Megan Sheehan

Professor M’s School of Gifted Coders: A Sugar Developer’s Best Friend!

Blog Post created by Megan Sheehan on Oct 18, 2018

Hi everyone! I’m Megan Sheehan, business analyst and trainer at Technology Advisors, and proud Sugar Scholar at sugarcon 2018.


Lauren Schaefer (@Lauren_Schaefer) gave the first developer-focused presentation this year, “Dissecting Professor M for Best Practices,” and it was great! Lauren did an awesome job engaging the audience with polls and interactive Q&A while sharing insights into how and why developers should engage with professor m.


The developer community is hopefully already familiar with the basics of Professor M, but Lauren explained how we can use the Professor M repo for examples of both customization and DevOps best practices. Even better, we can contribute our own code examples to the repo so that Sugar Engineering will test against them as part of their testing process – meaning your customizations will be even more ‘upgrade safe’ than ever!


Check out Lauren’s slides for all of the details.