• Filters broken in 9.0.2

    Hello. I have a custom filter in place in Quotes. When you go and create or edit a quote, you have to select a billing account. Then if you want to select a billing contact, in the search drawer I apply this account I...
    Nagy Zoltan
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  • How to create a non-db field linked to a custom field in a related module?

    I have two custom fields ( field_one_c, field_two_c ) in Account module. I want to display the field_one and field_two values in the cases modules details view . In the cases module, we have to display these fields va...
    ananth ananth
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  • How to change text to longtext.

    I want to store more than 64kb of data in Case->Description field. The solutions I have tried so far: modifying DB type for description field to 'longtext' - this did not survived QRR. modifying field_metadata tab...
    k v
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  • Sucrose Bubble chart customization in Sugarcrm

    I have to integrate sucrose bubble chart in Sugarcrm. I don't know how to integrate sucrose bubble chart in Sugarcrm. It will be helpful if there is any document or process for this. Let me know if there is any l...
    Jairam Madankar
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  • Sugar 7 Contact module record view header add middle name

    Hello,   I want to add middle name record view header pane in contact module.     Ramana Raju Santhana Francesca Shiekh Alan Apter     Thanks Dipesh Offshore Evolution Pvt Ltd
    Offshore Evolution
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  • Data Security / Encryption

    Dear all,   Many of my customers (SugarCRM 7.x or 8.x Pro or Ent) ask us what is the best question to secure SugarCRM data. Of course, we recommended the main "standards" security options (role/team for end use...
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  • Unable to sync with server. A request is failing that makes the application unusable. Please contact technical support.

    I have two server named as RND and development server.  I have backup of development server i.e code and database. That i have uploaded(both code and database) into RND server.   After that RND server shows...
    Kushank Jain
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  • Deadlock in "metadata_cache" table cause the system having no response

    Symptoms:When the deadlock happened, user could not do any operation as they got no response from system.This issue also happened last year and it seems that it could be happened repeatedly. As the "metadata_cache" ta...
    Kent Tsui
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  • How to expand email description field

    Looking to make the email description field larger and/or adjustable. I have multiple clients complaining about how narrow the description field is. The field isn't available to modify in studio when access to the ema...
    Dallin Verdonk
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  • Add Campaign/Target List Support For A Custom Module

    Hey all, I need a hand figuring this out.   My company has a hosted instance of Sugar OnDemand Enterprise that we are creating some custom modules for. We are using SugarCRM Enterprise, Version (Bu...
    Josh Crow
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  • KReports set filters via URL parameters

    Hi,   Does anyone know if it is possible to set KReports runtime filters via URL parameters? Here is the use case - we have a google analytics report in a spreadsheet listing top domains. We want to be able to ...
    Jonny Gribben
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  • How to upgrade environment through automation script from sugarcrmEnt7720 to sugarcrmEnt8?

    Hey folk,   I need some suggestion.   One of our client using sugarEnt7720 and they are planing for upgrade sugarEnt8. They restricted internet connection on their network due to security reason. Now we n...
    Bhavesh Patel
    created by Bhavesh Patel
  • I wanted to make clone of an exesting module meetings

    Hi, I wanted to make custom module that having same functionality like meetings. So i wanted to clone the meeting module how can i archive this. Any one having any idea about this then please tell me.   Thank ...
    Ajit Agarw
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  • Update to 8.0.0

    Hi   I have a problem with update script from to 8.0.0.   Healthcheck is OK but I have an error while pre-upgrade stage :  Package sugarcrm/identity-provider with version constraint 1.1.4 is ...
    Florian POLLET
    created by Florian POLLET
  • Is it possible to auto-populate cc field in email

    Hello Support,   Is it possible to auto-populate the cc field on an email with a specific email address during email creation?
    Joie Cinco
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  • how to customize Product Categories and Manufacturers

    Hi All, I need to add  custom fields to the Product Categories and Manufacturers and change the record layout as well. I am not able to see these modules in studio. Has somebody ever face this issue. Is the...
    Usman Saeed
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  • Unable to load the application

    I have installed a fresh instance of SugarCRM The instance works for an hour, and then it starts to give an error message (Unable to load the application), and loads nothing. I have reinstalled it a couple of...
    Atif  Hussain
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  • Error - Export Contract record From ListView - Sugarcrm 6.5

    Hi Folks im facing problem when exporting from listview.   MySQL error 1064: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use...
    Mehul  Bhandari
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  • Integrating whats app with SugarCrm?

    Hi All,                    Is there a way to integrate whats app with SugarCrm. Has any one done this before.   Regards Sidhu Alex Nassi Tevfik Tümer And...
    sidhu sidhu
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  • How to get modified_user_id of deleted record using rest api v10?

    I am able to get the deleted record result , but its return only id, module name and modified date. like : {  "next_offset": -1,  "records": [    {      "id": "98743785-1941-0ec5-ea2...
    Vaishali Bhalerao
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