• Customize what data is displayed in ListView

    Hi,   I'm working on linking multiple accounts to a single opportunity, so I have created a new relationship between Opportunities and Accounts so that there is a subpanel below each Opportunity with all the rel...
  • search by all email addresses primary and not primary

    When filtering by email address in Targets, Leads or Contacts only the primary address is considered. This does not work for us. I reported the issue in v7.8 but it has yet to be addressed, Bug# 77949   The wo...
    Francesca Shiekh
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  • Role-based dropdown not working

    We have a need for role-based dropdown control around the account_type DD   Sugar introduced Role-based dropdowns circa version 7.6 and an issue was raised in August 2017 (that is over 2 years ago) - Bug 79265 &...
    Neil Conacher
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  • Consume API from within Sugar

    Hi, I would like to add a custom button to the opportunities module that makes a call to a custom endpoint that I created inside Sugar   The endpoint requires authentication, so I was wondering what would be the...
    David  Angulo
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  • Execute LogicHook after Workflow

    I'm trying to execute an after save logic hook after a workflow have run, but it keeps getting executed before   I read in another question that workflows execute as logic hooks with a processing order of 100, so...
    David  Angulo
    created by David Angulo
  • sort comment log with latest first

    I need to sort my comment log by latest first.   I can do this in the showCommentLog method of the field's controller by reversing the comments array, but it's not the cleanest way and it interferes with an...
    Francesca Shiekh
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  • How to send email programmatically?

    HI all, I have a SUGARCRM PRO 7.6 installation working correctly with many custom modules. I integrated the platform with another web based financial software that send Sugar some data via a custom rest endpoint. Wh...
    Federico Ricci
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  • How do I cause a redirect after an after_save logic hook?

    Hello,      In sugar 7 pro, I created a logic hook for Leads module in order to delete a lead after I convert it. That works fine, but after the actions are done, sugar redirects me to the page of...
    Iulia Iulia
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  • How to delete some captured emails?

    How to make that sugarCRM 9.1 does not capture emails for a specific name (synchronized by smtp). logic hook or some else? we will delete emails using sheduller, but we need other solutions.
    Nick Gamora
    created by Nick Gamora
  • SugarCRM 6.5 connector to Xero

    I'm wondering if anyone can provide me with a connector for Xero from SugarCRM, and if anyone can create one for a fixed price?
    Rodolfo Tuble
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  • add duplicate email column to duplicate check on lead save

    When saving a new lead and there is another lead with the same email, i get the Duplicate screen, with a table of the leads that have the same email. but the email column is not shown - only the first name, last ...
    Asaf Army
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  • Windows 10 pro Files (x86)\IIS Express\PHP\v7.1\php-cgi.exe - The FastCGI process exited unexpectedly

    Hi All,   I am facing 'The FastCGI process exited unexpectedly' issue on local computer. Following are the system configuration   Operating system : Windows 8 pro  PHP  7.1.29 Sql Server 2014....
    Sino Thomas
    created by Sino Thomas
  • cancel radioenum edit

    I want to alter a radioenum controller so that it asks for confirmation when toggling between two values.   The radioenum has values "None", "Primary" and "Duplicate" when changing from Primary to either "None"...
    Francesca Shiekh
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  • Add parent to email generated with MailerFactory

    I am using MailerFactory to programmatically send emails from a Case. When the email is sent and the record created, I want to relate the Case to the Email (I have the case id).   There is probably a parameter ...
    Francesca Shiekh
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  • SugarCRM New Product Line Technical FAQ

    In response to the recent evolution of the SugarCRM product line, we’ve compiled a list of answers to some common questions that we have received from the developer community about our new products. This FAQ wil...
    Michael Shaheen
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  • How to easily add email to contact via API?

    I need to add emails to contacts. But I wasn't able to find out how to do it in a convenient way.   Now when I want to add an email address to a contact, I have to call three endpoints. 1 - I need to call POST ...
    Karel Čech
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  • Sugar Developer Webinar - How to deploy code to SugarCloud using Module Loader

    The Module Loader is one of the most useful tools available to a SugarCloud developer when customizing Sugar. It is the safest (and only) method for manipulating files within the SugarCloud. Join us for a talk on how ...
    Michael Shaheen
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  • Need to create basic type module from PHP code

    Hi, for one of my on-premise Sugar8 instances, I need to build several modules. I am looking to build modules from PHP code.   I got something in modules/modulesBuilder/controller.php=> action_SaveModule() ...
    Ashish Dwivedi
    created by Ashish Dwivedi
  • How do you add js to a record edit view in Sugar 9.0?

    How do you add js to a record edit view in Sugar 9.0?
    MK Gupta
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  • How to change text to longtext.

    I want to store more than 64kb of data in Case->Description field. The solutions I have tried so far: modifying DB type for description field to 'longtext' - this did not survived QRR. modifying field_metadata tab...
    k v
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