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Sugar is a fantastic product that is built on a powerful platform! As Director of Solutions Consulting for the Americas and an architect by trade, I am often asked to describe Sugar's platform for a variety of audiences. I have a standardized presentation that I give that provides an overview of Sugar's platform from a beginner's point of view. It covers the topics that I get asked about the most.


Looking for a concise overview of the components in the Sugar platform and the key highlights that makes Sugar so popular? Then this is the video for you! 


The topics it covers are:

  • Platform layers (top to bottom look)
  • Overview of Sugar's framework
  • Mobility
  • Security (Authentication and Access Control)
  • Open Cloud Strategy (hosting)


I hope you all find this valuable. As the platform grows, this presentation will continue to evolve.



I want to know what you think! Please leave feedback in comments below.