• How to make an account active or inactive?

    I am looking at possible ways to define an account as 'active' or 'inactive'. A simple checkbox will do the trick to identify this however I am stuck on how to define it as a process (looking to automate). Initially I...
    Braedon Owen
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  • Enterprise vs Sugar Sell, Serve, Market Etc

    We are current SugarCRM cloud users and are on Enterprise.   As SugarCRM has now re-branded it's offerings to Sugar Sell, Serve, Market etc I was wondering if there's a resource that outlines what of these funct...
    Nathan Morrison
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  • Is there a way to force the display of a leading zero in an integer field?

    As an example, the salesforce has an id which is a three digit number but may have leading zeros so that when 028 is entered, 28 is what is displayed.  I want to display 028 instead.  this can affect sorting...
    Jim Cotten
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  • How can I set the default address in the from field in the cases compose email drawer?

    My users are part of teams which have multiple email addresses they can send from. These emails are configured as a outgoing email account in the email module. The majority of the time, they will use one particular em...
    Marciano Ballestero
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  • Create a BPM to check Account is not blank for Contact

    We need to implement a process where users cannot create a Contact unless they select an Account. As this is a related field, we do not believe this is possible using standard Studio options.   For this reason w...
    Greg Barrass
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  • Overdue Tasks

    We are aware that overdue tasks are highlighted with a colour in Sugar, however we want to create a report ()that can be used on a Dashboard as well) that shows overdue tasks by assigned user.   We thought this ...
    Greg Barrass
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  • Transfer a related user to an assigned to on a parent record

    We are trying to transfer a secondary related user (Sales Rep) from an account request to be the Assigned To of the parent Account once the request is complete. How would I go about doing this. I have tried looking t...
    scott macleod
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  • Is it possible to string search the product catalog within the PC Dashlet?

    I am wondering if it is possible to search the product catalog based on description. For example, our Products are named with numbers. If I wanted to find bath towels (which would be in the description) I cant search ...
    Braedon Owen
    created by Braedon Owen
  • Second "Attachment" for a Notes Record

    We don't do custom coding... (I'm looking for a way to do this without custom coding)   In the Notes Module, there is a field named "filename" with a Field Type of "File" and a label of "Attachment".   I'd...
    Bud Hartley
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  • Total cost price of quote products

    We're running the latest version of SugarCRM Enterprise on the Sugar Cloud.   We're wondering if anyone knows the best way to create a field against a quote that calculates the total cost price of products withi...
    Nathan Morrison
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  • Workflow:send email pb with related Module

    Hello, I would like to send a custom email due to a specific name relative to a campaign and a contact.   So for example, I have two modules with a relationship Campaign form Contact   When I build my ra...
    Thomas Tallard
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  • Outlook Plugin management

    Hi    I'm an admin for a 400 seat on demand Sugar v9.0.1 instance. I'm doing some work with users about thier experience of the system.   When it came to the use of outlook plugin, most expressed they...
    john mckenzie
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  • Account ID converter - to a more user friendly Account ID 

    Current Account ID  is 36 characters but we are looking at converting this number into a more user friend number E.g 9 digit ID. Does Sugar have any functionality to execute this or can you recommend a softw...
    Andrea Finlay
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  • ,Dynamic IP change Logout Issue Solution?

    Hi, I have internet connection with dynamic ip change. I am getting logout from sugarcrm admin panel as ip address change. I want to solution to fix this issue. Any idea?   Best Regards, Shahab https://hrm...
    Shahab Khan
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  • create a support ticket

    How do I create a support ticket.We have an AUD pricebook which is not updating the NZ currency pricebook when quoting? not sure how to fix.
    Libby McDermott
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  • Recalculate through import?

    Hi!   I have over 20000 records that needs to be recalculated.  Can I get Sugar to do that with an import? I have tried to export and import them all but it wasnt recalculated...
    Lena Andersson
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  • Add a link in an email template that will take users of a self-service process to the record where they can claim the process?

    I want to send users of a self-service process an email with link they can click on that will take them directly to the screen where they can claim the process.    Specifically, this process is kicked off w...
    Greg Billings
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  • Create default Contact filter for specific Account in custom module

    I am trying to create a default filter for the related Contact record using the Account field related to the custom module. The Accounts and Contacts module have one-to-many relationships with my custom module. I have...
    Tony Lokey
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  • Sugar9.0 Db2 11 support

    Hello,   I would like to know the action plan from SugarCRM when the DB2 Version 10.5 goes out of support. * Sugar 9.0.1 support only Db2 Version 10.5.  * Sugar 9.0.1 End of life is April 30, 2021 *...
    Gopu Krishnan
    created by Gopu Krishnan
  • Connect Go Integrator to SugarCRM

    Hi,   we're using the Telekom Cloud PBX and also SugarCRM.   I'd like to use the Go Integrator DB to connect those 2.   Does anyone got experience with the import of the activitylog of calls to the c...
    Lennart Gebauer
    created by Lennart Gebauer