• button schedule report is missing for some users

    For some users the button schedule reports is missing. I checked but all the requirements are met. Anybody got ideas what this can be?   Report Schedule Requirements The Report Schedules module requires the foll...
    Nick Maes
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  • Editing of dropdown values via code

    Hi! I have the question: can I insert and edit dropdown values via code? I have a sheduler task and I want to edit dropdown in this sheduler. I see that I can try to rewrite custom/include/language/en_us.lang.php fil...
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  • How can I use the rollupCurrencySum and only obtain certain records?

    Here is our use case: We have a custom field with a year field. Accounts has a 1 to Many relationship with the custom module I want this rollupCurrencySum($mymodule_accounts, "amount")  where equal(related(...
    Jeff Bickart
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  • Auto Email Quote & Auto create Opportunity from Quote

    I'm looking for a way to create a process definition that says: When a Quote record's status is 'send to customer', the quote pdf gets automatically emailed to the customer AND a new opportunity is created from the qu...
    Steve Silliker
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  • Add Line Breaks to Concate

    I am using Sugar On Demand Pro. I have the ability to create calculated fields for a text area I am working on. I want to know how I can create line breaks between items. Here is an example: concat($first_name_c," ",$...
    Joshua Baer
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  • Deploy Outlook plug-in with SCCM

    Is anyone deploying the Sugar CRM Outlook plug-in with SCCM? Most of our users do not have admin rights so the plug-in installs as the system user, in which case when the user launches Outlook they do not see the Suga...
    Ian Rosindale
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  • Tabs Disappear When Users Are In Multiple Roles

    Hello Everyone!  Please help!   I am trying to set up some different tabs in our Account module that shows different information.  Obviously not everyone needs to be able to see all of the Tabs that ar...
    Nicole McGath
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  • How to create calculated field by using a field from another module.

    Hello,   I am trying to implement a calculated field in the Meetings module which has the sole purpose to show a 'Score' i.e. 1,2,3,4 etc...    The calculation behind this field derives from the numbe...
    Punit Desai
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  • Import all mails to sugar / import automatically

    Hiho, is there a way to import all incoming mails automatically to sugar or to import all mails from a certain account or all accounts into sugar? thanks, luggie
    Lukas Müller
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  • how to clone the existing module

    How can I create a new module is a mimic of the document module on SugarCRM 9.x
    spandana koppaku
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  • How to write sugar logic for assigning value to list items

    Our company has determined there are 6 levels of contacts we need to make within each customer. We'd like a way to easily see which levels have been reached (via Contact creation). In preparation a dropdown field was ...
    Jeffrey White
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  • Costs for Sugar connect?

    Sugar crm v9.0.1 - Pro - cloud   Hi All - we are just moving from on prem outklook to outlook 365. I've been looking into sugar connect, it seems like a better UI than the downloadable plugin for outlook.  ...
    john mckenzie
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  • Rest-API access outside firewall in order to allow integration

    hi All,   Our instance is behind firewall and currently only accessible via VPN and not accessible over internet. we have implemented air watch solution for our field staff to access Sugar on the go. We would l...
    Kunal Singh
    created by Kunal Singh
  • Reports that filter for primary email address only

    Am I doing something wrong?  Ive got a filtered report of contacts that displays the contact's email address but I cant seem to find a way of displaying just their primary email address. The report displays every...
    Nigel Kerby
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  • Installing the On-demand version 9.3.0 on a Development Environment

    Hi,  I'm trying the install a back up of Sugar Professional 9.3.0 on a Local Development instance .  Unfortunately this is an "On-demand" only version  and the stand alone version server requirement i...
    Anoop Antony
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  • How do I add line numbers from quotes to PDF Manager

    In the Quotes module you can check "Display Line Numbers", and while looking at the quote in the Quotes module these line item numbers are displayed.  When you download a quote template though, they disappear as ...
    Tucker Jackson
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  • Subdomain for self-service portal on-site

    Is it possible to set a separate subdomain for self-service portal for instance: if crm is: crm.mydomain.com then set portal as: portal.mydomain.com (on-site SugarCRM Ent)
  • Will the Comment Log ever be available in the Mobile App?

    The Comment Log on Opportunities is pretty useless to our users if it's not available in the Mobile App. 
    Steve Jaspar
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  • Are there options to get the Tile View for other modules, like Leads?

    Would like to see a leads tile view, ability to drag based on status, time in certain status, lead owner
    Robert White
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  • date of last meeting field

    In the Accounts module I want to add a Date of last meeting field and have it auto populate.  Is there a way to have it locate the last meeting held and put the date of that meeting in the field?  Thanks so ...
    Amy Frybarger
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