• How to add jQuery UI to create view

    Hi all,   I'm having troubles to include jQuery UI autocomplete (https://jqueryui.com/autocomplete) functionality to SugarCRM.   I'm trying to extend the Lead Create View at  /custom/modules/Lead...
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  • Remove Global Team from all the modules

    Hello Everyone,   I am working on SugarCRM Enterprise, Version 9.2.0-dev.1 (Build 120) (Fall '19).   I have to remove Global team from all the records which I have in SugarCRM all modules. Earlier I ...
    Kishor Mali
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  • Passing a record value to a report dashlet filter

    Hi, Does someone know how to pass a record value to a report dashlet as filter? An example: I am located at a recordview of an account. in this recordview, there is a chart dashlet with a report in it. That report...
    Laurent Hinoul
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  • How We can display drop down database value to Lable value.?

    How we can display drop down database value to Lable value. Ex. db value -1(db) - New(Label)                     &#...
    M Gupta
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  • What you need to know about the new SugarIdentity service!

    The 'idm_mode' config setting was moved out of config.php and into the database. It's now necessary to update the config table to disable this setting for a local backup. Instructions updated below. Those who have b...
    Matt Marum
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  • Sugar Developer Webinar - Q2 2020 (10.0.0)

    Video: Sugar Developer Webinar - Q2 2020 (10.0.0)
    Michael Shaheen
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  • How to compare new value and old value in Sugar 7 Enterprise Process ?

    Hello guys,   We have move Sugar 7 Pro to Sugar 7 Enterprise. Now, we can use Process module instead of Workflow module.   This is Workflow, we need to migrate to Process (Opportunity Modul...
    Offshore Evolution
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  • bean not in if condition even logic is correct in logic hook

    Hi, a weird thing in my system I have logic_hook in opportunities module after_save but one record always not in a condition, I'm not sure why.   could you please suggest how should I investigate a problem? &...
    Autchara Chaiprom
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  • Doubling Sugar application performance

    Impatience is a virtue Larry Wall (the inventor of Perl) is credited with identifying the three great virtues of a programmer: "laziness, impatience, and hubris."   These virtues are usually shared with a wink. ...
    Matt Marum
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  • Changes in Sidecar model not reflected in Sugar bean

    I have a requirement where a field called resource_rate_actual has be set equal to one of several fields, depending on the value selected in a dropdown. I've set it up in record.js view controller like this:   i...
    Yury Voloshin
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  • How to add Email field as duplicate check in Contacts module on Lead Conversion Process?

    Hi Everyone,   We had a requirement in Lead Conversion Process in SugarCRM 9.x . We are working on 9.x Sugar Professional  Edition. Basically when we convert the Lead on Convert page of Contacts module by d...
    Nagamani D
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  • Extending EmailTemplates to add Cases Module in Sugar 7.9.5, Parsing Email not working

    I was able to add the case modules variables in the email template Reference Insert Opportunity variables into Email Templates ) , I'm not able to parse the emails,   I did try overriding function emai...
    Anoop Antony
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  • Customize Customer Journey Plugin

    I am trying to customize customer journey plugin code . On click of complete checkbox on milestone task , it should display custom warning instead of completing milestone. How can I customize "completeActivityClick"...
    Gagan Kaur
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  • How We Can Make custom log field Like As Comment log?

    Hi All,   I am Trying to create New Custom field same Beauvoir default comment log filed sugar crm 9.x. any one any idea for how to create new custom comment log filed in module....     Thanks
    M Gupta
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  • How do you prepopulate to recipient with email address in email compose 

    How can we auto-populate to address with only email address. There is sugar support link which show how can we add record in to address. https://support.sugarcrm.com/Documentation/Sugar_Developer/Sugar_Developer_Gui...
    Zeeshan Shaikh
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  • 500 internal server error in file cache/class_map.php

    Hi all, I faced with a problem that sometimes got as error message: PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected '=>' (T_DOUBLE_ARROW) in htdocs/cache/class_map.php on line 10198The line number always changes. ...
    Autchara Chaiprom
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  • How To save date and time value in date and time field in sugarcrm using before save logic hook ?

    How To save date and time value in date and time field in sugarcrm using before save logic hook ?
    M Gupta
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  • TinyMCE Dynamic Hyperlink

    Hello all,   We are encountering an issue when we append a dynamic link ($link) in Email > Email Templates in SugarCRM. The $link contains a custom link generated from a logic. However, when we hover on it, i...
    Jordan Garrido
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  • How to get the profile picture for contact using rest api ?

    Hi Team , I am trying to fetch the image of contact . When i tried using below api , I am getting some value on picture field . But I need to get the image using rest api . Let me know if any rest api for this ? Requ...
    Maha lakshmi
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  • set email opt_in when creating contact bean

    Can anyone help with how you set a contacts primary email and set opt_out to 1 when a new contact bean is crated           $contactbean       ...
    john Fieldsend
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