integrate with SAP connector

    Hello All,   We have the  planning to run sugarCRM at SugarCloud. But I have some questions would like to get help from your.    1. Can SugarCloud integrate with connector to my SAP sys...
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  • How do I force a subpanel to be open

    I am looking to force a particular subpanel, say Documents, to be open on the loading of a record.  I have found a little code but its all 6.x related.
    Kenneth Brill
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  • Adding user input into Edited field

    I want to add an edit function if user decides to change the field value but i cant seem to find the right way to do this. Ive tried searching through google but it doesn't give any answer related for this problem. &#...
    karl el escobar
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  • Where does the code goes on UI Filter Creation?

    HI,Everyone I am kind of new to sugar CRM pro(8.3) Can anyone help me with this issue? Q- When  i create any custom filter using the UI in any sugar module and saving it giving a name,it perfectly shows the re...
    Himanshu Mohapatra
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  • module fields not available in process definition

    My users are not able to create process definitions based on the Tasks module. None of the fields for this module show up as available for evaluation. I have tried accessing these fields from a process defin...
    Andrew Rappaport
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  • Custom Endpoints - noLoginRequired = true not working.

    Hello Folks I have created my custom EndPoint where if  noLoginRequired = true then its working but current_user id not getting. If I change that  noLoginRequired = false then its showing below error erro...
    Mehul  Bhandari
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  • How can you have a radio button group with no selected default value

    Hi, let's say you have a radio button group with 3 choices but you don't want a default value already selected, you want all 3 options not selected, is that possible? Do you have to use extensions to do this or you ca...
    Sébastien Rainville
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  • silent upgrade 8.0.3 to 9.0 seems stuck on Applying the 'utf8mb4_general_ci' collation

    I am trying to upgrade my development environment from 8.0.3 to 9.0.0 but it appears to get stuck on    [Upgrader] - Applying the 'utf8mb4_general_ci' collation to the database and all existing tables  ...
    Francesca Shiekh
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