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Maryam Aslam
I checked the default language of sugar by using App.lang.getLanguage(), which is 'en_us'. Then I set it to 'en_uk' by App.lang.setLanguage('en_uk').  After doing this I am receiving this error "Unable to sync with server. Violation for language value".   I don't know why it is happening. I set it back to 'en_us' but still, it is happening.… (Show more)
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Michael Shaheen
Slides: Sugar Developer Webinar - Fall ‘19 (9.2.0)   Agenda Portal updates and improvements Business Centers module added to Sugar Sell Javascript Library and Bootstrap component updates Customizing the Portal Addressing common questions about new SugarCRM product lines More best practices for developing for the Cloud
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Shad Mickelberry
Hello,   With the new Cloud Insights feature built into the Admin of On-Demand instances is there any way to retrieve instance storage via an API request?
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Neil Conacher
We have a need for role-based dropdown control around the account_type DD   Sugar introduced Role-based dropdowns circa version 7.6 and an issue was raised in August 2017 (that is over 2 years ago) - Bug 79265   This shows itself that if the user does not have access to the DD value present in the record, then the field value does not display at… (Show more)
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Ian Trzoska
Hi all,   I'm attempting to populate a custom relate field (primary_contact_c) when creating an opportunity from a contact using the subpanel; the relate field in the opportunity should be populated with the contact that it is being created from.   I've found a few articles on here and on other sites which ask similar things but I've not made… (Show more)
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Dmitrii Mikhalchenko
Sharing a filter for the Dashlets is available on SugarCRM v9.1, which is only onCloud solution now. Is there any flexible way to share Dashlet's filter in a native Sugar 9.1 way, using SugarCRM 9.0.1 onPrem? So after upgrade nwxt spring it will keep working.
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Enrique Madrigal Gutierrez
Hi, thanks, I was wondering if someone has got this case. I have a module called bookings and a relationship with another module bookingdetails. The type of relationship is one to many. I'm trying to retrieve the related beams from the booking module.  For example, I have a case of a booking record which has four related records in the module… (Show more)
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Kayla Ebert
I reached out to Sugar Support and apparently it's a bug they don't yet have a fix for. They recommended that I reach out to the community to see if a customization can be created to address this issue.   Steps to reproduce:   1. In Studio, create a custom field in Calls module called "Test"2. Add the field to the Calls Record View layout.3.… (Show more)
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Jaume Albaigès
Hello all, I have created a custom field to hold an autoincrement value for each record in the module. This works ok. I would like to use this number as a part of the name of the record. So, I have created a logic_hook based on the after_save event. Unfortunately, it seems that $bean data is not available when after_save-ing. It I test the… (Show more)
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Yashgeet Saluja
Hi All,   When we are creating cases from contact screen through case subpanel, cases and account relationship is not working. We are not able to see accounts mapped to any case. We are following below mentioned steps while creating case: 1) First, we are creating account from account screen. 2) Through contact subpanel from account screen, we… (Show more)
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