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Matt Marum
Click to view contentOnce we’ve created a Sugar Integrate organization for you, you should receive an email from our team with your credentials.   Based on your needs, you’ll be given credentials to one or more of the following environments:   Staging/Trial environmentRegion URL US West Staging is limited to 5,000 API…
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Neil Conacher
We have a scenario where during Opportunity record creating and progression, certain fields are laid out in a way that suits the users who carry out this part of the process.   Subsequently there is an approval process carried out by a certain user/role where some of the information would be better presented in a different way.   One option for… (Show more)
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José Carlos Solorza
Hello! Our bussiness has the create case from an inbound email implemented right now. Just like the next guide:  We had the auto reply email configured, so the customer has a report of the creation of the case.   However, we are now deploying… (Show more)
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Anand gopal
When does a session expire after its created? I know for REST API its 1 hour. But its not specified anywhere about soap API. I tried creating a session and ran a query in while loop to check if it will throw any exception, but even after 2 hours it was running without any problem. In this example they have assigend the timeout as 90000… (Show more)
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SugarCRM Developers
Post originally written by Jim Bartek.   UPDATE October 3rd 2017  Removed references to compileSql() function which was deprecated and removed in Sugar 7.9.   You have found yourself in a bind, and you need to query the database directly. There is no other recourse than to write a query to get the data you need. This cookbook entry is going to… (Show more)
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Hirak Chattopadhyay
I tried the N-Deep join from but it seems to be not working. did anything changed in Sugar 7.7   $query = new SugarQuery();… (Show more)
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Asaf Army
I'm using the Community Edition of Sugarcrm.   I want to present a yes/no popup, when the user push "Save" button on creating a new contact. For doing that i need to somehow call a javascript function/file when the button "Save" is pushed on the editview. if the user push "yes" continue with the save. if user push "no" cancel the save.   Can i… (Show more)
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Aakanksha Bhujbal
We want to show custom data for selection on click of Save button. We have our logic in before_save logic hook. We are trying to throw SugarApiExceptionEditConflict but not able to pass data which we want to show for selection. Is any one know how to show custom data for selection in Edit Conflict drawer?
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Karen Escritorio
Hello, we're integrating Sugar CRM with our product to import and push data, we're planning on using the REST API. My question is that the authentication flow requires us to get the username and password from the user into our client(Password grant type). Because the client application has to collect the user's password and send it to the… (Show more)
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Damien Pochon
Hi there, We're investigating a specific use case in which our customer's sales force goes to his client's offices and is regularly unable to connect to any network (cellular/wifi...). On site, they need to show sales stats ("you've sold that much of that category") and input orders (complex/configurable products, complex pricing rules, complex… (Show more)
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