• 500 internal server error in file cache/class_map.php

    Hi all, I faced with a problem that sometimes got as error message: PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected '=>' (T_DOUBLE_ARROW) in htdocs/cache/class_map.php on line 10198The line number always changes. ...
    Autchara Chaiprom
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  • Drop Down Value Shows the Key and not Display Value

    Hey Guys,   We are trying to have a drop down value on a lead be transferred to a text field on an account during lead conversion. Our code is written below. Naics_sector is the account field and industry_sector...
    Dan Petersen
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  • The Products "Subpanel" on Quotes

    I need to run a script when an item is Saved on the Quote.  So you pick a product from the dashlet, it is added to the SubPanel and then you click on the green button to save it. As it is saved I need to check i...
    Kenneth Brill
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  • Deeplink on App

    ¿my app do not support a deeplink what can i do? Is there a not deep link for sugar on demand?
    Gustavo Perozo
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  • Quicksearch parameters - split_terms and priority

    I have been working on build in an extra field to the List View quicksearch on Accounts and Contacts.   Thanks to previous contributors around this.   However, I am experiencing some inconsistent behaviour...
    Neil Conacher
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  • Subpanel to be Editable Before Create A Record Like Opportunity Revenue Line Items

    Is there any way to  Add  Revenue line items For custom Module where we can select revenue line item Before creation of record. How can we do that ?? Help me to solve this....   Has anyone done this?&#...
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  • Upgrade Issue::Red flag on SugarCRM upgrade 8.0.4 to 9.02

    Has anyone faced the below issue while upgrading SugarCRM to 9.x?   [2020-02-17T06:39:31+00:00] INFO => F: [Issue 234][red][cannotPerformCollationConversionOnTable][579][Unable to perform character ...
    Sundar Kumar
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  • How to add module case in email template?

    I need to create an email template, with information of cases, like case number, the subject and the description.   How can I add this information, since only the account modules, contacts / lead / targets ...
    David Solano Rojas
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  • Scheduled tasks to Larval API

    Hi all   We have a company secure database  which has w web interface via Laravel whuch at the moment is pushing data to Sugar through sugars API.   As services with sugar are evolving we need to now ...
    john Fieldsend
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  • Force refresh on a record based on another session edit/save

    We have a scenario which is presenting a data consistency challenge. A bit difficult to describe but the essence is as follows:   1) User 1 is in an Account record view working on a record   2) We have a c...
    Neil Conacher
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  • Unable to sync with server. Violation for language value

    I checked the default language of sugar by using App.lang.getLanguage(), which is 'en_us'. Then I set it to 'en_uk' by App.lang.setLanguage('en_uk').  After doing this I am receiving this error "Unable to sync ...
    Maryam Aslam
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  • Rest API filter

    Hello,   I am making a request to the Contacts module. Sugar only has two contacts in the system. One contains the word Smith for the Contact name. The filter does not seem to apply as all the records are return...
    Peter Sitina
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  • Sugar Cloud - how to create a file (csv) from Sugar and push it to an external program using FTP

    Hello,   we have more and more customer that go to Sugar Cloud Edition. According to this documentation :  https://support.sugarcrm.com/Documentation/Sugar_Developer/Sugar_Developer_Guide_9.3/Architec...
    Groupe Sugar
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  • How do you pass information from one JS to another

    Say you had a custom field called "agent_type" so you have a directory called   custom/clients/base/fields/agent_type and that directory has agent_type.js in it.  Now in that script it preforms some sort o...
    Kenneth Brill
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  • Display/hide a panel on a form based on a checkbox

    I am using 9.3 in Sugarondemand.  I want to hide a section of a form base on a checkbox in Contacts so only certain types of contacts have these custom fields displayed.  Is this possible?
    Jim Cotten
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  • How to do a validation that requires an API call

    I want to add a validation to make sure the email address added to a record is unique.  This, of course, requires an API call to go check the current email address to all the others.  The problem is, in my v...
    Kenneth Brill
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  • Throwing exceptions in a logic hook in Sugar 9.2

    In a before save logic hook I'm checking for certain conditions to validate the duplicate records. But i encounted with an error like  "There was an error while connecting to the server. Please try again." A...
    Roshini E
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  • How to get the profile picture for contact using rest api ?

    Hi Team , I am trying to fetch the image of contact . When i tried using below api , I am getting some value on picture field . But I need to get the image using rest api . Let me know if any rest api for this ? Requ...
    Maha lakshmi
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  • Regaring Field Level Access Issue

    I have done below steps; 1. I have set None access on Type field of Account module. 2. Then I have made Type field require. 3. When I login to regular user who I have used in that role, he can see No Acce...
    Govind Rathore
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  • How To save date and time value in date and time field in sugarcrm using before save logic hook ?

    How To save date and time value in date and time field in sugarcrm using before save logic hook ?
    M Gupta
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