Matt Marum

An Easter egg in Sugar 7.6

Blog Post created by Matt Marum Employee on Jul 13, 2015
In Sugar 7.6, we added an awesome little undocumented feature that we're calling Sweet Spot.


Try the matching shortcut key sequence below within a Sugar 7.6 window.

Mac OS Xcmd+shift+space



Sweet Spot will appear.



Then start typing!



All you Sugar Developers and Sugar Administrators will like the Actions feature which allows you to quickly run many actions from anywhere in the application.  Administrators additionally get easy access to many administrative functions through Sweet Spot.


There are actually several more features that we haven't shown here.  But we will leave the rest for you guys to discover on your own!


Plans for this feature are still evolving but we think it will ultimately grow into an exciting addition to the Sugar user experience.  Try it out today in any Sugar 7.6 instance!