• Overdue Tasks

    We are aware that overdue tasks are highlighted with a colour in Sugar, however we want to create a report ()that can be used on a Dashboard as well) that shows overdue tasks by assigned user.   We thought this ...
    Greg Barrass
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  • how to connect a lead information page in to scrm lead

    how to connect a lead information page in to scrm lead
    Vignesh babu
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  • Recovering deleted records

    Hi,   I'd like to ask a general question regarding best practices. In cases like when a client mistakenly deletes a record from any Sugar module, such as Accounts, what is the best way to go on about recovering ...
    Samuel Kim
    created by Samuel Kim
  • Heads-Up regarding emails in Processes in Release 9.1.0

    I had a little surprise this weekend with release 9.1.0 that I'd like to share:   For "send email" in the BPM in in release 9.0.1 and prior, you could start to type the name of a user in the "TO", "CC", or "BCC"...
    Bud Hartley
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  • delete converted lead

    If I have a lead that has been converted to a Contact can I delete the converted lead if there are notes attached to the lead and leave the contact?
    Sheila McPhail
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  • Automaic sales order creation

    how to create a sales order based on quotation status if it is in open or confirm then automatically copy of quotation add into sales order and invoice also how to do that ??
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  • filter values in related module fields

    what is the formula for filter the values based on CustomerName -> contacts should appear Ex: i have created 2 relate fields 1) CustomerName  2)contacts   when i select customername based on customernam...
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  • Auto populate products from quotation to quoted line items

    Once I select the quotation in contracts module auto populate the values(products and prices) from the quotation to quoted line items. Ho to do that ?
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  • how to link customer subscriptions in Accounts module subscription Subpanel

    When i created a subscription from customers->subscription(subpanel) . it is adding to subscription main menu[ In all customer subscriptions]    but when i add subscription from  from main menu...
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  • Email data not accepted

    I have cretaed a cron job for  Report workflows . Workflows are working and normal mail (ex:when added subscription mail alert) also working. And in workflow log also workflow status id showing as done.   ...
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  • Assigning to a group user

    I have created a group user. I can assign to the group on the calendar, however you can only have one primary person rather than everyone in the group, therefore only one person gets updates or notifications....
    Jack McLean
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  • Event fully booked

    Hi there,    1st post here, we have recently implemented SugarCRM to manage our events booking which is linked to a drupal website, the question we have is how can we mark an event as fully booked so nobody...
    Ahmed Hammadi
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  • Subscribed SugarCRM Calendar

    My SugarCRM subscribed calendar no longer shows 100% appts on my MacBook or iPhone. The calendar only shows appts out 9 weeks and no further.  I have tried refresh etc. to no avail.  Suggestions?
    Sy Creed
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  • outlook plugin

    I am trying to use the Sugar Plugin for Outlook 2.6.3 with Outlook 2016 (Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016).   I tried setting the Outlook Options to "Optimize for Compatibility" and then installing t...
    Kevin Glick
    created by Kevin Glick
  • Hide Products in the Catalog

    Is there an administrative way to hide products in the catalog until they are ready to be sold? (Sugar Pro There are a variety of reasons we need to do this now, and more reasons I can think of for the futu...
    Missy Brooks
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  • Creating quotes in multiple currencies with SugarCRM 7.9.x

    Is anyone using the quotes module in SugarCRM 7.9.x with multiple currencies?   The new module that came in with 7.9 seems to be very buggy and we have hit a few issues that mean we cannot upgrade. The main prob...
    Steve Thompson
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  • Matrix Report as PDF

    Hello! When printing a matrix report as PDF it does not appear the same as it shows on screen - making the print unusable. I located similar queries from a few years ago.  Is there an update on a solution? ...
    Cheryl Alderson
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  • URL Field Type with Calculated Value

    Hello, Our scenario: We have a Zip Code Module in which we use the Zip Code in Opp Records to calculate consistent fields (City, County, State, Region, etc). We want to add to this by inserting weblinks to correspo...
    Jacki Elek
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  • Automatic case update email from user email address

    We support multiple brands. I would like to send automated emails with notes from case updates to the contact associated with the case.  I have done this with both Workflows and Process Definitions but both only ...
    Bob Schumann
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  • Sugar BPM / Advanced Workflow future/current/past comparisons

    Hi,   I'm writing some business workflows in 9.0.1 Enterprise and I'm following a design similar to:   https://community.sugarcrm.com/thread/34139-using-advanced-workflow-to-identify-overdue-records  ...
    Steven Cox
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