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UnCon 2016 slides and code are available!

Blog Post created by Matt Marum Employee on Jun 29, 2016
As promised, slides and code from UnCon are now available.  Video editing is still being worked on but videos of UnCon general sessions will be posted as soon as they are available. My Suga colleagues really outdid themselves this year!


UnCon 2016 Slides


All the slides from each of the general and breakout sessions have been posted in the UnCon community.


This is a great opportunity to refresh your memory or review any of the presentations that you happened to have missed this year. There are 28 presentations to go through.


Use these presentations as an aide to help you present what you learned at UnCon to your own colleagues!


UnCon 2016 Code


All example code shown at UnCon is available in the UnCon Github repository in the 2016 branch.  All the example code in this repository is licensed under Apache 2.0 unless otherwise noted.


There are a ton of code examples to learn and try out for yourselves. We presented and shared at least 2X more code than last year!


SLOC for UnCon 2016 Branch (as of June 28th)



We also showed open source projects that exist in other Github repositories such as and Sidecar Debugger Tool.