• How can we enable a two factor authentication for Sugarcrm login. I am on sugarcrm 7.7 Pro

    Hi All,   I want to enable a two factor (OTP via sms or email) authentication for my sugarcrm login , version 7.7.1 Pro.  I found there are some libraries like miniorange, duo  protection etc. I am dou...
    Dipin TA
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  • How to customize Calendar Additional details tooltip?

    Hi, i need to select wich fields are going to be shown in Calendar Additional details tooltip; do you know how to do it?
    Mayer Elyashiv
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  • How to create relationship field in custom module like contact_role which is already exist between contact and opportunities module

    Method is already exist for sugar 6.* version here is reference link : Adding Fields to a Relationship/Subpanel « Sugar Developer Blog – SugarCRM   I have tried this above method with 7.6 version but ...
    Bhavesh Patel
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  • How to insert page break in pdf manager ?

    How can I insert page break in report via pdf manager ?
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  • Adding custom modules to the flex relate field found in the activity modules

    Hello Sugar Community,   I am looking for a best practice solution for adding custom modules to the flex relate field found in the activities modules (notes, tasks, meetings etc.) The flex relate field works gr...
  • How do I set the default teams and default roles for users that are created via LDAP?

    We are using LDAP with the ability to Create Users configured. When a new user is created, we want to set their default teams and default roles upon creation. How do we go about handling this?
    Jeff Bickart
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  • Frequent PHP Warning/Notice in Apache Logs

    We have been seeing the following PHP Notice in Apache Log for quite some time.   Undefined variable: module in /clients/base/views/record/record.php on line 82It occurs when record view of certain modules is lo...
    Rolustech Support
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  • Upgrading in a Version controlled Environment

    I've faced this problem regularly for the last few years, and I'm wondering if there is a better approach.  Currently, when doing an upgrade, I will upgrade a branch of our repository, apply all the updates and i...
    Ken McCartney
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  • Getting sugar_file_put_contents_atomic() : fatal rename failure under Windows & IIS.

    Hi, I have a problem setting up SugarCRM on Windows Server 2012 R2  running IIS 8.5 and PHP 5.6.31 nts   Navigating to an arbitrary module and opening a record mostly leads to an error with status c...
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  • How would you merge records via v10 REST API?

    I'm using an external application to find duplicate accounts and contacts within SugarCRM.  Once I have identified the duplicates, is there an easy way to merge them?  I didn't find a merge API call.  I...
    David Austin
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  • Remove subpanel from a module

    Hi All   How can we remove subpanel from a Module? I want to remove contacts subpanel from Accounts Module (In two ways :-One is simply hide and other is based on some condition,I want to hide contacts Subpanel ...
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  • C# Example for V4 Login API is not working anymore! Pls help.

    Hi There, I have used the code provided on your support website (link below) as a reference to connect to sugar CRM using C#. http://support.sugarcrm.com/Documentation/Sugar_Developer/Sugar_Developer_Guide_6.7/Appli...
    vivek vuppala
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  • Would elasticsearch be available for list view search?

    Hi guys,   Does any know when the elasticsearch will be available for list view search? I was told it is available in sugar 7.7, but after had a try i found it is not true. Alex Nassi, could you help to answer ...
    Marc Yu
    created by Marc Yu
  • URL to report with run-time filter changed

    Hi,   Is there any way that I could link from a dashlet to a custom report which has a filter (for example, the account id as a run-time filter) and change it dynamically ? So, for each account, the link in the ...
    Mihai Olteanu
    created by Mihai Olteanu
  • How to change text to longtext.

    I want to store more than 64kb of data in Case->Description field. The solutions I have tried so far: modifying DB type for description field to 'longtext' - this did not survived QRR. modifying field_metadata tab...
    k v
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  • Sugar 7 Contact module record view header add middle name

    Hello,   I want to add middle name record view header pane in contact module.     Ramana Raju Santhana Francesca Shiekh Alan Apter     Thanks Dipesh Offshore Evolution Pvt Ltd
    Offshore Evolution
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  • Data Security / Encryption

    Dear all,   Many of my customers (SugarCRM 7.x or 8.x Pro or Ent) ask us what is the best question to secure SugarCRM data. Of course, we recommended the main "standards" security options (role/team for end use...
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  • How to create a non-db field linked to a custom field in a related module?

    I have two custom fields ( field_one_c, field_two_c ) in Account module. I want to display the field_one and field_two values in the cases modules details view . In the cases module, we have to display these fields va...
    ananth ananth
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  • Unable to sync with server. A request is failing that makes the application unusable. Please contact technical support.

    I have two server named as RND and development server.  I have backup of development server i.e code and database. That i have uploaded(both code and database) into RND server.   After that RND server shows...
    Kushank Jain
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  • Deadlock in "metadata_cache" table cause the system having no response

    Symptoms:When the deadlock happened, user could not do any operation as they got no response from system.This issue also happened last year and it seems that it could be happened repeatedly. As the "metadata_cache" ta...
    Kent Tsui
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