Matt Marum

Roundtables at UnCon 2015

Blog Post created by Matt Marum Employee on Apr 13, 2015
I want to let Sugar Developers know that we're really excited about the new format for UnCon this year!


Part of the new format this year is to have the UnCon venue separated into two sections.  When you first enter the space, we will have a lounge atmosphere with couches and refreshments.  This first section will be the Hackathon space and will be a topic of a later blog post.  The second half of the space furthest from the door will be where we will have (for the first time) Sugar Engineering hosted un-conference roundtable discussions and workshops.


So what the heck does that mean anyway?


Within the first hour of UnCon - You (our beloved Sugar Developer audience) will establish the topics and agenda for the roundtable section for the rest of UnCon.  Each audience approved topic gets assigned one of six roundtables, a time slot, and a moderator who is responsible for driving the discussion/workshop as they see fit.


This doesn't mean Sugar Engineering hasn't been doing their homework.  We've already got nearly a full schedule's worth of topics and moderators lined up to give you the goods.  These potential topics were selected based upon our discussions internally, feedback from our Sugar Partners, and from the UnCon Developer Survey.  In fact, we've already got some Sugar Developer community members lined up to help out on some specific topics.  Thanks Jeff, JustinJason, and Chad!Prepared Entry level topics

  • Sugar 7 Architecture
  • Building a Dashlet in Sugar 7
  • Debugging Sugar 7 (PHP and Javascript)
  • Sugar 7 Styleguide
  • Ask the Experts Panel
Prepared Intermediate topics
  • All about Elasticsearch
  • DevOps, Jenkins, and Vagrant stacks
  • Defining tooling for Sugar Developers
  • Implementing Customer Requirements in Sugar
  • Creating schedulers that are OnDemand friendly
  • Best practices using New Relic to monitor Sugar
  • Creating an Install Wizard for your Sugar package
Prepared Advanced topics
  • Elasticsearch Sugar internals (including customization)
  • Customizing Sugar visibility model / Sugar ACLs
  • Record View Refactor workshop
  • Sugar 6 to 7 Migration
  • Sugar Package Best Practices & Guidelines
  • Sugar 7 Load Testing & Sizing
  • SugarCRM Mobile SDK definition


Any or all of these topics and any others are fair game for UnCon!  We also plan on capturing notes and collateral from each topic discussed at UnCon.  This will allow us to share a bit of the experience with some of those Sugar Developers who missed a discussion because they were somewhere else at UnCon or SugarCon or were not able to make to San Francisco this year.


I think we've got a plan this year where everybody who comes to UnCon will be able to get what they needed!