• How to expand email description field

    Looking to make the email description field larger and/or adjustable. I have multiple clients complaining about how narrow the description field is. The field isn't available to modify in studio when access to the ema...
    Dallin Verdonk
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  • Add Campaign/Target List Support For A Custom Module

    Hey all, I need a hand figuring this out.   My company has a hosted instance of Sugar OnDemand Enterprise that we are creating some custom modules for. We are using SugarCRM Enterprise, Version (Bu...
    Josh Crow
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  • How to upgrade environment through automation script from sugarcrmEnt7720 to sugarcrmEnt8?

    Hey folk,   I need some suggestion.   One of our client using sugarEnt7720 and they are planing for upgrade sugarEnt8. They restricted internet connection on their network due to security reason. Now we n...
    Bhavesh Patel
    created by Bhavesh Patel
  • What is the status of Sugar on Docker for production environments?

    Hi community,   We've been working happily with dockerized Sugar instances for our developments. Now some of our customers are starting to host their production applications on Openshift or other similar platfor...
    Damien Pochon
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  • I wanted to make clone of an exesting module meetings

    Hi, I wanted to make custom module that having same functionality like meetings. So i wanted to clone the meeting module how can i archive this. Any one having any idea about this then please tell me.   Thank ...
    Ajit Agarw
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  • Update to 8.0.0

    Hi   I have a problem with update script from to 8.0.0.   Healthcheck is OK but I have an error while pre-upgrade stage :  Package sugarcrm/identity-provider with version constraint 1.1.4 is ...
    Florian POLLET
    created by Florian POLLET
  • Is it possible to auto-populate cc field in email

    Hello Support,   Is it possible to auto-populate the cc field on an email with a specific email address during email creation?
    Joie Cinco
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  • how to customize Product Categories and Manufacturers

    Hi All, I need to add  custom fields to the Product Categories and Manufacturers and change the record layout as well. I am not able to see these modules in studio. Has somebody ever face this issue. Is the...
    Usman Saeed
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  • Unable to load the application

    I have installed a fresh instance of SugarCRM The instance works for an hour, and then it starts to give an error message (Unable to load the application), and loads nothing. I have reinstalled it a couple of...
    Atif  Hussain
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  • Error - Export Contract record From ListView - Sugarcrm 6.5

    Hi Folks im facing problem when exporting from listview.   MySQL error 1064: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use...
    Mehul  Bhandari
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  • Integrating whats app with SugarCrm?

    Hi All,                    Is there a way to integrate whats app with SugarCrm. Has any one done this before.   Regards Sidhu Alex Nassi Tevfik Tümer And...
    sidhu sidhu
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  • How to get modified_user_id of deleted record using rest api v10?

    I am able to get the deleted record result , but its return only id, module name and modified date. like : {  "next_offset": -1,  "records": [    {      "id": "98743785-1941-0ec5-ea2...
    Vaishali Bhalerao
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  • How to get the platform in logic hook?

    Depending on the platform mobile/desktop i want to do different things in my logic hooks. Is there a variable to get the platform in use?
    Brad Foster
    created by Brad Foster
  • Integrating Facebook to SugarCrm

    Hi All,               Can we integrate Facebook to SugarCrm just as we can do for the twitter. I have found this New in Sugar 6.2: Integrating Facebook with SugarCRM: How to Setup...
    sidhu sidhu
    created by sidhu sidhu
  • Spanish language pack for 6.5.10-4 CE not installing

    Hi. Newbie here with brand new installed 6.5.10-4 vers. However it seems not to accept any of the already existing language packs. Does anyone know how can I make it to install a Spanish LP? Thanks in advance!
    DosCuartos DosCuartos
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  • How to connect to sugarcrm api without knowing username and password client

    Hi, i'm making a connection between my app and my client data on sugarcrm. Is there any way i could connect this by Implitcit Grant workflow of OAuth 2.0. Not by username/password on sugar crm. It's not good for me wh...
    Anh Thu Duong
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  • How do you create a one to many relationship between a custom modue and the Product Catalog?

    Hi, I created a basic custom module named (Group) and for this newly created module I need to relate (one-to-many) it with (Product Catalog) module i-e: One Group should have many Product Catalogs. I tried to make ...
    Muhammad Shaji Uddin
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  • KReporter 3.0.6 Installation Problem with SugarCRM CE 6.5.17

    Hello, I am running a self-hosted vanilla version of SugarCRM CE 6.5.17 and I tried to install KReporter 3.0.6 via Module Loader. I first uploaded the module package via the lower part of the Module Loader ...
  • Customize revenue line item subpanel on opportunity create

    I see the file modules/RevenueLineItems/clients/base/views/subpanel-for-opportunities-create/subpanel-for-opportunities-create.php but I cannot seem to override it in any way.  I tried adding the standard files f...
  • Override SugarQuery.php method in an upgrade safe manner

    Is there a way to override method from /include/SugarQuery/SugarQuery.php in an upgrade safe manner?   I need to override the method setJoinOn because it doesn't work for custom modules relationships by hardcodi...
    Piotr Pryzmont
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