• Custom Route doesn't pass OAuth token via app.api.fileDownload()

    Hello, I made a custom route to be able to download file via link (e.g. sent in email notification). I made a custom API endpoint for that, which shouldn't be accessible without login (noLoginRequired parameter in...
    Jakub Valenta
    created by Jakub Valenta
  • Reports: Filter by related record count

    Hey Folks,   I would like to create a report with a criteria based on related module record's count.  For example, we have Accounts and related Opportunities, each Accounts have "N" number of opportunities ...
    Selvamuthukumar Rajulu
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  • SQL From the SugarCRM.log file

    I might be wrong but ever since the change over to Prepared Statements the queries from errors or slow queries in the logs have been difficult to use at best.  I have had to manually reconstruct more than a ...
    Kenneth Brill
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  • Active Directory (ADFS) SSO Configuration with Sugar 8.0

    Dear All,   We are using Sugar 8.0.0 and trying to configure Microsoft's Active Directory Federation Services for SSO implementation.   We followed Configuring SSO With Active Directory's ADFS in Suga...
    Selvamuthukumar Rajulu
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  • Tax calculation on line item - Quote Sugar 7.9

    Hello,   I have noticed currently quote calculation on Quote level. I can apply to calculation tax on quote line item level. Because I have different type categories and product, so each product a...
    Offshore Evolution
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  • sidecar

    Hi,    I would like to know if there are best practices on when developing dashlets or other things in the sidecar framework. I find it rather time consuming. The way I work currently is create the javascri...
    Jeroen Somhorst
    created by Jeroen Somhorst
  • Fix for blank space left in layout for hidden fields in 10.0.0

    Sugar 10.0.0 has a bug (defect 79052) where it is leaving blank space in the layout for dependent visible fields where both fields in the row are not visible. If you have layouts like ours with lots of dependent field...
    Brett Zufelt
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  • overriding Save button : after ajax validation save editView form

    Hello everybody!! You may have noticed that this thread is a duplicate one of Sugar 7 bwc overriding Save button to add ajax but i don't know why but the forum did a mess with it and repeated everything several ...
    Gaelle Fernandez
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  • HOW TO - Cleanup your UPLOAD directory

    I've seen this question asked a lot and never seen any answers.  I found a way to reduce the size of my on-site "uploads" folder by almost 30GB.  Thats a lot of recovered file system storage especially if yo...
    Theodore Moriello
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  • Making studio a little easier to use

    I am combining several custom modules back into stock modules, so I have many duplicate fields and relationships to put on views.  My issue is mostly with one-to-many relationship fields but there are also severa...
    Kenneth Brill
    created by Kenneth Brill
  • HowTo: Mass Update the Comment Log

    Our Sales team had a need to mass-Update the Comments Log in our Leads Module.   As you may know you can't make that field massupdateable it even with vardef manipulations because the Comments Log...
    Francesca Shiekh
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  • Unable to sync with server.

    Hi,   I am getting below error when trying to login to Sugar instance: Unable to sync with server. A request is failing that makes the application unusable. Please contact technical support.   Could ...
    Manjeet Kaur
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  • Product Catalog to be editable by non-admin

    Hi Everyone,   Just wondering if anyone have ever had any experience doing some customisation for Role / Product Catalog. I am currently trying to get Product Catalog to be editable by a non-admin user. Just wo...
    Jimmy Prasetyo
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  • Field dependancy : display a textfield dependant from a custom multi-enum

    Hello there ! i'm building a new project under Sugar Pro 7.5.2 and i'm meeting some difficulties :  What i have and what i would like : I have created a muliple choices dropdown, and a textfield. I would like ...
    Gaelle Fernandez
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  • Looking to Integrate Sugar CRM with Salesforce, Quickbooks, SAP, Sage, Epicor, Or Xero ERP?

    Commercient’s SYNC for Sugar CRM is compatible with: Salesforce, Quickbooks, SAP, Sage, Epicor, and Xero ERP. How can data integration benefit you? Streamline your processes, sales, and customer service ...
    Naudine Mosime
    created by Naudine Mosime
  • Connect SugarCRM to Lumira 2.0

    Hi Experts, I am looking for a way to connect SugarCRM with SAP Lumira 2.0. At the connectors of Lumira 2.0, I do not see one that connects to SugarCRM. Is there perhaps any way I can extract SugarCRM data in SAP Lum...
    Regi Mene
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  • Re: Role-based dropdown not working

    Here is the code I used for my specific requirements. Thanks André Lopes for your Role function and Cédric Mourizard for your input. No doubt the code could be more elegantly constructed a...
    Neil Conacher
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  • quotes module add static groups

    Hi, I want to customize quotes module for adding groups. By default button click opens add group panel. I need in such a way that, multiple add group panels to be shown on loading create quotes page without clicking b...
    Srinivas M
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  • Marketo connector issue

    Hi,   We are currently trying to synchronize our contact from SugarCRM to Marketo, thanks to the connector provided here : Sugar Connector for Marketo SugarCRM, Inc.    But we have an issue, some...
    Pierre Brocart
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  • Sharing a filter for the Dashlet on SugarCRM 9.0.1

    Sharing a filter for the Dashlets is available on SugarCRM v9.1, which is only onCloud solution now. Is there any flexible way to share Dashlet's filter in a native Sugar 9.1 way, using SugarCRM 9.0.1 onPrem? So after...
    Dmitrii Mikhalchenko
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