• How to send csv reports from SugarCRM to Google Drive

    I need to send reports(that would be scheduled to be sent every day for example) from SugarCRM to Google Drive. I checked code that is used to schedule sending reports to users email address, but I noticed that too ma...
    Ivica Nedeljkovic
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  • Quick Tip: Color Code your Environments

    We are an On Site customer and I work in four environments: My sandbox (env2) The Development sandbox (dev) The Test environment (tst) and Production.   Sometimes I'm testing things in one, developing in another ...
    Francesca Shiekh
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  • SugarQuery using deep joins

    I have a few questions regarding joins  $moduleABean = BeanFactory::getBean($moduleA,$id); $options = $array(    //'alias' => 'foo', so this is basically another name for the table // so you do...
    Eduardo Preciado
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  • Tab order in Primary/Alternate Address is not working in Contacts

    Steps to reproduce:   1. Open Contacts record2. Enable pencil edit in Primary Address3. Set focus to Primary Address Street then tab4. Focus is in Primary Address City then tab5. Focus is in Alternate Address St...
    Rolustech Support
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  • Data Export

    I would like to ask for Sugar's support to export data in CSV format instead of we do it ourselves. How do I go about this?   Look forward to your reply. Thanks!
    Leno Saw
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  • Change Name Default Textfield to Dropdownfield and dont have access to the records

    Hi! Hope you can help me Recently made a customization that was to convert the namefield of a custom module, that is Textfield by default to a dropdownfield. Everything was ok, even create a new record on that modul...
    LA ARR
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  • Can not create new field via Module Builder

    I run into one very weird issue, so I want to start new discussion about it. I am using ModuleBuilder to create new package and modules, and it worked fine until I need to create new field, where funny part start. A...
    Ivica Nedeljkovic
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  • Quotes Email PDF not working with custom template

    I have followed the Creating Custom PDF Templates instructions in the Sugar 7.11 Developer guide to create a custom TCPDF template but can not get the Email PDF option to work with my custom template. I am u...
    Brett Zufelt
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  • Avoid unsaved changes prompt in Quotes module

    I keep getting bit by a bug in Sugar in the Quotes module where it will prompt you of unsaved changes when navigating away from the record even though you just saved it. I'm putting this here to hopefully help anyone ...
    Brett Zufelt
    created by Brett Zufelt
  • Using Rest to Create new Tasks.

    Hi Giovanni Marazzi    Import created records don't trigger Email notification because such feature is suppressed on saving imported records. Inside SugarCRM api it verify if user should be notif...
    André Lopes
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  • Cross Site Request Forgery (XSRF) Attack Detected - SugarCRM 7.8

    I have a custom bwc module in sugarcrm 7.8 (On Site ).This error produces randomly when saving the record after editing. I have followed the steps that are mentioned in following support link. http://support.sugarcrm....
    Samiha Meer
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  • updating a contact via API deletes the email address (Sugar OpenCloud API)

    Hello, Podbox provides automatic data sync services either for hosted SugarCRM or Sugar OpenCloud  accounts. Our SugarCRM connector works like a charm with hosted accounts but calls to the contact update web ser...
  • extendsFrom: 'RecordListView',   don't diplay list of records

    Hi every one, I do custom of the recordlist.js in custom module contact but after this in contacts page i can't see list of records    Code of my custom recordlist.js file  ({     ext...
    akram zouggari
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  • Case date_closed update

    Hello,   When user will update case status "Open" to "Closed", it will "date_closed_c" custom field update = now(). How it will done in Sugar 7 enterprise edition.   Advance Work flow(Process manager) E.g...
    Offshore Evolution
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  • Convert Quote customization in Sidecar

    Hello guys,   How can I convert bwc Quote customization to Sidecar customization.   Please check below screenshot for understanding our current customization in Quote module. We have 2 level groups and eac...
    Offshore Evolution
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  • How To Fix Searchbar Filters [Sugar 7.9]

    Hi all, I'm going to show you how to fix this! We have customers with so many records and team's visibility rules, and when they search throght the listview searchbar while the v10/module call isn't finished yet, or ...
    Nicola Rossato
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  • Globally add a button for several modules.

    Hi. I want to add a button to the detail view page for several modules. This button makes requests to a third-party web service via the API. I have a module where I mark in which modules the button should appear. I w...
    Viktor Novikov
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  • How to Optimize Multiple Rest calls in PHP Loop *RESOLVED*

    Hey Everyone,   I've moved to sugar on demand for my work and a compromise I've had to make for this move is to re-write a system to use the REST API rather than direct mysql calls.   My program makes nume...
    Gavan Walker
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  • SugarQuery - Problem changing a custom field with scheduler based on another one( custom field)

    I updated my SugarQuery to this:        $sqClient = new SugarQuery();           $sqClient->select(array('id', 'lftm_data_ativacao_c'));   ...
    Giovanni Marazzi
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  • Email Address is not available at "Available Field" field list

    We are using On Demand instance of SugarCRM Pro and while importing Contacts, "Email Address is not available at "Available Field" field list.    Kindly advise how we can get "Email Address" back.
    Rolustech Support
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