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SugarCRM Cookbook - Let's get cooking with Sugar 7

Blog Post created by SugarCRM Developers on Feb 28, 2014

Post originally written by sugarmajed.


Sometimes the best way to learn something is to dive right in and to get hands on experience. While there are several documents on developing Models, Views, and Controllers for Sugar 7, the core developers wanted to do something a bit different to help everyone get caught up to speed. We want to create a rich set of step by step examples or "recipes" for all the different things that you would want to do with Sugar 7.


So I am pleased to announce that we will be publishing a series of blog posts that cover real world applications of customizations and integrations you can build with Sugar 7. We are going to start with the basics and continuously get deeper and more complex. We'll provide support materials to help you follow along at your own pace. You'll need a copy of Sugar 7 that is up and running and don't forget to install elasticsearch before you install Sugar 7.


Without further ado,  let's get started cooking with Sugar 7.