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SugarCRM Mobile App Configurator Service now available!

Blog Post created by Matt Marum Employee on Sep 19, 2016
Sugar Developers now have a new tool for building upgrade safe mobile customizations that address most branding, theming, and mobile security requirements.


Introducing Sugar MACS


Introducing the Sugar Mobile Application Configurator Service (Sugar MACS)! This tool allows Sugar Developers building solutions for Sugar Enterprise customers to create and distribute custom-branded versions of the SugarCRM Mobile app.


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Many of you have seen earlier previews of Sugar MACS at SugarCon and UnCon.


How it works


Sugar MACS provides a helpful wizard that makes it easy for developers or admins to configure the SugarCRM Mobile app.  Once configured, you can then download personalized versions of Mobile app (not a web-only facsimile) that replaces SugarCRM branding with their branding of choice. The downloaded mobile binaries can then be submitted to the Apple App Store or Google Play.


Apps can also be wrapped and deployed to end users using nearly any Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution such as AirWatch, MobileIron, XenMobile, or MaaS360. Even better, when SugarCRM releases new versions of the Mobile app then upgrading your custom app is a snap and perfectly upgrade safe. You need only log back into MACS to build and download binaries for your rebranded app using the latest SugarCRM Mobile version.


This is a level of flexibility that I do not think you will find in any other mobile CRM app.


Even better, there is no custom coding required and it is super easy to use!




Learn more in the Mobile Developer Community


We’ve also launched a Mobile Developers space on the Sugar Community where you can collaborate with others and get questions answered on Sugar MACS as well as the upcoming Mobile SDK.


So visit the Mobile Developers space in the Sugar Community today to learn more about how to get started with this exciting new tool!