• Is there a way to configure a trigger such that when a new activity (call, meeting, task, note, etc.) is added in relation to another record (i.e. an opportunity record) the Date Modified on the related/parent (opportunity record) changes?

    I'd like to find a way to change the Date Modified on an (opportunity/organization/client contact, etc.) record when an associated activity (specifically: call, note, meeting, task) is added and tied back to the (oppo...
    Emily Adams
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  • Populate a field based on dropdown choice

    Newbie to SugarCRM need the formula to populate a field based on a dropdown choice of another   Field1 Dropdown $Company = "Choice" Field2 TextField = $Company_Address = "Choice"
    Linda Souza
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  • Problem with the upgrade

    During the upgrade from to 7.9++ versions I've got this: ERROR: Exception: Class CustomFields does not exist. I would appreciate any pointer where to look to fix it. Thanks.
    Sys Admin
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  • Error with opportunities module

    Hi All   I am having the following error with opportunities having carefully copied data from Salesforce in to the sugar CRM opportunities csv template   error: non existing field: spacer in module opportu...
    Mark Potten
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  • Make "Assigned To" field required

    How can I make the "Assigned To" within the Accounts module a required field.  The field does not exist within the fields section of the accounts module within Studio, on-demand.   We are on ...
    Craig Tovatt
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  • PDF Template - Currency Verification

    We run with dual currency in our quotes module, and our PDF templates are customized to either of the currencies, but we do not issue dual currency quotes. Currently if I build a quote in USD, but then open the CAD te...
    Tyler Martin
    created by Tyler Martin
  • Images in Email Templates

    I'm trying to link an image in an email template from ImageShack. The size of the image is 1496x3758. When I import the image, I put those dimensions into the link image box where the URL is pasted.    Rega...
    Tyler Martin
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  • "Assigned To" field level permission as Read Only.

    I am currently working with version SugarCRM Enterprise, Version 8.0.1.    Use Case: Created the assigned to field level permission as read only under the accounts module. associated to a particular role. ...
    Colette McGinley
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  • Capturing age of an opportunity when its closed won

    I'm trying to calculate the age of an opportunity when the opportunity stage becomes “Closed Won”.  I used the steps as described in SugarCRM knowledge base - "Capturing the Age of Closed Wo...
    Jaqueline Bargmann
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  • Creating Custom "File Upload" Field

    Hello, I want to create custom file type field for upload file. I have create one field and change its type in vardef.  But when I Upload file it save without extension and without original name. In record view...
    Juned Rawoot
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  • Date Time format issue

    Hi All We use a field in Sugar to record our Race Dates and the format is date - time (See below). My question is how can I get a report that shows all the January or Feb event etc. I seem to be stuck due to the date...
    Keith Esslemont
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  • Redis/Memcache and file cache

    In the advanced sugar configuration options, there is the ability to point "external cache" to redis or memcached. What is actually being redirected? This doesn't replace, or even seem to augment, the local file cache...
    Allen Sellars
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  • Delete document files but not metadata

    Hello everybody,   to comply with privacy regulations, we need to delete certain documents via the API. However, we only want to delete the actual file (PDF, etc.), but not the metadata, that there was something...
    Rüdiger Schulz
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  • Dropdown back-end not matching front-end

    Hello all,   I have a strange issue I have never encountered before and cannot seem to figure it out.   I have a module called "opportunities" with a custom field called "Sales Type". Within this field is ...
    Josh Wright
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  • Renamed modules not appearing in Flex relate

    Hi All, There are couple of modules which we have renamed. E.g. (Lead to Prospect, Account to Client, QLI to RLI etc.) On the top menu all the renamed modules are shown correctly but we are facing an issue with the f...
    Juned Rawoot
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  • URL Field for internal network locations

    Hi,   Is it possible to use a URL field to open an internal file on a network location?  I want to be able to use an address like this "file:///C:\Users\Evolution\Documents\ACT" and when I click i...
    Damon Terry
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  • configuracion de twiter

    Que pasos debo de hacer para la correcta configuración de twiter sobre una instancia creada para demo?
    Alejandro Garcia
    created by Alejandro Garcia
  • group mail box case creation - ignore (un-deliverable)

    hi All,   Hope you are well, i am trying to set up an inbox for monitoring via SugarCRM to create cases.   all setup and case creation is working fine. however this is an active inbox which is used by team...
    Kunal singh
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  • Create quote based on revenue items

    Hello I recognise, that it's possible to generate a quote from the revenue items. But I haven't found any way, to select more then 1 revenue item to convert into a quote. Is it possible or planned for future releases...
    Martin Trachsel
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  • Two date fields should have the same value

    Hi Community,   I seem to be struggling with a simple problem. My goal is to create a formula so that the first date field equals another field and the second date field is automatically populated with the ...
    Jaqueline Bargmann
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