• User management with REST API

    Hello! I've seen a few posts where REST API details were asked and the answer was https://support.sugarcrm.com/Documentation/Sugar_Developer/Sugar_Developer_Guide_7.7/Integration/Web_Services/v10/Exampl&hell...
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  • set_note_attachment method returns "id: -1"

    I'm trying to add an attachment to a note using the set_note_attachment method. I'm calling the REST API from a .NET Core WebAPI. I can already login and create notes without any issue, but when I call the set_note_at...
    Filipe Ribeiro
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  • How to create custom date filter

    I'm wondering if it's possible to create a custom date filter.  As you see in the screenshot date filters come with several options.  I would like to add a couple options such as "Last Month" or "Last xx day...
    Tom Noel
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  • 3 Tips for using the Sugar Metadata API

    What is the Sugar Metadata API? As you probably know, Sugar metadata encompasses the settings, data model (Vardefs), and visual layouts (Viewdefs) used by the Sugar application. The majority of changes made to Sugar u...
    Matt Marum
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  • REST API - Update Textarea Field with 40KB data amount

    Dear community, We're running our CRM (Version 8.0.3) on Windows with an IIS as web server. Database is Oracle. SUGAR-CRM is the only application on that server. Oracle is hosted on a separate Unix-Server in the sam...
    Rene Ryhner
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  • Which SugarCRM versions does v11_4 REST API support

    Hi,   I am using SugarCRM v11_4 REST API (which is SugarCRM version 8.3). I believe it only supports Sugar cloud versions. I need to know which version of SugarCRM it supports. Does it only support REST API v10 ...
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  • Vendor Folder Alternate! for SugarCRM ondemand (9.x)

    Hey community, Really need your wise help into this matter. I am building extensions for SugarCRM oncloud( *.sugarondemand.com). Twilio is the first one. Because of code restriction, Twilio Vendor folder is not gettin...
    Ashish Dwivedi
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  • How to use Amazon EventBridge with Sugar

    Hi, my name is Julian Haresco and I am a Software Engineering Intern at SugarCRM. I am going to be a rising senior at Purdue University majoring in Computer Science with a focus in Machine Learning and Software Engine...
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  • Can a 'before' logic hook stop processing a bean

    Hi,   I'm writing a logic hook to pre-process emails being imported via the SNIP email archiving feature.   I'm using the before_email_import logic hook but I've also tested it for the more generic before_...
    Steven Cox
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  • How can we add Custom fields or additional information in custom Scheduler job?

    Hi Team,   How can we add Custom fields or additional information in custom Scheduler job?   Regards, Deepak
    Parag Mittal
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  • how to add custom module fields in email templates

    Hi All,   I need to add custom modules field in Email template.   How can I map or add the custom module fields in Email template    
    Sino Thomas
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  • HTTP 500 server internal error

    Hi, I'm customizing a dashlet, but when I try to receive data from SugarCRM on demand using filter API. But, when setting max num filter to -1 (no data limit), I get 500 (Internal Server Error).   I'm tryin...
    Vinicius Sant'Anna
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  • Access token invalidated

    Hi,   When using the API, we experience the issue that access tokens seems to become invalid at unexpected moments. The exact error we get back from the platform, is: invalid_grant: The access token provided is...
    Steven Van Loon
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  • REST API failing

    Hi,    we are  creating a web application that would allow us to post information into sugar using the rest API. It seems to work fine in test environment  i.e. when the application is hosted on a...
    Seshagiri Sondur
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  • Can we use XML rather than JSON as Payload to the current REST API of Sugar?

    Is there a way to handle XML payloads on sugarcrm REST API or can we only do it using SOAP? Like request/response using REST API but rather than using JSON, we would be using XML.   I'm looking for a way t...
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  • Notes attachment in documents module

    Good Morning. I'm trying to display the notes attachment in documents module through programmatically. But I don't know how to start the task. Will it be done through API?  Francesca Shiekh
    Hijab Fatima
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  • Date when existing record get linked with target list of Campaign

    Is there any field which stores the date when existing record get linked with target list of Campaign
    pranita chopade
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  • How to add a record in under a specific Targets Lists record

    I want to add a Targets in Targets Lists module specific records  i mean i have a Targets Lists name *abc* under that Targets List I wwant to add a targets vai rest api. I am able to add Targets but do ...
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  • PDF Save to File

    Does anyone have code that would just save a PDF Manager record as a PDF to the filesystem on the server.  I have tried several different ways but my closest attempt still mangles the logo at the top of the page ...
    Kenneth Brill
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  • Sucrose Bubble chart customization in Sugarcrm

    I have to integrate sucrose bubble chart in Sugarcrm. I don't know how to integrate sucrose bubble chart in Sugarcrm. It will be helpful if there is any document or process for this. Let me know if there is any l...
    Jairam Madankar
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