• How to customize predefined filters in a Search

    I have created a custom module called "Verkaufsangebote". It has got 2 links to users. Backoffice and Field Rep. Out of the box I get the following predefined filters: "My Verkaufsangebote" refers to the Backoffi...
    Günter Swatschina
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  • Campaign Emails get stuck in queue

    We are trying to send out some emails from the campaign module in Sugar and the emails get stuck in the email queue and never get sent.  We have checked the different areas of the Sugar settings an...
    Jessica Taggart
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  • How to change record view to show two fields in a row instead of three?

    I am using SugarCRM 7.2. Currently in record view, three fields are showing in a row. I need to re-arrange the view so that in some rows I need only two fields. How could I achieve this?
    Varun Nath A V
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  • Dynamic dropdown

    Hi all,  I have to get dynamic dropdown in module. It should get record name of other module as dropdown values based on selection of another standard dropdown field. Can any one please help on this. 
    Lokesha L N
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  • How can I disable the duplication check on the Name field?

    Hi Whenever I save a new record for any module it runs a record duplication validation and shows a list of all other records with the same name as the on I'm trying to save and it prompts me to either cancel the savi...
    Sean Donnelly
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  • How to create a field that returns a specified value based on a related field in Sugar CRM?

    Here is my situation:   I currently have the following setup in my record view on one of my modules (lets call it Estate_Orders for the sake of this post)     My Goal is to be able to make the "Join...
    Ryan Siwinski
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  • Automatically route emails in Test environments

    How do I automatically set all emails to route to a specific email (or set of emails) when they are coming from a development/Test environment?
    scott macleod
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  • Help-labels pop-ups not clearing (lingering tooltips)

    Not quite sure what these are actually called so screenshot below...  Does anyone else see this?  (the black underlined create and favourite pop ups)   They do not clear, sometimes even after a refresh...
    Luke Ridgway
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  • New Video: What's new in Winter '20 Release

    Sugar's Winter '20 has been released and is now available for all SugarCloud customers running Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve, Sugar Enterprise, and Sugar Professional.   The Winter '20 release furth...
    Brieanne Rowe
    created by Brieanne Rowe
  • Meeting save and send Invites ending up in spam folder

    Is there a way to share a meeting without the links or a better way to share a meeting so that the links will not cause the email to end up in the recipients spam or junk mail folder? Maybe even something that sends a...
    Norm Bonenfant
    created by Norm Bonenfant
  • Auto Email Quote & Auto create Opportunity from Quote

    I'm looking for a way to create a process definition that says: When a Quote record's status is 'send to customer', the quote pdf gets automatically emailed to the customer AND a new opportunity is created from the qu...
    Steve Silliker
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  • http://sugar.betaclub.org/rest.php/v10/metadata/public?type_filter=&module_filter=&platform=base&module_dependencies=1 404 error after upgrade

    Upgraded from 7.6 to 7.7.1.  After upgrade I get Unable to load application.  Chrome developer show  http://sugar.betaclub.org/rest.php/v10/metadata/public?type_filter=&module_filter=&platform=...
    Jay Moore
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  • "Unable to connect to the data source" while importing contacts

    Hi All,   When trying to import contacts, On click of Import Contacts button in Sugar we are getting "Unable to connect to the data source" popup and import is not happening. It's happening only in a few modules...
    Nagamani D
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  • When I am in the Opportunities module, And I click to create a filter the "Date Created" doesn't appear? How Can I fix this?

    When I am in the Opportunities module, And I click to create a filter the "Date Created" doesn't appear? How Can I fix this?
    Rohan Chopra
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  • Report that shows Accounts with no Meeting Activity in last 60 days

    Is it possible to set up a report that shows a list of accounts that have no Meetings and/or Calls held in the last 60 days?
    Margaret Sanderson
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  • How do I reset the invoice numbers and quote numbers in Sugar?

    Can anyone let me know where the settings are to "reset" the quote numbers and invoice numbers in Sugar 7?  I want to begin the numbering series at a higher number than the default setting?   Thanks!
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  • How to get user roles id in sugar 7.6.0

    Hi guys,  From this post Disable record's creation I know I can do app.user.get('roles') to get the roles of a user, but it returns the roles names,  rather than the ids,  which is unfortunate....
    Adrian Dinu
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  • Connecting Google Analytics to Sugar Market

    Hello! I am trying to set up Google Analytics for my emails in Sugar Market. I've followed the instructions in the various guides, but I am not seeing any results / data in Google Analytics. Has anyone done this succ...
    Jodi Wright
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  • How to add a user filter in a Dashlet

    Hello,   We have a custom module with a relation 1 to many with the USER module. For this business case, we can have a different user for the fields "User A" and "Assigned To".    We would like to ...
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  • How do I change language for a specific user?

    We are running Sugar 7. In V6 one could simply chose a language before login, but in Sugar 7 this functionality is removed. I can only see a system-wide setting under Admin > Language.  How can I change the l...
    KarlMetum KarlMetum
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