• "Test for .htaccess rewrites failed. This usually means you do not have AllowOverride set up for Sugar directory." error during installation

    Hi, I am setting up a new environment on a fresh Ubuntu install. I copied the installation files for Sugar 7.2 Enterprise and I started the installation process. During the check I get this message Test for .htacce...
    Marco Pierobon
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  • Assign Team on new record creation

    Hi all,   we are currently looking into segregating our system by teams. Previously we already had teams assigned to users, but all records in our system were defaulted "Global".   I started changing all ...
    Fabian Varasteh
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  • Are unique Form names and IDs supported for webtolead

    We have put custom WebToLead forms on our website and they are working fine. They are standard 1 form/page in the body. We are trying to add in an overlay sidecar that has a GetSupport and GetQuote titles on the bu...
    Bob Schumann
    created by Bob Schumann
  • Can i ensure all Contacts under an Account automatically get assigned to the Account's Assigned To/User?

    Hi Team,   When you create Contacts from an Account (record) by using the + button, the contacts are automatically assigned to whoever is adding it. I would like to know if you guys know of any way that we can e...
    Peter Pavisic
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  • Module Record "Share" Producing Malformed Email In Outlook For Mac

    The "Share" feature on a Module Record View (e.g. Account module, Contact, etc.), on a Mac desktop using Outlook for Mac as the default email client, creates an email that looks fine before sending, but if it is just ...
    Vince Outlaw
    created by Vince Outlaw
  • Can I update Contact Emails as Opted-Out via Import?

    I have a list of Contact email addresses from our Email Marketing System (MailChimp) and want to set their SugarCRM Email Status based on MailChimp status (e.g. MailChimp "Unsubscribe" = SugarCRM Contact Email Opted-O...
    Vince Outlaw
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  • How to set currency field to have a blank default value?

    Hello,    I have been trying to set my currency values to default to blank, but they keep defaulting back to $0.00. Any way I can work around this? I'm using Sugar On-Demand Enterprise, version &#...
    Raul Munoz
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  • Hide Products in the Catalog

    Is there an administrative way to hide products in the catalog until they are ready to be sold? (Sugar Pro There are a variety of reasons we need to do this now, and more reasons I can think of for the futu...
    Missy Brooks
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  • Schedule Report to run last day of month.

    I need to run a report after close of business on the last day of every month. eg. at 9pm. How do I set up a schedule to do it? can I set a workflow to run a report? Can I add a new entry in the schedule dropdown li...
    Howard Jennings
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  • How to Report on Products Not Quoted

    We will hopefully be moving to Enterprise 8.0 soon - and I think there is a way to do this easily.  For now - is there a way to run a report on products in our catalog that we haven't Quoted in a period of ...
    Missy Brooks
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  • Update Records with API without changing Modified User or Modified Time

    Is there a way to update records using the API without changing the Modified user or time?   I know this can be done when updating a record using a logic hook, but I need to do it using the API.   I tried ...
    Greg Billings
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  • Comment log

    I would like to know if the new Comment log field can be reportable and/or can be included in the Historical Summary. The field is not visible as field in the module, but only in the Record View (Studio).
    Renzo Leone
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  • Unable to sort in Opportunities module when drilling down via dashboard

    Hi all   Scenario: when on a dasboard that has graph filter, click on one of the pillars to get the details. At this point, I am unable to sort (you can see there are no arrows in this picture):   As app...
    Kristjan Geir Mathiesen
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  • How do I create a calculated field that returns a %?

    Hello, I am using Sugar Enterprise and can't figure out how to create a custom field that calculates a % based on two $ fields.  I feel like I am probably missing the obvious answer.  I can make a field tha...
    cdmeehan135 cdmeehan135
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  • (SmtpMailer.php:167 [6]) - Failed to connect to outbound SMTP Mail Server: An outgoing mail server is not configured to send emails.

    hi all,   this is a a bit strange, Assignment emails and notification emails work perfectly file whereas workflow emails doesnot work. if i try to send an email via process definition or auto reply it doesn...
    Kunal singh
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  • Connection Jira - SugarCRM

    Hi,   i'm looking for an useful application/plugin that connects Jira and SugarCRM. We're using Sugar Prof. 8.X.   Any suggestions?   Best, L.
    Lennart Gebauer
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  • Report Issue: Values make no sense for the chart

    Hello!   I created a report with the type "sum with details" where I want to know the difference between the old and new revenue (or the difference between the revenue for this and last year) for an employee. &#...
    Deniz Kilic
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  • QRR not progressing beyond - rebuilding mapping files

    hi All,   We are on a hosted instance 7.9.4 and we have noticed that our QRR is getting stuck at - Rebuilding mapping file. even waited for hours but no results.   any ideas how this could be resolved ? &...
    Kunal singh
    created by Kunal singh
  • Add a link in an email template that will take users of a self-service process to the record where they can claim the process?

    I want to send users of a self-service process an email with link they can click on that will take them directly to the screen where they can claim the process.    Specifically, this process is kicked off w...
    Greg Billings
    created by Greg Billings
  • Team based permissions

    We're about to take on a new member of staff who will be field based.  Is there a way of allowing him access to add new leads, opportunities, accounts etc but without him being able to see the office based system...
    Rachel Craft
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