• How can I reset mail_smtppass in Outbound Emails either via API or database?

    Currently we've got Sugar setup on an EC2 instance in AWS (only web application, rest is separated out into separate services).   One issue I'm trying to work out is this: EC2 instance gets restarted or termina...
    Thomas O'Brien
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  • Trigger Quick Repair and Rebuild via script or API

    Hi,   I'm trying to completely automate our Sugar deployment process and the last thing I need to automate is the Quick Repair and Rebuild that needs to happen after deployment.   I've tried various differ...
    Thomas O'Brien
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  • Tracking Cumulative Case Duration

    Our support teams use a drop-down list of time options to document the cumulative they spent overall on customer cases. They've used this same dd & field since 2008, as there was no way to really calculate the amo...
    Missy Brooks
    created by Missy Brooks
  • New module deployed "Call to a member function ACLAccess() on null " on Listing Records

    I have created a new module via Module Builder and when i deployed it. i Get 500 server error and the log says    PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught ReflectionException: Class OE_eCHO does not exist in /var/www...
    Jackie Justin
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  • Is there way to configure (not extend) the email preview to a larger area?

    Hi. I´m getting requests asking if the red circle in the picture can be made bigger. The email module is not in Studio. So is there a way?   Thanks, KGM
    Kristjan Geir Mathiesen
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  • Add page break to PDF template?

    Is there a way to add a page break to a PDF template?
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  • Problem - countConditional in custom module

    Hi,   I created for my company a custom module with the module builder and want to display a statistic tab with calculated fields. I started with some counts on related modules (contacts, opportunities, ......
    Fabian Hartmann
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  • FATAL Sugar Log Error due to field calculation

    Hello,   I have a field named "transaction_marker_c". It is used to check if the "Invoice Date" of a particular "Invoice" is before or after 2010 based off of formula:   ifElse(and(equal($transaction...
    Brittney Evans
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  • Option "email all invitees" causes blank emails being sent

    SugarCRM 6.5.17 Pro Hi, enabling "email all invitees" will indeed send reminder emails before the meeting starts. Unfortunately these are blank - no subject, no text. Is there a way to configure their content? Thx,...
  • Process definitions - Field evaluations for multi-select fields

    I am using v7.8 Enterprise edition.    So let's say I have a multi-select field with the following values: - A - B - C - D - E - F - G   I want values A, B, and C to each trigger their own ...
    Jacquelyn Lane
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  • Losing changes on Module Names

    Hi everyone, We have an Enterprise v8 cloud instance and are moving to v9. We use two languages, French and English. Extra Modules are created via module Loader in English, and fields are then created via studio on...
    Patrice Lamothe
    created by Patrice Lamothe
  • Is it possible to have the same field in 2 tabs in a module?

    I want to add a filed in 2 tabs in a single module. I want the fields to be duplicate, i.e. whenever a field on the first tab is filled, I want to populate the field in the second tab with the same data. Is it possibl...
    Rizwan Rizwan
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  • Sugar Portal Customisation Methods

    Hello,   Does any one know if the sugar portal in an on demand instance can be customised by other means other then studio?   Brad
    Brad Gunn
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  • Emails with "new smiley" (emoji) not archived - error

    Hi guys.   The new smiley´s in Outlook (this is from the Sugarlog): is causing an error in the Sugarlog when emails with it are being archived. Here is the error: Mon May 15 09:56:47 2017 [23649][record...
    Kristjan Geir Mathiesen
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  • What modules are available for Sugar Portal?

    I'm looking into possible uses for Sugar Portal, but can't seem to find a definitive answer on what all I can do with it. Can I choose certain modules to use or is it confined to a select list?   Thanks.
    Adam Adkins
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  • I think I know the answer, but wanted to put it out to the community... does SugarCRM have a module to support a web commerce portal to support B2B sales?

    Is there a module to support a web commerce portal to support B2B sales?
    Lucy Olson
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  • Is it possible to ensure a field in Opportunity updates a field in Contacts?

    Hi Team,   I have a field in Opportunity called 'Invoice Contact'. This field pops up once Opportunity 'Sales Stage' becomes "Closed - Won" and shows who it is we contact.  It works by having a searchable f...
    Peter Pavisic
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  • Slow Export from ListView. Fast from Reports

    Hi, we have a customer who hosts 8.0.3 on-site. Exporting 20 records from a list-view takes 1-minute. Exporting 600 from the same module (and with every column in the view) takes <1 second.   Any ideas what...
    James Banbury
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  • Can I auto-update the Start Date of a Meeting based on a Datetime field in a separate Module?

    I am building a Workflow that creates a Meeting under the Account and/or Lead whenever the Demo Date (Datetime) field is populated. Currently, I can have the meeting created, however the Start Date is set to the curre...
    Dale Clapp
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  • Can i ensure all Contacts under an Account automatically get assigned to the Account's Assigned To/User?

    Hi Team,   When you create Contacts from an Account (record) by using the + button, the contacts are automatically assigned to whoever is adding it. I would like to know if you guys know of any way that we can e...
    Peter Pavisic
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