• Open Opportunities with no Open Tasks

    Trying to design a report (and dashlet) that tells us which Open Opportunities do not have an Open Task. To keep it simple - Opportunity Sales Stage is not Completed and there is no Task that has a Status that is not ...
    Greg Barrass
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  • Find a contact's email address in the database

    Hello.  I'm trying to do some queries on the database for some external reporting.  The contacts table does not contain an email address column.  There is however an email_addresses table.  Though ...
    Jared Adams
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  • Changing the Body of the Scheduled Reports Email?

    Scheduling reports currently works as I would like it to - it converts the Report selected as a PDF & sends it to the users that are intended to receive it. However, I'm looking to change the text in the body of t...
    Tim Miller
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  • What's Best Way To Communicate With Building Material Industry Manufacturers?

    We are a manufacturer of building materials (deck waterproofing and floor coating materials) and occasionally have questions about how others are configuring or using Sugar for their businesses...and even for those in...
    Vince Outlaw
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  • my sugar instance is taking too long to authenticate

    my sugar instance is taking around 15 seconds to authenticate user both from web and rest API, what is the problem?
    Anand gopal
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  • Customer Journey Report Examples

    So, the one example of a Customer Journey report in the CJ Admin Guide is nice but I'm looking for more examples from customers to get my own creative juices flowing on CJ reporting.  If anyone is willing to shar...
    Bud Conlin
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  • How do I add line numbers from quotes to PDF Manager

    In the Quotes module you can check "Display Line Numbers", and while looking at the quote in the Quotes module these line item numbers are displayed.  When you download a quote template though, they disappear as ...
    Tucker Jackson
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  • POST UPGRADE FAILED from 9.0.2 to 9.0.3

    Hi All,  I've recently upgraded my onsite installation SugarPRO from 9.0.2 to 9.0.3. I've tested the upgrade in a dev env and everything works fine.  In production environment the post upgrade failed with ...
    Federico Ricci
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  • Custom module questions - probably basic

    Hello - I'm creating (trying to) a custom module in Sugar (v10...almost empty system - we're configuring it before importing data). I've created custom modules before but this one is causing me issues. There is als...
    Bob Bundy
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  • Various Mismatch errors when upgrading to 9.0.3

    Dear SugarCRM Community,    I'm attempting to upgrade a site from SugarCRM Pro 8.0.6 to Pro 9.0.3. Heath checks all run without any serious issues. However when run the upgrade process, the process stops at...
    Peter Hallett
    created by Peter Hallett
  • Based On Conditions populate value In calculated field

    ifElse( or( equal(related($accounts,"account_type"),"Reseller"), equal(related($accounts,"account_type"),"Investor"), ), related($accounts,"name"), "nope!" ) i want to populate account name if the 2 conditions ...
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  • how to customize notifications module in Sugar CRM Mobile?

    I want to get notifications in mobile same as we get in desktop.   $note_bean = BeanFactory::newBean('Notifications'); $note_bean->name = "Assignment Change"; $note_bean->save();   This code triggers w...
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  • Guidance on importing notes with attachments

    Hello - We're converting data in the Sugar Cases module. Rather than try convert all the detailed messages back and forth between us and a customer on a single case, we're going to create a PDF of all the activity f...
    Bob Bundy
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  • point of sale

    Are we able to integrate communication from e.g. Sugar Market or Sugar Sell to a Point of Sales?
    Sofia Jonsson
    created by Sofia Jonsson
  • Is there a way to auto populate a new opportunity number for every new opportunity entered

    We are trying to convert from using an excel spreadsheet for Bid numbers that are self generated by our estimating department. To get rid of using excel and have Sugar auto populate new Opportunity numbers. 
    Patrick Muldoon
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  • I'm having trouble passing this step. I'm accessing the sugar through the file manager, via subdomains, I created the database, but I can't get through because it gives these errors. Any solution?

    helder chindondo
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  • Limit of 10 rows per homepage dashboard?

    I'm on Sugar 9.0.3 Enterprise Cloud. I seem to be limited to 10 dashlet rows on a single homepage dashboard. If I try to add another dashlet to the 11th row, Sugar will just refuse to add it. Any way to adjust this l...
    Jacquelyn Lane
    created by Jacquelyn Lane
  • 500 Internal Server Error when defining condition on Workflow

    My organization is running on-premise SugarCRM 6.1.2. I am attempting to create a Workflow that uses "Contracts" as the target module. When I attempt to create a condition on this workflow using the "When the tar...
    Greg Sheehan
    created by Greg Sheehan
  • Import all mails to sugar / import automatically

    Hiho, is there a way to import all incoming mails automatically to sugar or to import all mails from a certain account or all accounts into sugar? thanks, luggie
    Lukas Müller
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  • How to Assign a Specific Team For Specific Module When Create A Record

    How to add specific team for cases module when create a new record  Ex: I have created a X team. and i want to add this team when a user create a new record in cases module ( This team should add only for c...
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