• WordPress to SugarCRM Lead connection problem

    Hi everyone  i need to connecte wordpress with sugarCRM using      use this url for connetion but is not working  the result : Conntion problem   can you help me plz thank s
    akram zouggari
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  • I can not establish a connection between the SugarCRM and wordpress

    I can not establish a connection between the SugarCRM and wordpress
    yosr yosr
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  • How to make "Relate field" as "Multi-Select" SugarCRM 8.1.0

    Hi Team,   I have one product relate field in the Quote module, my client requirement is that he is able to select multiple products.   How I convert a custom relate file as "Multi-select" ?.   Pleas...
    Rupesh  Ranjangaonkar
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  • get attached file name

    Hi all, I am using the picture field in contacts to store an avatar image for my contacts. I want to be able to dowload this page via the api so I can store it on a website that the contacts use. i read the follo...
    john Fieldsend
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  • BeanCollection not in Sugar documentation

    I'd like to bring attention to a Sidecar function called createBeanCollection. I found it to be very useful for loading multiple Sugar records from a single module, as described well in Angel Magana's blog. The proble...
    Yury Voloshin
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  • Force refresh on a record based on another session edit/save

    We have a scenario which is presenting a data consistency challenge. A bit difficult to describe but the essence is as follows:   1) User 1 is in an Account record view working on a record   2) We have a c...
    Neil Conacher
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  • How can I create PHP unit test for Sugar 8

    Hi All,   How can I test logic hook functions using PHPUnit test.   Please help me create PHP unit test for Sugar 8
    Sino Thomas
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  • Custom Field type for highlighting text not showing color

    my question about Custom Field type for highlighting text.  as per following document  am make all the required files are created https://support.sugarcrm.com/Documentation/Sugar_Developer/Sugar_Developer_G...
    liyo paul
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  • List View - Record Preview - vardef field dependency

    Hi all,   I have two fields defined in my vardef.php for a module. They have a dependency rule, so that they are not shown in the Record View if the rule does not apply.     However when I'm at ...
    created by swaldinger
  • Use multiples connections (n) to sugar API with the same user at the same time

    We are sugar partners and have a large implementation for sugar in terms of customization.     The customer sill have 17 integrations which some of them been bidirectional.     The customer will ...
  • record.js - linked record - get full attributes 

    Hi all,   I extended the ProductCatalog / Product Template with a new integer field (extended  the Vardefs) and I am able to fill this field via the GUI and data are in the MySQL database.    At ...
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  • Attachment field

    I'm looking to create an ''attachment'' field in a module. Same thing as the field ''File Name'' in the ''Documents'' module.   How can I do that?   Thanks
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  • Using SugarBeanApiHelper with relationships

    Can someone offer advice our point me to some documentation   Im trying to retrieve a contact and there related account details, I dont want to retreive everything as I only need selected fields and also want to...
    john Fieldsend
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  • Page break for the Quote tempalate on PDFManager

    Michael Shaheen Matt Marum   Hi, I would like to send a page break in the Quote Template to start a new page. The Terms and Conditions (fine print) needs to print on a separate page.    Platform is On...
    Michael Joyner
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  • Quotes issue with scroll back to the top

    Hi All, When on the bottom of the page there is a Relate field for line-item field in Quotes module, after selecting the product template pop-up window is closed i'll be returned to the top of the page.Is there a way...
    Sundar  Kumar
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  • How to append text to a text field in SugarBPM

    In SugarBPM, is there a way to append a string to a text field? I'm trying to create a workflow that will append the name of a related opportunity to the name of a task when new tasks are created by Customer Journey u...
    Yury Voloshin
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  • I am stuck on Amazon-EventBridge

    Hi, here is the link for sugar connector that we are trying to utilize.  https://support.sugarcrm.com/Documentation/Installable_Connectors/Amazon-EventBridge/index.html    I have followed the steps me...
    Farjad Ahmad
    created by Farjad Ahmad
  • Why my custom scheduler is not running?

    I'm doing a custom scheduler to do a soft delete to a table and when i upload the package to sugar it doesn't show any error but it's not running. The status is active and there's no last execution. Also, the LBL does...
    Itzel Cordero
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  • how to prevent module editing depending on status 'Completed'

    I am a beginner on Sugar... My target is prevent module editing. I wrote down ......this.$('.record-edit-link-wrapper').remove();   and it works.... but i want to disabled icon-pencil (it is my bigges...
    Luca Bartolini
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  • Showing timeout while trying to search on custom field

    Hi All,   I created and deployed a custom field through Studio  and when I trying to search the particular custom field in the list view it seems to be timeout.   How can I solve this issue ?
    Sino Thomas
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