• Resolving cannotPerformCollationConversionOnTable red flag on SugarCRM upgrade to version 9.0.0

    Even though there is seemingly no release notes or updates about it, files for SugarCRM version 9.0.0 have been released here.   Note: you must have a SugarCRM subscription to see the downloads.   I'm usin...
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  • How set a value as selected on relate field

    Hi All,   How to set the relate field value as selected , based on the value of a field on same module or another module ?   Please help me to find  a solution.
    Sino Thomas
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  • AllowOverride setup for .htaccess

    Im trying to setup a VM - Ubuntu 18 to run a local copy of sugar 9 enterprise to further develop custom code. I did have sugar running as a LAMP on my mac but this has caused issues and sugar advised a local VM is the...
    john Fieldsend
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  • Do we have any specific API for sync object?

    Hi Team, We are in a requirement for sync the contact and account objects into our system. Our client is having millions of contacts, do we have any exclusive rest API(Bulk) for syncing the objects?   Thanks in...
    Maha lakshmi
    created by Maha lakshmi
  • Modify return data from related field

    Hi,   I'm working on Sugar 7.5 Enterprise, i have a relation between accounts and oportunitties and i need to copy a content field from the accounts module and paste into a field in the opportunitties module, bu...
    Oscar Castro
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  • Add a logo image

    How to add a logo image to the custom button on record view of Contacts module? 
    Jessica Chugh
    created by Jessica Chugh
  • How to write code for SugarCloud webinar Q&A

    At the end of the July 16, 2019 "How to write code for SugarCloud" webinar, we opened the discussion for questions. This is a curated list of the questions we received and their answers.   Questio...
    Michael Shaheen
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  • What is the maximum value for max_num in the module list API

    Hi there,   What is the maximum value for max_num in the module list API (Max number of results returned from Sugar per page)? Is it varying for each API / Sugar Instance version? Is this configurabl...
    Ramaraj Karuppusamy
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  • Accessing SugarCRM logs using an external API

    Hello!   Is there any way to access the SugarCRM logs from an external API?   Thanks in advance, Ioana
    Ioana D
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  • Dependency with multi select type field.

    Hi All,   How do i write dependency for multi select field.   Is this possible?   If yes,please give me a sample.   Thanks in advance.
    Ajay Kumar
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  • create a date picker on a custom field sugarcrm 7

    So I have a custom dashlet with a custom field and that custom field I would like to have the date picker show when I click on the field and when I pick a date the date is populating in that field.  It appears su...
    Paul Carlton
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  • How to send a scheduled report to multiple users

    Hello all,   I have a report that's scheduled to be emailed at specified intervals. The email goes out only to the assigned user. Is there a way to automatically send the report to multiple users, instead of jus...
    Yury Voloshin
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  • Creating a Dashlet for Sugar 7 List Views

    Post originally written by tshubbard.   In our previous "Hello World" dashlet post, we established what a minimal dashlet entailed.  In these next post, we'll be building on those skills to create a more use...
  • Certification Exam during SugarConnection?

    Hi All,   Will the Certification Exam be given during the upcoming SugarConnection, as it was during SugarCon in the past? Thanks,   Yury
    Yury Voloshin
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  • How to create multiple ListViews of same module?

    Hello All,  Requirement : I want to display multiple ListViews of same module(custom) Scenario : I have Custom "Contracts" module and I want to display only those Contracts which are under renewal (filtered...
    Sagar Salunkhe
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  • Restrict relate field to not relate to itself

    I have an Accounts relate field on Accounts for the parent Account and I want to prevent the user from setting the account as it's own parent. I can certainly check the id once the save is clicked but I'd rather prev...
    Francesca Shiekh
    created by Francesca Shiekh
  • How to integrate custom php file for specific module in SugarCRM cloud?

    eg : To add logic to a field in Case module using php
    Selvapriya Velladurai
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  • Get all records from a filter in listview

    Hi people.   I am following the following tutorial Tutorial Dashlet listView, to create a Dashlet that allows me to capture the records in the list view depending on the filter. No problem so far. The question i...
  • How to change a Text field to a drop down field?

    Hi,   I´m trying to change the "Primary address country" field, which is a text in the Leads module to a drop-down field.   I was able to do it with the "Billing address country" field, with the modu...
    Kimberly Phan
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  • How to Add Address Type along with Email Id in Contact Module

    Hello All,          I want to add Dropdown along with Email  Address field in contact Module.          Means, suppose at...
    Tejas Kulkarni
    created by Tejas Kulkarni