Justin Kuehlthau

Integration Best Practices Break Out Session at SugarCon 2018

Blog Post created by Justin Kuehlthau on Nov 7, 2018

Hello!  I'm Justin Kuehlthau (@justinkuehlthau), Director of the Sugar Practice at Technology Advisors (Technology Advisors, Inc.).  This was my 8th SugarCon and this year I was lucky enough to be selected as a Sugar Scholar! 


I learned a lot about the future of security and authentication in Sugar from Jelle Vink, Distinguished Engineer at SugarCRM.  Jelle discussed Integration Best Practices and demoed a proof of concept integration between Android Assistance and Sugar!


Jelle started by covering some of the current pain points when integrating with Sugar:

  • No streamlined federated identity capabilities
  • LDAP & SAML have limited support on Mobile and Plugins
  • Credentials stored or used everywhere
    • Sugar Web Interface, Mobile, Outlook Plugin, Integrations, etc.
  • No fine grained authorization controls


Jellle introduced Cloud Identity Services, which will be available to Sugar cloud customers via a limited Beta launching near the end of October. Cloud Identity Services have many improved features including:

  • Federated identity solution
  • Industry standard OpenID Connect
  • Build on top of OAuth2
  • Enterprise SSO support
  • Full audit capabilities
  • Finely control what access each different application has


I'm very excited to see where this takes us.  Here is a video of Jelle's proof of concept integration with Android Assistant.


You can check out Jelle's slides here!