• Extending the moduleapi endpoint does not work

    if you put this in custom/clients/base/api/CustomModuleApi.php <?phpif(!defined('sugarEntry') || !sugarEntry) die('Not A Valid Entry Point');require_once("clients/base/api/ModuleApi.php");class CustomModuleApi exte...
    Nate Morris
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  • Relate field to 'Employees' module

    Hi, I have built a custom module using module builder and have deployed to a Sugar instance. I want to add a Relate field in the custom module which links to the Employees module. This is because the information to ...
    Neil Conacher
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  • How to access dashlet configuration variables from the server?

    When you click the "gear" icon in the top right corner of a dashlet, there are config items users can set for each of their dashlets. I'd like to be able to access those dashlet configuration values fro...
    Chad Hutchins
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  • How to control access on dashlets

    Hi,    for a specific use case we would like to be able to control the access to dashlets. Currently , as far as I know, there is no way of configuring this. So any user can select the dashlet and we need t...
    Jeroen Somhorst
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  • set sugar crm on local machine for free trial ?

     https://store.sugarcrm.com/download always pointed me to the profile page when I tried to setup on local . I am just trying to use for trial/ free purpose . is it possible , or do i need to purchse ?please ...
    Neeraj verma
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  • Disable Assignment Notification On Module In SugarCRM

    How can I disable assignment notifications for a particular custom module in SugarCRM?   Eg. When I create a new Case or Task and assign it to a User, the User receives an email about the assignment. If I turn o...
    Saiyed Faisal
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  • Couldn't connect to host, Elasticsearch down

    Whenever we send a request to post a new case through the sugar API's, we get the same response even though the case is being posted/received on the server. Any ideas why this is happening?   Path: https://{sug...
    Karen Escritorio
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  • Change Event within the Record List View

    Hi Everyone,    I'm looking for a way of capturing the Change Event within the Quote Stage Drop Down list on the Quote Record List i.e. www.example.com/#Quotes I have been able to successfully detec...
    Peter Hallett
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  • How to create a DropDown field similar to Teams/Email Address field in SugarCRM

    Hi All,   I would like to create a DropDown field with plus button to it. For example we have teams field or email address field where we have plus button and which allows us to add multiple emails or teams to i...
    Poojitha Katram
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  • Changing the Status and Notifying a User on Case Update Emails via Advanced Workflows

    Sugar's inbound email functionality allows emails to be automatically associated with existing cases when the email's subject includes the case macro. When this occurs, it would be helpful for the status of the case t...
    Jeff Bickart
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  • How does the startup code work?

    I would like to understand how the code works when one first goes to SugarCRM.   I am upgrading from 8.0.2 to 9.0.3.   I upgraded our TEST environment.  Then upgrade our PROD environment.  After ...
    Amy Cox
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  • Authorization Grant Types

    Hello, we're integrating Sugar CRM with our product to import and push data, we're planning on using the REST API. My question is that the authentication flow requires us to get the username and password from the use...
    Karen Escritorio
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  • How to stop Contact duplicate insert records. ?

    sidhu sidhu hi How to stop Contact duplicate insert records using email id ?
    M kumar
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  • Can a logic hook send or receive data?

    I am trying to send an AJAX to a loogic hook to get the id of a newly created Case, but I am not getting an answer, also and I have been trying to do it by CURL towards another php but I am not getting any answer eith...
    David Solano Rojas
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  • Hide/disable the "Field Name Placement" field in Sugar 10

    In Sugar 10, there's a new user preference to control the field name placement. There is now an option to have field names shown next to the field (default) or above the field (as in previous versions). This field sho...
    Aaron Kerr
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  • quotes total and subtotal field ignore vardef required setting

    The total and subtotal field appear to ignore the vardef "required"=false setting.  They are still required when saving a quote.  Any idea why? or how to allow a quote to be saved without a total or subtotal...
    Nate Morris
    created by Nate Morris
  • Sugar Bean Override Not Working

    Hello Folks,   I am trying to override sugar bean for Leads module and somehow it is not working as expected. I did the same override for Cases and it worked well. Also, I have found out that this problem i...
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  • How do you change a User's password in Sugar Integrate

    I create a new user in Sugar Integrate. I generate a password; I didn't capture it. I figured the system would send them an email. It doesn't. When I go to edit the user, I don't seem to have the ability to reset the ...
    Jeff Bickart
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  • Add multiple file upload fields in single view

    I have created file upload field in my custom module by following below link   http://www.bhea.com/blog/creating-file-upload-field-core-modulecustom-module-sugar-7-x   But it describes only adding one file...
    Vamshi P
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  • Duplicate Check on clicking associate button on 'Leads to Account Conversion Panel'

    Hi All              I want the duplicate check to be performed when the user clicks the associate button in the leads to accounts conversion panel. /<>/mo...
    sidhu sidhu
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