• Module column layout align to left side

    Hi All,   I have a new Sugarcrm 10 installation, but my record view look compact. both column align to left side, while right side all empty. How to align column in center. Am i missing any settings ?   &...
    Rahul Jain
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  • Notification when Account Name is Modified

    Can someone please assist on how to setup a workflow that notifies specific users / team when an Account name is modified, and the notification lists both former and current Account Names?  We've begun using...
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  • How to scan the SugarCRM cloud instance where Deprecated library used? For example in version 10.0 the NVD3, D3v3, and Jit chart libraries were completely removed from the product in Sugar 10. How to check the list of components impacted due to this or in

    How to scan the SugarCRM cloud instance where deprecated library are used? For example in version 10.0 the NVD3, D3v3, and Jit chart libraries were completely removed from the product in Sugar 10. How to check the lis...
    Thiraviarajan Raman
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  • Unconvert a Lead

    I was stuck on this, then did it this way...  posting here hoping it helps you now :-)   First I did it via exporting the leads I wanted.  Then changed Converted from 1 to 0 for each row in my exported...
    Luke Ridgway
    created by Luke Ridgway
  • Sugar Market iframe for Accounts

    Dear Experts   One of our customer who is using SugarCRM enterprise evaluating Marketing Automation platform, We recommended them Sugar Market. At SugarCRM side we understand there is a “Sugar Market”...
    Indar Kumar
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  • reply tracking for automation emails

    Dear Experts In sugar market platform  1. How do we view a list of contacts that replied to an automation email  2. Is it possible to create the standard report/custom report OR with lead/contact listeners...
    Indar Kumar
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  • point of sale

    Are we able to integrate communication from e.g. Sugar Market or Sugar Sell to a Point of Sales?
    Sofia Jonsson
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  • Birthday email campaign

    Hi! In Sugar Market, how would you select contacts whose birthday is today to automatically send them an email? Thank you!
    François Lhuissier
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  • When I link an opportunity to a parent opportunity, how do I see it (and others) within the parent opportunity?

    We do not use line items, so this appears like a good way of linking multiple opportunities together but I can't see them anywhere. 
    Robynn Hyde
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  • How to assign product editing rights?

    i'd like to be able to assign the ability for different users to edit products in our product catalog. i don't see "products" or "product catalog" as an option on the matrix listed under an individual user or team pe...
    Robin Kiefer
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  • Changing the Body of the Scheduled Reports Email?

    Scheduling reports currently works as I would like it to - it converts the Report selected as a PDF & sends it to the users that are intended to receive it. However, I'm looking to change the text in the body of t...
    Tim Miller
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  • Using Advanced Workflow to identify overdue records

    Fairly basic question - is it possible to use Advanced Workflow (Sugar BPM) to follow up overdue records which can currently be done easily in Legacy Workflow.   It seems Advanced Workflow is limited to selectin...
    Greg Barrass
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  • Module Tab Drawers does not appear

    I removed a few users from Global Team and assigned them to a few new teams. By doing so, I understand there are a lot of functions and record will have to manually assigned to them, these are fine to me so far. Howev...
    Chuong Kelly
    created by Chuong Kelly
  • Calculated Field to return 0 when date not entered

    Hi,   I have created a calculated field to forecast the expected date to reach the next stage of construction, using the completion date of the previous stage + agreed days.  Below works as expected:  ...
    Cheryl Alderson
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  • Issue with shared calendar view.

    Hello everyone! I have an issue with meeting's calendar view. In my Organization there are user who depends by other user, in a master/slave relationship. When the "master" sign in they are able to see the meeti...
  • rounding up values on dashlet

    Hello! Hoping someone can help me out. I want to display a true value in a dashlet, but the dashlet always rounds it to the nearest 1000 i.e. the true value is £4680, but the dashlet column says £5k. Anyone ...
    Chris Bailey
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  • Can anyone suggest any way to Import teams?

    Hi, We have 300+ Teams can any one suggest the way to import teams.  If any third party tool available or any custom way to do it. Best Regards, Pragati 
    pragati22 pragati22
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  • Comment log

    I would like to know if the new Comment log field can be reportable and/or can be included in the Historical Summary. The field is not visible as field in the module, but only in the Record View (Studio).
    Renzo Leone
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  • How do I find out what field type Assigned To is?

    I am currently mapping fields from SugarCRM (Professional) to Zoom Info so we can export data from ZoomInfo into Sugar. However, I need to determine what field type Assigned To is so I can properly map it. I'm assumin...
    Armena Ballard
    created by Armena Ballard
  • "Total" in Report chart not changig on filter selection

    Is it possible to have the "Total" in a report chart changing, based on the selected filter on the chart?      E.g. we have reports shown as charts in the dashboard, which show opportunities grouped by...
    Kai Opitz
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