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Prepare for those Sugar upgrades!

Blog Post created by Jeff Bickart on Nov 12, 2018

Does the idea of upgrading to the latest version of Sugar keep you awake at night? 


Matt Marum discussed how the development community can best be prepared for Sugar upgrades. As a reminder, Sugar cloud instances are upgraded quarterly, the current release is Fall 2018, and on-premise deployments are provided with yearly upgrades, the current release is Sugar 8. 


Steps to upgrade success

Preventive Care

Utilizing the latest information on the developer blogs and developer guide ensures that we won't be surprised as SugarCRM updates the Sugar platform. We, as developers, need to keep up to date. We perform preventative care to ensure that we are ready for the latest updates.

Items to be reviewed by for each release

  • Broken customizations and integrations 
  • Configuration based changes within SugarCRM
  • Custom code
  • Restrictions in Sugar Cloud with Custom Code


Release upgrade resources


Planning and testing

  • Use a staging environment - Sugar Enterprise customers have a sandbox included in their subscription. Be sure to utilize the sandbox. For all customers, it is possible to request a staging environment after GA has been announced and before the actual upgrade occurs. Be sure to leverage this staging environment to test all customizations to ensure success.

  • Heathcheck Tool - Sugar's silent upgrade application has the ability to run just the healthcheck portion of the upgrade script. Be sure to utilize this tool to determine which of your customizations need to be addressed as part of the upgrade.

  • If you get an "F" then you can’t upgrade - each item that has an F (RED) grade has a knowledge base article available on the Sugar Support website.
  • Document all customization and configurations - Be sure to have a list of all of your customizations so that you can run a full test of everything in the staging environment. It may not be necessary to test every customization for each upgrade but be sure to keep the list of changes up to date. 
  • If you utilize the list above and know the critical use cases, at a minimum it would be best to test each critical use cases before the final upgrade so that there are no surprises.


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For the slides, check out Preparing for Sugar Upgrades!