Matt Marum

SugarCRM Solution Architect Webinar Series starting on September 6

Blog Post created by Matt Marum Employee on Aug 31, 2016

You may have heard that SugarCRM will be presenting a series of webinars on solution architecture for the Sugar platform, throughout this September and October.

Beginning on September 6th, Sugar University’s Solution Architect Webinar Series will present the following topics:

  • Introduction to Solution Architecture for Sugar
  • CRM Project Fundamentals
  • The Sugar Platform
  • Design
  • Integration
  • Sugar Implementation
  • Performance and Quality Assurance
  • Deployment
  • Security

Each webinar will be guided by a panel of experts from across SugarCRM, including some familiar faces from the Architecting Successful Projects panel at this year's UnCon

Just as at UnCon, you’ll have an opportunity to engage Sugar’s experts around your topics of interest.

Customizations that developers implement on the Sugar platform must operate within the unique configurations of the Sugar implementations they are deployed to. 

Attendees will gain deeper insight into the the workings and capabilities of the Sugar platform as the webinars delve into the tasks that Sugar solution architects undertake in order to design and deploy Sugar successfully.

This series covers the same concepts that are tested by the Sugar Solution Architect certification exam. So do not pass up this opportunity to broaden your horizons and reignite your Sugar developer journey!

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