• v10 REST API Javascript

    Hello Everyone,   I am working on the SugarCRM 7.7 and I need help for V10 Rest Api. I have searched for it and found useful link on SugarCRM Suport as below.   https://support.sugarcrm.com/Documentation/S...
    Stephen Fleming
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  • Delete child entities record when we delete parent record from lead entity.

    we need to show confirmation box before deleting "Do you want to delete child record's too.!" with option "Yes" or "No", if user is willing to delete all child records as well. If user click "Yes", then only deletion ...
    Manisha narwade
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  • Connect SugarCRM to Lumira 2.0

    Hi Experts, I am looking for a way to connect SugarCRM with SAP Lumira 2.0. At the connectors of Lumira 2.0, I do not see one that connects to SugarCRM. Is there perhaps any way I can extract SugarCRM data in SAP Lum...
    Regi Mene
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  • Some data has already been output, can't send PDF file

    Hello All,   When I am trying to download custom pdf from a custom module.The pdf download is blocking and showing this [FATAL] TCPDF ERROR: Some data has already been output, can't send PDF file error in Suga...
    Sino Thomas
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  • Integrating Sugar with a CMS using REST APIs

    SugarCRM strives to be the "No-Touch" CRM. One of the most important steps in making this vision a reality is to integrate Sugar with systems that customers uses to engage with organizations. For exampl...
    Michael Shaheen
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  • Search or Filter Records from Module

    Hi All,   Im creating a live search module for our wordpress website and want users to be able to search our sugarcrm knowlege base module   I was wandering if anyone had used filter or search and if they ...
    john Fieldsend
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  • How to export and Import dashboards

    Hi All,   How to export and Import dashboards from one sugarcrm instance to another.   Please help me find a solution.
    Sino Thomas
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  • Can I alter the Edit Menu at runtime?

    I have an item on my Edit Menu and I would like to hide it depending on the value of a field in that module.   I have tried using JQuery to hide() the DIV like this   if(self.isEmpty(gp_doc_nbr_equipment_...
    Kenneth Brill
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  • How to fetch related records in JavaScript

    Hi All,   I trying to fetch related records using the following methods,but       var parentBean = app.data.createBean('parentmodule', { id: parentId }); var relatedRecords = app.data.cr...
    Sino Thomas
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  • Lang Rest API is not working properly

    Hi Team ,    When I tried to use below API to get details . But No luck to get records even I gave the correct language which I am getting from /me API Response . Can you help me to resolve this issue ? ...
    Maha lakshmi
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  • Find cases whose competence team was

    Hi, I am looking for a rest api specification to find cases whose competence team was a fixed string. I'm actually able only to find cases that currently have a specific competence team but not ones that were manage...
    Marco Giglione
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  • How to remove associated contact from call using Rest API

    HI Team ,  I created call with contact and tried to remove the contact from call during updation using Rest API . But no luck to remove the contact . PUT  <domain>/rest//Calls/<call_Id> {...
    Maha lakshmi
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  • Where is Image field data stored

    We have a custom module ProductClass, this stores information about our products and we are using this to pull information to our support site. As we want to use this data across multiple sites I have been asked to ad...
    john Fieldsend
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  • Salesfusion Integration with SugarCRM CE 6.5/SuiteCRM?

    Hi,   Is there any available package of Salesfusion (SugarMarket) which will be integrated with SugarCRM CE 6.5/SuiteCRM? If not, will the package which is compatible with SugarCRM 7.9, work with SugarCRM CE 6....
    Shantanu Agnihotri
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  • How to correctly retrieve beams from a module.

    Hi, thanks, I was wondering if someone has got this case. I have a module called bookings and a relationship with another module bookingdetails. The type of relationship is one to many. I'm trying to retrieve the re...
  • Error: Task 'default' is not in your gulpfile

    Hi,   We are getting this error when we try to generate our debug apk. Does anyone is having the same issue?   [08:41:13] Using gulpfile ~/Documents/Sugar/mobile-sdk/9.0.508-1.4.2-2/gulpfile.js [08:41:13] T...
    Marilia Girardi Piva
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  • User's email returned from any API?

    I am testing the API's and found that the user api (https://support.sugarcrm.com/Documentation/Sugar_Developer/Sugar_Developer_Guide_7.9/Integration/Web_Services/v10/Endpoints/Users_GET/) doesn't return the user's ema...
    Sahaj Dhingra
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  • How to upload data into Quotes from csv file using a new On-Demand instance?

    I have 16,000 records that I want to import into the Quotes module in my new SugarCRM OnDemand instance. I am new to everything. One suggestion I have gotten is to use fgetcsv to upload the data. I have no clue how to...
    Andy Shouse
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  • How to push customer master data from SAP to Sugar?

    We are using SAP ECC and having customer data in the system. Recently we implemented Sugar CRM and We want to import that Customer master data relevant for Sugar CRM from SAP. We need to know how we can connect these ...
    Ravi Ravi
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  • Epicor Eclipse & SugarCRM Integration on Synology NAS

    I work for a company that uses the Epicor Eclipse ERP. We do not have a CRM in place and know that it would be a valuable addition to the business. I know that I can install the 6.5 version on this device. Are there a...
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