Matt Marum

Hackathon at UnCon 2015

Blog Post created by Matt Marum Employee on Apr 16, 2015
So what does Sugar Engineering have planned for the Hackathon?

The Hackathon will be informal and will run at the same time as the Roundtables in a separate part of the UnCon space.  The Hackathon space will be a lounge atmosphere with couches, beverages, food, etc.  People can work on whatever they want to but we’ll have planned projects lined up and a crowd of Sugar Engineers ready and willing to help out with anything you're working on.  Whether that's helping you get a local Sugar development environment setup, help you troubleshoot some problems, or design a fancy CRM implementation or integration with another application.

The only prize for Sugar Developers at the Hackathon is knowledge (meaning there will be no "winner").  But if a Sugar Developer creates a project or prototype and stands up and presents it at the end of UnCon then they’ll also get a coveted SugarCRM UnCon hoodie.


However, we've done some homework and prepared some projects that you can work.  We're in the process of creating a public GitHub repository with the UnCon materials included.  So it's a good idea to create a GitHub account if you haven't yet already.


Internet of Things

In an effort to try something outside the realm of “traditional” CRM and to make things a bit fun, one of the Hackathon projects I’ve planned is to explore Internet of Things solutions to CRM problems with Sugar 7 at the center.  We’ve got some prototyping gear (arduinos, raspberry pis, sensors, leds, LCDs, motors, etc) for use with designs.  We’re using Cylon.js and a Sugar API wrapper for Node.js which will allow Sugar Developers to work entirely in JavaScript to quickly build prototype IoT integrations that connect to Sugar.  This is also a fun way to learn the Sugar 7 REST API.  We're putting together a few examples that should get folks up and running a manner of minutes, even if you've never worked with microcontrollers or any other hardware before.

Sidecar Chrome Dev Tools plug-in

This is a project that a few Sugar Engineers have been working on off and on for a couple months.  This tool allows a Sugar Developer to pull up a Sugar 7 specific debug tools that allow you to visually inspect all the different Views and Layouts in the current Sugar 7 window.  We think this would be a very useful tool for Sugar Developers, whether they are new or experienced.


Building Dashlets is a great way to customize Sugar quickly or to integrate the Sugar user interface with a 3rd party system.  It’s a great “newbie” project for any of you new folks and we'll have a team of Sugar Engineers standing by to help.


See you at SugarCon!  There's still time to register!