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Professor Marum's School for Gifted Coders

Blog Post created by Matt Marum Employee on Sep 18, 2017

You have may have seen a recent video where a menacing figure was growling about Quotes customizations and a "Professor M."





Who is Professor M? Well me technically. But let me share with you the story.


The School for Gifted Coders


Coming to SugarCon? Great! You are part of the inaugural class of Professor Marum's School for Gifted Coders. You can leave your No. 2 pencils at home, but you should bring your laptop.


The fact is this school is just getting started and since we're a not-for-profit it also means that budgets are tight! But we've got a secret weapon. Can you guess what it is? Sugar of course!


We plan to use Sugar to attract student applicants and process applications. We plan to use it to manage our relationships with current and former students. We will also use it to track and forecast donations and contributions to the school to keep it all running.Let me cut to the chase. We have a head start but if you can help us get our CRM system up and running then you will all get an "A+" and that 4.0 GPA that you always wanted. Your parents will be so impressed.



So now you've got the backstory. Let's talk about what we want you to do before and during UnCon.


Installing the Professor M Scenario


Watch Lauren's video below for the step by step guide on how to install the Professor M scenario into your own local Sugar instance. If you do not normally run Sugar on your laptop then you might want to follow the Vagrant development environment guide first. Text-based instructions on how to install the Professor M scenario are available on GitHub.



Bring your laptop to UnCon Tutorials by the Experts


The Professor Marum story has been woven into each of the hands-on UnCon Tutorials by the Experts stations within Plaza A/B of the hotel at SugarCon. Each tutorial you finish will bring Professor Marum closer to the Sugar system of his dreams!


Who knows? If you pay close attention, you might find some more School for Gifted Coders shout-outs during the rest of SugarCon.


We've been having lots of fun with the Professor M scenario and we hope that you do too at SugarCon!