• Overriding subpanel Cases panel-top under Accounts module

    Hi All,   I want to disable the create button in the panel-top of Cases subpanel Accounts module. I followed the threads here about how to manipulate in a specific module. SugarCRM7 HOW TO:  Manipulate Sub...
    Roland Cadavos
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  • Add Quoted Line Items out of Bundles with REST API

    I have been able to create quotes and Quoted line items with your REST API via PHP following   https://support.sugarcrm.com/Documentation/Sugar_Developer/Sugar_Developer_Guide_9.2/Cookbook/Web_Services/REST_API/...
    Antonio Enrique
    created by Antonio Enrique
  • Code snippets for App.data.createBeanCollection,App.data.createMixedBeanCollection,App.data.createRelatedBean

    Hi All,          Can any once brief me about the differences between the App.data.createBeanCollection,App.data.createMixedBeanCollection,App.data.createRelatedBean. And provide m...
    sidhu sidhu
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  • Radio Button field ReadOnly

    I want to make Radio button field as read-only when Account field is not empty. I have tried using dependency but it didn't work.
    Sundar  Kumar
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  • Create Admin settings for custom module

    I'm having trouble creating Admin settings parameters for a custom module using Sugar 8.2. First, by following this post I created a new panel on the Admin page with a single link link inside of it by placing this cod...
    Yury Voloshin
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  • How to encrypt offline data in mobile

    Hi All,   I have a concern about the offline record storage in mobile,Is it possible to encrypt the offline record storage ? Please help me to find any feature or setting is available to encrypt&...
    Sino Thomas
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  • How To Remove Create Button form ListView  Enterprise 9.1.

    just Want To Remove Create button From list View....?  
    M Gupta
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  • How to add two columns inside search field.

    Hello guys        After many attempts columns inside the search field not working. So can someone show me how to add two columns inside the search field? As an example from contact module when you...
    shyam chetia
    created by shyam chetia
  • Paritally Uninstallation of package

    Hey community, Need help in partially uninstall each package.   I have 2 products (let's say  X and Y ) ,each consists of 5 modules. Out of 5 in X ,2 modules (let's say A and B ) are core which will ...
    Ashish Dwivedi
    created by Ashish Dwivedi
  • Which version of documentation should I read

    Hello,  I'm wanting to learn sugar and plan to do some work on both the newest and 6.5 ce versions.  Which version of the documentation do  you suggest I read or are the systems different enough that I...
    M F
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  • Need help with finding programming resources

    Hello, I'm new to sugarCRM, however, I'm a PHP developer and used to working with PHP frameworks.  A colleague asked me to make some modifications to a couple of different modules and I thought it would be fairl...
    M F
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  • Problem with triggering BPM process

    I have a relate field in Opportunities called Assigned Engineer that's related to the Users module. In the database, this field is saved as opportunities_cstm.user_id_c. I'm trying to set up a SugarBPM process that wi...
    Yury Voloshin
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  • Custom module with existing database table

    I have requirement to create a custom module and display with records of opportunities module with condition. How can I do this.Is is possible to create a custom module with existing database table ?
    Sino Thomas
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  • How to remove permanent sidebar from record-view for all modules - Sugar7.9

    Hi Folks   I want to remove record-view from all modules in Sugar 7.9 I have tried below link too. https://community.sugarcrm.com/message/81189?commentID=81189#comment-81189    André Lopes Aj...
    Mehul  Bhandari
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  • display data stored in one module in another module

    I have address field which is stored in accounts module while creating the account. Here what I want is this address field should reflect in all modules can any one clearly explain me about this query .thanks in advance.
    vinayak Tankasali
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  • How to populate currency type based on Quotes for Quoted line item

    When i am changing the Product Template Field from Quoted Line Item, Currency Type fields are getting populated automatically from Product Catalog record. But i want to display currency values base...
    Sundar  Kumar
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  • How to Create custom View In Sugarcrm 9.x EP. ?

    Hi All ,   I want To create custom View action page like own design and insert Code. within the module like leads. 
    M Gupta
    created by M Gupta
  • How to call Comment log Api Sugarcrm 9.1 EP

    How to call Comment log Api Sugarcrm As Respective of case Module 9.1 EP.
    M Gupta
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  • How to Remove List view some field sorting links.?

    I want to Remove Listview Sorting link from some fields.. for example- if I have Name ,Email,Class, program, Cources So i want to Remove clicable sorting link from class abd program....   Any One help me ... &#...
    M Gupta
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  • Throwing exceptions in a logic hook in Sugar 9.2

    In a before save logic hook I'm checking for certain conditions to validate the duplicate records. But i encounted with an error like  "There was an error while connecting to the server. Please try again." A...
    Roshini E
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