• Error on screen when saving Opportunity record with email field

    Hey All!   I have attempted to add an email field to the Opportunities modules following this Cookbook Article in the Developer Guide, and I am getting a "HTTP: 500 Internal Server Error" loaded to the screen. T...
    Christopher Heyman
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  • show notes contents in case admin

    I was wandering if there was a way to show a notes content which are attached to a case whilst in the admin area. Similar to how notes are viewed in the sugar case portal when you open a case. Sugar said its poss...
    john Fieldsend
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  • Mobile version not executing field validation

    SugarCRM Professional 9.0, On-Premise. Mobile access is through the {siteurl}/mobile version, we use Citrix EMM/MDM and still waiting on wrapping the native app   We've run into a large problem recently, we depl...
    Matthew Heinzel
    created by Matthew Heinzel
  • Can SugarBean access custom fields without using the "_c" ending?

    I have an after_save logic hook in a custom module where I'm setting the value of a field called rate_actual equal to the value of a custom field called engineer_rate_c. But, there is a typo in the code where I forgot...
    Yury Voloshin
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  • Add notes to custom module

    Hi all, we had a developer add a custom module Feature Keys (holo_FeatureKeys)  to our Sugar Ent 9.0. I now need to add notes support to this module.   Using studio I created a relationship one-to-many in t...
    john Fieldsend
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  • Only show team contacts

    Hi all,    Sorry if this is an easy fix but still learning sugar. We have ENT 9 cloud and have setup a sales team and allocated them views of required modules however our contacts module has contacts for a ...
    john Fieldsend
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  • How to get the user id by an email address?

    i have an email of a user. How do i get a user id by the email address? $user->retrieve_by_string_fields(array('email1' =>  $organizerEmail)); doesn't work. looked it up , no answer, only how to get the c...
    Asaf Army
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  • Using Sugar web logic hooks with ngrok and Flask

    I am trying to retrieve data from a Sugar web logic hook using ngrok for a public url and Flask as my web server. (I‘m using the method shown in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMBzb_RBDAA&t=664s...
    Greg Billings
    created by Greg Billings
  • Call tracking/e-commerce

    Hi,   I was hoping someone might have experience integrating call tracking and revenue with analytics.   We use infinity for our calling tracking, which has its own unique visitor ID, then there's the clie...
    Rob Lloyd
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  • How to list the records of custom module in PDF Manager ?

    Hi All,   How to list the records of a custom module in PDF Manager. I need to create pdf template for a custom module   I apply the following code to list the record of 'MY001_MYMODULE' in a pdf template....
    Sino Thomas
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  • Can a 'before' logic hook stop processing a bean

    Hi,   I'm writing a logic hook to pre-process emails being imported via the SNIP email archiving feature.   I'm using the before_email_import logic hook but I've also tested it for the more generic before_...
    Steven Cox
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  • Cannot read property 'conversion_rate' of undefined

    Hi In the Products Module,   I am trying to hit 'More Products' under the SubProducts Subpanel but it just says 'Loading'. The error is the console is below.Anyone know why this is happening? Tks   logger....
    Eric Grehan
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  • Get deleted contacts REST API is not working.

    Get deleted contacts REST API is not working.  I am a thirty party developer. The below API I used to get deleted contacts from sugar but didn't work. it always returns an empty value. For testing this API I del...
    Arockia Jerald
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  • Parent view .hbs doesn't load by default when extending to module level

    Hi folks,   I have created a custom sidecar view at the application level (custom/clients/base/view/{view-name}) with metadata, js controller and an hbs template. I have extended the same view at module level f...
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  • how to read CSV file on sugaroncloud

    Hey ,  Here is what i understand , fopen and most of file handelling functions are banned oncloud version.   One of my client looking to have an area to upload a CSV file and import contacts from...
    Ashish Dwivedi
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  • Error during import custom package

    Hi,   During the import of the custom package we created, we get the following error:   Error adding index:  Query Failed: ALTER TABLE emails_text ADD INDEX emails_textfromaddr (from_addr): MyS...
    Steven Van Loon
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  • How to Add Values to the Date Type Field Default Value Dropdown

    I have a client that wants a date field to default to 60 days from today.   The current default list in Studio lists: yesterday, today, tomorrow, next week, next monday, next friday, two weeks, next month, first...
    John Boyes
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  • Need help adding line to logic hook that will copy all data to a new module

    Sugar OnDemand 9.1.0 Professional   When an opportunity reaches a sales stage of Closed Won, we create an account record in the Accounts module. The below works as intended in that respect, but I want to ensure ...
    Jake Ashley
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  • How to copy records with Workflow/BPM ?

    Hi   Is it possible to use Workflow Management or BPM in Sugar 9.0.1 (Build 176) Enterprise to copy a record with a few adjustments on the new record compared to the record it will be copied from ?   What ...
    Lars Aagesen
    created by Lars Aagesen
  • how can i get the dropdown list with API

    Hi, everyone     I'm trying to find the way to get the dropdown list. Is it possible to get the original dropdown list "account_type_dom" whit API? Thanks for watching.
    cheng yuzen
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