• Alert when record count changes in subpanel

    I have a module "A", which is related to Module "B" and Module "C". When items are added/removed from Module "C" they sometimes add/delete records to/from module "B" via logic hook. I want to alert the user whenever...
    Francesca Shiekh
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  • Sugar Mobile Notifications

    Hi, there, I just like to ask, if it's possible to have notifications on the mobile app, I already know how to  display a notification on the statusbar, but how to receive it, generally on an Android App, a backg...
  • selection-list drawer page is displaying twice

    Hi, selection-list page is displaying twice, when i changed the product template field from QLI record.
    Sundar  Kumar
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  • Invalid File Path When Importing Targets Error

    We recently upgraded from Sugar 8.0.2 to 9.0.2. We have started to notice a new error when importing targets. Whenever you change the field mapping during the import the screen turns white after clicking import target...
    Dan Petersen
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  • external cache db    what does it do

    Hello Community,    Using SugarCRM 9.01   - onsite    I am running into an issue of my database server filling up its temp file and then slowly filling up the HDD space causing Sugar to...
    David Matrai
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  • Which sidecar field type does the Encrypt field use?

    We want to customise thr Encrypt field in a custom module in the the front end by masking the plaintext password.   Which sidecar field type should I extend and customise?   There's no field type called en...
    Kedar Gawande
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  • Select Multiple Products

    Is there anyway to select multiple products[ Quoted Line Items] in custom module. or in Multi select field can we get the related module quoted line items. so that user can choose what items to be wanted in anot...
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  • Radio Button field ReadOnly

    I want to make Radio button field as read-only when Account field is not empty. I have tried using dependency but it didn't work.
    Sundar  Kumar
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  • How to get the SugarCRM downloaded in local machine ? Store site is redirceting me to user page.

    Hi there, I have got free trail link. I'm unable to download the SugarCRM from the store site which is mentioned in the documentation. It navigates me to user link instead. Can you please throw us some light on how t...
    Manimaran R
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  • Secure LDAP client install fails

    Sorry if this is not be the correct forum.  I am running Sugar Professional on premises on Ubuntu 18 linux.  I am currently using LDAP to authenticate back to our Windows Active Directory Domain Controller.&...
    Rodney Broder
    created by Rodney Broder
  • custome response for out-of-the-box sugar API WS

    We are sugar partners and we have a large implementation of sugarcrm in terms of customization.   They will be using sugar flower "serve + sell" that is ondemand deployment option only for now.   The thing...
  • Parallel sessions using the same access tokens

    Hi     We have an integration which allows us to call the SugarCRM API by using the authentication tokens of a certain SugarCRM user. Now, our customers have a problem: their refresh token become invalid (i...
    Jan Aelbrecht
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  • Process definition

    Hi , I am not able to see related module in process definition can any body guide me.   Like Target Module: Account And I want to update the associated Contact where Account & Contact have M:M relations...
    sameeksha  agrawal
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  • Create dropdown from module records

    Hi all, Has anyone done this or is it at all passible. We have created a custom countries module which has records of countries  and other data required by our business. We would like to create a dropdown field ...
    john Fieldsend
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  • Process Definition trigger in relation to LogicHooks

    I hope this is a relatively simple question. In Sugar 9.x, what order does the process definition triggering event fall in relation to LogicHooks? Is it an after_save or a before_save event? What is the order of the e...
    Tim Crishi
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  • Problems with Wordpress & SugarCRM connection

    Hello, I'm trying to establish a connection between Contact Form 7 Wordpress and SugarCRM (Version 6.5.9 (Build 8653)). WordPress to SugarCRM Lead plugin shows "Cannot connect to your SugarCRM. Please try again with...
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  • WordPress to SugarCRM Lead connection problem

    Hi everyone  i need to connecte wordpress with sugarCRM using      use this url for connetion but is not working  the result : Conntion problem   can you help me plz thank s
    akram zouggari
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  • I can not establish a connection between the SugarCRM and wordpress

    I can not establish a connection between the SugarCRM and wordpress
    yosr yosr
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  • How to make "Relate field" as "Multi-Select" SugarCRM 8.1.0

    Hi Team,   I have one product relate field in the Quote module, my client requirement is that he is able to select multiple products.   How I convert a custom relate file as "Multi-select" ?.   Pleas...
    Rupesh  Ranjangaonkar
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  • get attached file name

    Hi all, I am using the picture field in contacts to store an avatar image for my contacts. I want to be able to dowload this page via the api so I can store it on a website that the contacts use. i read the follo...
    john Fieldsend
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