Matt Marum

UnCon 2016 Recap!

Blog Post created by Matt Marum Employee on Jun 20, 2016
Thanks to everyone who attended the UnCon! It was a whirlwind for all of us but I think we have put on the best iteration of this event we have ever had.


In brief, it went so well that there is wide agreement across the company for a significantly expanded event for Sugar Developers at SugarCon next year. So we look forward to seeing you all again for SugarCon in September 2017.


This Year's Highlights


It was standing room only for our UnCon general sessions, especially for the Platform Update on Tuesday and the Architecting Successful Projects panel on Wednesday.


Some of the most popular breakout topics led by Sugar Engineers were on Sugar tools that can be leveraged for Sugar development and deployment.  These topics included the Sugar Unit Test framework, Performance Test framework, as well as our soon to be released Sugar command line interface and Mobile SDK.


Other popular breakout topics included our deep dive into Advanced Workflow, Sidecar, and our two different sessions on Elasticsearch.


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Example code, presentations, and recordings will be available to everyone!


The real value of UnCon is being able to get face to face with the Sugar Engineers and other Sugar Developers. It is a shame if you missed it. But take comfort, even if you did not make it you will still get access to all the UnCon presentations, example code, and video recordings for our UnCon general sessions.


All example code shown at UnCon is already available in the UnCon Github repository.


The slides for all the presentations shown at this year's UnCon will be posted in the UnCon community over the next couple of weeks.


Video recordings will be edited and then posted as soon as they are available.