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Vaughn Okerlund
Hello,   Using Postman, I'm attempting to return a list of contacts which includes records that have been deleted from Sugar. To do so, I'm sending a GET request to the Contacts end point and setting the deleted flag to '1'. However, the API responds with this error:    { "error": "unknown_error", "error_message": "An exception occurred while… (Show more)
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Janin Dancause
I have implemented a custom filter into a module to filter record from a custom module. Everything seem correct if I look into the sugar filter. The Filter is working correctly but I receive this error when I try it. It's for the version 7.11 ondemande.   record.php 5 => array ( 'name' => 'polices_c', 'studio' => 'visible', 'label' =>… (Show more)
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Usman Saeed
Hi All,   We are moving old quote customisation to new quotes module in 7.9.4. When quantity is changed, we need to update a custom filed for that specific QLI. How/where to update the specific QLI only, based on the field change?   Any body has any idea how we can achieve that.   Regards, Usman
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Deepak Itkar
I am newbie to SugarCRM. I am trying to restrict access to the Modules by creating various Roles. These Roles will have access to respective modules. I created this Roles Software Executives which should have access to only 2 modules as shown in the attached screenshot 1. And have assigned this role to couple of users. However, the users still can… (Show more)
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Muhammad Shaji Uddin
Hi,   As I tested below is default behavior of Emails in SugarCRM.   a. SugarCRM is storing the email information in db table "email_cache" b. Attachment files in folder "<SUGARCRM_DIR>/cache/modules/Emails/'.$ie_id.'/attachments/" where "$folder_id" is inbound email id from column "ie_id" of table "inbound_email". It means each user have own… (Show more)
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Steve Cox
Hi   Pro 7.9    I have an issue where a datetime field is being set by a sugarlogic formula. However, it always rounds up to the next 15 minutes. The simplest logic I have tried still fails:   now() When in edit mode - the record view will prefill the field with the current datetime - eg. 24/05/2018 20:49 but on saving it is being rounded up… (Show more)
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Rodrigo Sanchez
I've been asked from a client if its possible the following: Everytime we receive an email containing the text order no. ##### either in the name or within the subject, we need that Sugar automatically creates a new case with the text order no. ##### as the subject of the case and the rest of the body as the case description.   As far as I know,… (Show more)
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Humberto Ribeiro de Souza
Hi,    We started to update our Unit tests for SugarCRM 8. However, we are facing some issues. They are of utmost importance in order to have the same calculation in the new version.We use Jenkins as a CI/CD tool. We have an issue so far. It is related to DB. Probably I missed some step here. Should I update something on my tests folder, apart… (Show more)
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Alex Nassi
New to Sugar Development? Sign up to receive the latest Sugar Developer news, webinars, and surveys straight to your e-mail inbox! Request Sugar Developer News!   Make sure you have followed the steps in On-Boarding new Sugar Developers !   Get Setup In order to get access to the Sugar code, you need to be either a SugarCRM customer or a…
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Matt Marum
As discussed in Why SugarCRM developers should care about Data Privacy and GDPR, data privacy is an important topic that we are going to keep discussing here on the developer blog. Today is another installment specifically focused on best practices for getting consent to collect and process personal information.   General Data Protection… (Show more)
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