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Tech Track @ Global Partner Summit 2015 Recap

Blog Post created by Matt Marum Employee on Oct 26, 2015

Global Partner Summit 2015


This year's SugarCRM Global Partner Summit took place over the course of 2 days last week in Cascais, Portugal.  Partner Summit is an annual opportunity for SugarCRM and our valued business partners (Resellers, Technology partners, Systems Integrators, and OEMs) to get together to share experiences and learn from each other.


Tech Track @ GPS 2015


A few (lucky) engineers and managers from SugarCRM Engineering team and other tech teams such as Support, Operations, Alliances, and Professional Services were on hand to run the GPS Tech Track.  Tech Track provided 2 half days worth of technical presentations and special topic breakout sessions designed specifically for Sugar Developers that work for our partners.


Ultimately, since our Partner Community is so diverse our goal was to create a technical event that helps align everyone on best practices for tooling, dev methodology, quality assurance, and continuous integration/DevOps.  We also included plenty of special topic breakout sessions that allowed partner developers to get deeper on topics that are interesting to them.


Tech Track Presentations


We gave several presentations focused on helping partners identify the skills they need to level up their Sugar development. We covered the full spread; tools that every developer should have installed on their laptop, walk thru of real Sugar projects completed by our internal PS organization, and everything in between.


We also gave partners an exclusive look at some of the back-end platform changes planned for upcoming Sugar releases. Being a Sugar Partner is sweet indeed!


Special Topic Breakout Sessions


No coder is happy sitting through high level presentations. So we provided plenty of different breakout topics that allowed our technical team on-site in Cascais to dive deep.  Some of the technical topics with breakouts included: Elasticsearch, Advanced Workflow (Process Author), Performance, Sugar 7 Unit Tests, and many more!


Partner access to Presentations


Initial feedback on the Tech Track has been very positive.  We look forward to building bigger and better events for our partner developers in the years to come!


The plan is to post materials presented or shown at Tech Track to the SugarCRM Partner Portal shortly.  Stay tuned!