• Sugar Mobile Notifications

    Hi, there, I just like to ask, if it's possible to have notifications on the mobile app, I already know how to  display a notification on the statusbar, but how to receive it, generally on an Android App, a backg...
  • How To save date and time value in date and time field in sugarcrm using before save logic hook ?

    How To save date and time value in date and time field in sugarcrm using before save logic hook ?
    M Gupta
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  • selection-list drawer page is displaying twice

    Hi, selection-list page is displaying twice, when i changed the product template field from QLI record.
    Sundar  Kumar
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  • external cache db    what does it do

    Hello Community,    Using SugarCRM 9.01   - onsite    I am running into an issue of my database server filling up its temp file and then slowly filling up the HDD space causing Sugar to...
    David Matrai
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  • Sugar Cloud - how to create a file (csv) from Sugar and push it to an external program using FTP

    Hello,   we have more and more customer that go to Sugar Cloud Edition. According to this documentation :  https://support.sugarcrm.com/Documentation/Sugar_Developer/Sugar_Developer_Guide_9.3/Architec...
    Groupe Sugar
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  • Radio Button field ReadOnly

    I want to make Radio button field as read-only when Account field is not empty. I have tried using dependency but it didn't work.
    Sundar  Kumar
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  • Adding a Custom Module to the Customer Portal

    Back in September of this year (2019), we held the Developer's Webinar for the 9.2 release of Sugar. During that presentation, I touched on how the Portal can be customized. Among the things illustrated in the webinar...
    Michael Shaheen
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  • custome response for out-of-the-box sugar API WS

    We are sugar partners and we have a large implementation of sugarcrm in terms of customization.   They will be using sugar flower "serve + sell" that is ondemand deployment option only for now.   The thing...
  • Create dropdown from module records

    Hi all, Has anyone done this or is it at all passible. We have created a custom countries module which has records of countries  and other data required by our business. We would like to create a dropdown field ...
    john Fieldsend
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  • How to make "Relate field" as "Multi-Select" SugarCRM 8.1.0

    Hi Team,   I have one product relate field in the Quote module, my client requirement is that he is able to select multiple products.   How I convert a custom relate file as "Multi-select" ?.   Pleas...
    Rupesh  Ranjangaonkar
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  • BeanCollection not in Sugar documentation

    I'd like to bring attention to a Sidecar function called createBeanCollection. I found it to be very useful for loading multiple Sugar records from a single module, as described well in Angel Magana's blog. The proble...
    Yury Voloshin
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  • How can I create PHP unit test for Sugar 8

    Hi All,   How can I test logic hook functions using PHPUnit test.   Please help me create PHP unit test for Sugar 8
    Sino Thomas
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  • Code completion in your Sugar development environment

    Code Completion I have finally gotten around to improving my development environment and I chose to start with code completion. I use phpStorm but I think everything here would apply to any editor out there. When Suga...
    Kenneth Brill
    created by Kenneth Brill
  • Use multiples connections (n) to sugar API with the same user at the same time

    We are sugar partners and have a large implementation for sugar in terms of customization.     The customer sill have 17 integrations which some of them been bidirectional.     The customer will ...
  • Quotes issue with scroll back to the top

    Hi All, When on the bottom of the page there is a Relate field for line-item field in Quotes module, after selecting the product template pop-up window is closed i'll be returned to the top of the page.Is there a way...
    Sundar  Kumar
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  • How to append text to a text field in SugarBPM

    In SugarBPM, is there a way to append a string to a text field? I'm trying to create a workflow that will append the name of a related opportunity to the name of a task when new tasks are created by Customer Journey u...
    Yury Voloshin
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  • how to prevent module editing depending on status 'Completed'

    I am a beginner on Sugar... My target is prevent module editing. I wrote down ......this.$('.record-edit-link-wrapper').remove();   and it works.... but i want to disabled icon-pencil (it is my bigges...
    Luca Bartolini
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  • Showing timeout while trying to search on custom field

    Hi All,   I created and deployed a custom field through Studio  and when I trying to search the particular custom field in the list view it seems to be timeout.   How can I solve this issue ?
    Sino Thomas
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  • How should I encrypt data at rest with Sugarcrm?

    Hi All,   Related to data security I need to encrypt data  while at rest,How can I apply this  ?
    Sino Thomas
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  • How to hide edit button in Dashboards module home sugarcrm 9.3?

    After update to  9.3 we have some error - View Render Failed, but our customization is very simple. ({ extendsFrom:'DashboardHeaderpaneView', initialize: function(options) { this._super("initialize", [options...
    Nick Gamora
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