• Integration of LiveChat - Subpanels are not shown

    Hi!   I installed the module of LiveChat and it works so far, as I can create leads, contacts, accounts und opportunities directly fom the chat application   The problemis, that the module itself in Sugar ...
    Michael Scheiwe
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  • Website Live Chat Options for SugarCRM...

    Hi everyone.   We have a customer who is interested in leveraging a website 'live chat' feature on their website, however, would like this to be integrated with Sugar.   With so many available, and the spe...
    James Banbury
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  • Job failed in CRON run (7.5)

    I added a job to the scheduler which runs every day at 3am. I tested the job without the scheduler and it works without any problems. I also configured cron correctly, it starts every day at 3am. But it never did anyt...
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  • delete converted lead

    If I have a lead that has been converted to a Contact can I delete the converted lead if there are notes attached to the lead and leave the contact?
    Sheila McPhail
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  • annoying bug in Quotes module

    There’s an annoying bug in Quotes module, in that the line items don’t retain the order in which you add them to the quote, and also every time you edit and save they get rearranged again. Using v7.2.0
    Vincent Amari
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  • TypeError:undefined is not a constructor (cordova - iOS)

    Hello All, I have an issue to display google map with multiple marker. When I use, var baseArrayClass = new plugin.google.maps.BaseArrayClass(data_array);it gives fatal error:TypeError:undefined is not a constructor...
    Aniruddh Vaghasia
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  • Sugar Ultimate 9.2.0-preview.2 -  Install stuck at INSERT defaults INTO config TABLE

    Have tried running the installer with a fresh unzip multiple times and it just stops.  In reviewing the sugarcrm/Install.log, the last entry is ...Begin creating Defaults ...INSERT defaults INTO config TABLE Th...
    QuoteWerks Support
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  • Displaying international Product Catalogue

    Hi Community,   has someone ever faced the challenge to display an international Product Catalogue?   Imagine you have a world wide company selling the same items but using their local product names (i.e. ...
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  • Language issue after upgrade

    HI all.  Recently I've upgraded company Sugarcrm PRO version to  I used the upgrade wizard and followed the Sugar Professional 7.9 Installation and Upgrade Guide. I checked PHP version ...
    Federico Ricci
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  • Appending data on multi select field via SugarBPM

    Hello friends,  Have anyone tried to append data on a multi-select field using sugarBPM? I have a "trade show" dropdown list for our Leads module. multiselect   Some leads we imported from a tra...
    created by MichellePang
  • split table/list

    Hello,   i have a kind of split table / list at module prospects (see Screenshot) its just in one module how can i solve this Problem. I see this on different versions of sugarcrm (7.x,8.x,9.x)   kind re...
    Alexander Strobl
    created by Alexander Strobl
  • If I have an Account field and a Contact field under the Cases Module, how can I set it up so the options in the DropDown under the "Contact" field vary depending on the account selected under the "Account" field?

    I am trying to have the contact field options relate to what is selected under the account field.
    Jennifer Lewis
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  • Preview side panel record dashboard

    Hi there,  I am new to Sugar and I was watching a tutorial about "team based permissions" and they showed on the record dashboard, that the preview pane on the right has "preview." You can edit any of the client...
    Erin Chapman
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  • Cannot assign a Group User through workflow

    The documentation for 6.5 says: Examples of uses for a Group User would be to assign all new leads to a  group user named "Sales". However, in Version 7.x the documentation no longer mentions this use.  It ...
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  • How to customize & reuse the new list layout in Sugar Serve?

    We like the new ticket list layout very much: good density, good priorization via colors / indicators.  Now, how can we customize that? Reuse that for other modules?  I've searched though Studio but could ...
    Damien Pochon
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  • Is there a way to audit Administration actions

    Hi all   I'm looking for a good method to audit all Administration task done by admins. This is because we have more than one admin looking after our instance and its very difficult to track what changes ar...
    sonesay inthavong
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  • pdf date html in german format?

    We have recently added the html code "date_format:"%d. %B %Y" to our pdfs so that our invoices autmatically display the date they were created. But today we noticed that the month is showing up in English instead...
    Jelena Haramis
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  • How to configure a role so that both created_by and assigned_to users can edit the record

    How to configure a role so created user and assigned user both can edit record.  Ex: user 1 created a case and assigned to user 2. if user1 wants to add or change some field value he can not access edit record b...
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  • Outlook Plug-in: Failed to autoarchive mail items

    I'm guessing there's a setting somewhere...  We're on Release 9.1 with the current Outlook Plug-in on MS Outlook 2016   When using the Send and Archive in the Outlook Plug-In, the email is successfully...
    Bud Hartley
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  • Ondemand Storage Use

    For ondemand SugarCRM instances, we now have the SugarCloud Insights at the top of the Admin page. This is good and useful, but it does not give us any breakdown of where the records are (i.e. Accounts, Contacts...
    Ben Hamilton
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