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soujanya bargavi
To fix slow IO performance with Vagrant and VirtualBox, start by reading the documentation:  It’s a long known issue that #VirtualBox shared folder performance degrades quickly as the number of files in the shared folder increases. As a project reaches 1000+ files, doing simple things like running unit tests or even just running an app server can… (Show more)
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Nagy Zoltan
Hello. In contacts module I added a field called active_c (checkbox). Then I tried to create a filter to display only the active contacts in list-view. The problem is, my filter never appears. What can cause this? Language file and filter is all according to documentation. The filter is defined in… (Show more)
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Rosa Johnson
While creating a newsletter campaign there is a drop-down field "frequency" with drop-down values "weekly", "monthly", "quarterly" and "annually"(newsletter.png) .Suppose I have created a weekly newsletter campaign. After sending emails(sent_email.png) my doubt is where does sugarcrm store the weekly date to send out the campaign emails? Where is… (Show more)
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Matt Marum
Click to view contentI was recently asked how to change the values that get entered into the new record when a user copies an existing record.        This post will discuss how to make a simple change to your module's record view in order to change how fields get prefilled into a duplicated record in Sugar 7.   For many modules, it is important to make sure… (Show more)
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Cecilia Hanson
Looking at the file ./clients/base/filters/operators/operators.php the following filter options are available for date type fields:   'date' => array( '$equals' => 'LBL_OPERATOR_EQUALS', '$lt' => 'LBL_OPERATOR_BEFORE', '$gt' => 'LBL_OPERATOR_AFTER', 'yesterday' => 'LBL_OPERATOR_YESTERDAY', 'today' => 'LBL_OPERATOR_TODAY', 'tomorrow' =>… (Show more)
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Alfred Villena
I have a custom module let's call it Custom A, Custom A is related to Accounts and has it(Custom A) on it's(Accounts) sub panel. 1. How can I have an editable drop down on Custom A when it's being used as a sub panel on Accounts? 2. How can I relate the value of each drop down to a specific Account?     Trying to achieve this data. Account 1… (Show more)
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Enrico Simonetti
I wrote a sample script to extend the Redis caching to support auth here: Custom implementation of Sugar redis cache, using authentication   To deploy it use the path: "custom/include/SugarCache/CustomSugarCacheRedis.php" add on config_override.php $sugar_config['external_cache']['redis']['auth'] = '<your redis auth password>'; repair the system,… (Show more)
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Selvamuthukumar Rajulu
Click to view contentHi Guys,   I have upgraded our Sugar from to 8.0.0.  After upgrade, I am getting Invalid credentials warning message "Invalid Credentials You must specify a valid username and password." on every page.  Even the login was successful, still its showing the warning message on every page.     Kindly need your support to proceed further on… (Show more)
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