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Announcing the 2016 App Throwdown!

Blog Post created by Matt Marum Employee on Apr 13, 2016

Welcome to the 2016 App Throwdown!

Submissions are now open for the 2016 App Throwdown! Our annual showcase of technology for the Sugar platform is always a crowd favorite. The App Throwdown is where customers, partners, and prospects get to see some of the coolest, most useful, and innovative extensions that drive business transformation, save costs, and close deals faster. Check out this overview document, then head on over to the How to Submit Your App to the App Throwdown! document to learn how to get started in the 2016 App Throwdown!


Don't forget, you must be registered in the community to participate and submit an entry. No worries though! Registration is super easy--just fill out this form and validate your email. Also, there's no cost to be a member of the community or participate in the App Throwdown.


Best in Class & Best in Show


This year's categories will help align with the overall themes of SugarCon. From the submissions in each category your SugarCon team will select three finalists. These finalists will be reviewed by SugarCRM's executive team, who will choose one entry from each category as "Best in Class."  Each category winner will be invited to present on the main stage in front of the entire SugarCon audience to compete for the "Best in Show" award!


Power to the People!

For the first time ever the community also gets a voice for who will compete for the  "Best in Show" award!    Each submission will use a blog post in Welcome to the App Throwdown! space . This will give you, all of your colleagues, facebook friends, and twitter followers, the opportunity to "Like" your entry. When submissions close, the entry with the most "Likes," will be designated "Community Favorite" and will be invited to show their stuff under the bright lights on SugarCon's main stage! So go vote today!


Don't wait to submit your application! This year's deadline for all submissions is May 13!  Remember, the earlier you submit, the more time you have to get support and "Likes" on your entry.


The 2016 App Throwdown Categories

Mobile CRM and the Internet of ThingsAre you helping design "wearable" CRM? Building a mobile cool app or a connector to help track and manage smart device data in Sugar? Then we want your submission! This category is all about innovative applications that take a unique approach to mobility and the Internet of Things.
Customer InsightWe are looking for the latest and greatest in Sugar extensions and integrations that focus on everything from understanding the customer journey, to the 360 degree view of the customer, and predictive analytics. If you're merging next-generation Business Intelligence with Sugar, this is your category!
Customer EngagementThe way we connect, engage and solve customer issues is changing in an increasingly customer-controlled world. Are you extending Sugar's engagement, service and support capabilities? Then submit your cool extensions here!
User ProductivityThe impact of digital, mobile, and cloud technologies is driving new interpretations of the modern workforce. If you have a connector or extension app that helps make CRM users more productive than or simply changes the way we can do business individual-to-individual in the modern age, then this is your category!


Submissions are open to... EVERYONE!


Like last year, submissions are open to EVERYONE! That’s right – anyone who wants to submit an extension, connector, custom app integration, or any other cool use of the Sugar platform, is eligible for consideration.


So what are you waiting for?

Want to throw it down with a submission?Get started now!Want to vote on submissions?


Learn more about the voting process and then go vote for your favorite app!