• OAuth: Logout after 15 minutes of inactivity?

    Corporate has requested that I change the inactive timeout for Sugar to 15 minutes to match their security policies across their other web/desktop applications.   I have the oauth2 lifetime's as so:    ...
    John Hoffmann
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  • ACTION REQUIRED: Sugar Connect April Release Readiness

    Last year, SugarCRM launched Sugar Connect to bring key customer experience activities into the apps you use most—email and calendaring. Connect synchronizes Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite data directly...
  • Sugar BPM

    Hi Everyone, We have upgraded our Sugar CRM 9x from Professional to Enterprise edition. After upgrade, Sugar BPM is not working properly. I have created a Sugar BPM process dashboard and the design sheet is not fun...
    Nagamani D
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  • Copy reports from Test to Prod

    Does anyone know how to copy a report form one instance of Sugar to another?    I've attempted to find where Sugar stores the reports but have been unsuccessful so far. 
    Chris Bourgeois
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  • SugarBPM Issue Adding Related Record

    Hello, I am experiencing an issue creating a Process Definition that involves an action, adding a related record.  The process is triggered from the Opportunities module if a checkbox field is ticked.  Part ...
    Daniel Garrard
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  • Calculated Field - Count selections in related module

    Hi all,   In our Tasks-module there's a custom dropdown field with a product selection. I would like to see what's the highest "product interest" per individual contact based on the number of tasks with the...
    Daniela Scheiwe
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  • New Naming Convention for Sugar Releases

    In 2004, Clint Oram and the other Sugar founders embarked on a profound mission that changed the CRM landscape forever. Sixteen years later, Sugar has grown into a truly global company with 7 offices worldwide and cus...
    Alex Nassi
    created by Alex Nassi
  • Sugar’s Commitment to Security

    As we often mention in our announcements to the Sugar Community, “we take security very seriously.” It’s a simple phrase that may not do justice to the focus and attention we place on the matter. We ...
    Alex Nassi
    created by Alex Nassi
  • Campaign Emails Very Slow Processing

    Good Evening,   Has anyone dealt with this error message before with campaigns? Our emails have still been sending, but every email gets the error below tagged in the log files. Our campaigns used to be really q...
    Dan Petersen
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  • Get your Learn on - Free & Discounted Training through SugarU

    At this time, our global community is finding itself working remotely from home and juggling unprecedented challenges. If you're finding yourself with free time on your hands, are looking for a productive way to ...
    Alex Nassi
    created by Alex Nassi
  • Making a field a clickable link in a report

    Good Evening,   Has anyone ever made a field a clickable link in reports? Currently the Leads module is set to only have the contact name be a link in views, subpanels, and reports. I was able to make the "Organ...
    Dan Petersen
    created by Dan Petersen
  • "Your company's license for SugarCRM needs to be validated. Only admins may login.

    "Your company's license for SugarCRM needs to be validated. Only admins may login." Error pop-up all the time  I have reset a admin Password from dB and also change the license type of Admin user every time i en...
    Ambit Support
    created by Ambit Support
  • how to add calculated formula to a phone number field, when a 'Relate' field in the same module is chosen

    I have 2 fields where one of them is a Relate field which consists of the records in the Contacts module.    I have another field which is for a phone number   My aim is to auto-populate the phone num...
    Punit Desai
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  • Sync External IDs as Bigint?

    Hi, We are a sugarondemand Enterprise customer (9.3) and are trying to implement a ZenDesk integration. To ensure ZD doesn't try to create an existing account, and to sync cases correctly, we wanted to add a Z'Desk I...
    Missy Brooks
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  • Capturing the date

    HI, I want to capture the date when the customer changes of status. Until now I am doing programming., but I am sure it´s possible doing it by Logic.   When status = Qualificated  Date qualified = c...
    Iñigo vergara
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  • Bulk delete from csv

    Enterprise 9.3 on-demand.  I have been given a csv containing long list of bouncing emails and I need to delete the contacts associated with them.   Any options to make this easy?
    Tom Repetti
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  • Using Cases Internally

    Hi There, Seeking guidance on how we might leverage the cases functionality for internal Sugar issues. Is anyone doing this? Right now we are using the help desk ticketing system and it's just not very user friendly ...
    Annie Warren
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  • Fatal error: Call to a member function nowDb() on a non-object

    Hi,   I am trying to build a backup server for development of our sugarcrm. After copying the sourcecode and importing the database and setting file and folder partition, I stiil get the following error.  ...
    Sannel Alcantara
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  • Studio - update fields value using formulas, without affecting existing records

    Hi guys,  Is there a way to change the value of a field in a record, using a formula for instance, without affecting existing records?   For example, in our case, when creating revenue lines records, today...
    Timothe Delhaise
    created by Timothe Delhaise
  • Collecting data from existing Leads using Sugar Campaigns

    Need to send out an email campaign to existing leads with some questions that include dropdowns for existing lead fields. We are hoping that the leads can reply and fill in the answers and have the lead updated in Sug...
    Greg Barrass
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