• SugarBPM Issue Adding Related Record

    Hello, I am experiencing an issue creating a Process Definition that involves an action, adding a related record.  The process is triggered from the Opportunities module if a checkbox field is ticked.  Part ...
    Daniel Garrard
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  • Capturing the date

    HI, I want to capture the date when the customer changes of status. Until now I am doing programming., but I am sure it´s possible doing it by Logic.   When status = Qualificated  Date qualified = c...
    Iñigo vergara
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  • Edit Default Settings in Outgoing Email

    Trying to set the font size and name for out-going emails to something specific, that defaults every time I create a new email rather than having to update on every new created. What is the easiest way to do...
    Alicia Ayres
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  • How to create a field that returns a specified value based on a related field in Sugar CRM?

    Here is my situation:   I currently have the following setup in my record view on one of my modules (lets call it Estate_Orders for the sake of this post)     My Goal is to be able to make the "Join...
    Ryan Siwinski
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  • Looking to Integrate Sugar CRM with Salesforce, Quickbooks, SAP, Sage, Epicor, and Xero ERP?

    Commercient’s SYNC for Sugar CRM is compatible with: Salesforce, Quickbooks, SAP, Sage, Epicor, and Xero ERP. How can data integration benefit you? Streamline your processes, sales, and customer service ...
    Naudine Mosime
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  • How to get user roles id in sugar 7.6.0

    Hi guys,  From this post Disable record's creation I know I can do app.user.get('roles') to get the roles of a user, but it returns the roles names,  rather than the ids,  which is unfortunate....
    Adrian Dinu
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  • Outlook Plugin management

    Hi    I'm an admin for a 400 seat on demand Sugar v9.0.1 instance. I'm doing some work with users about thier experience of the system.   When it came to the use of outlook plugin, most expressed they...
    john mckenzie
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  • Account ID converter - to a more user friendly Account ID 

    Current Account ID  is 36 characters but we are looking at converting this number into a more user friend number E.g 9 digit ID. Does Sugar have any functionality to execute this or can you recommend a softw...
    Andrea Finlay
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  • Sales Stage Age

    I'd like to record the age of the current sales stage, not just the age since "Closed-Won". I was wondering if there were a way to createa process that set a date field every time the sales stage changed, then I could...
    Elizabeth Buckfelder
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  • Sugar and Pendo Analytics - deactivating it

    Hi everyone, when testing Sugar 9, we (and also our Sugar partner) were very surprised to find that Sugar had implemented the service Pendo Analytics to analyze usage and user interaction with the system.   Why...
    Julia Weinhold
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  • eSignature service and plugin for documents

    Hi,   I'm using SugarCRM Enterprise 9.1.0 and looking for alternative of "Docusign" service and plugin.   Please suggest service and plugin which can be install/configure easily like "Docusign" and le...
  • Rest v10 issue OAuth2 after upgrading to 7.9.1

    Hi all, I've got an installation of SugarCRM Pro in my own server and today I migrate from to 7.9.1.  Language different from English are broken but the very important thing is that in some cases, using ...
    Federico Ricci
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  • Delete Dropdown List

    I need to do some housekeeping on a Sugar instance and this includes removing some redundant customised dropdown lists.   In Studio you are unable to delete DD lists directly.   I am familiar with the lang...
    Neil Conacher
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  • Formula Builder; Multiplying 2 fields?

    So, I'm looking to create a new field called 'factored revenue'.   This is the formula I created but doesn't work - multiply(number($amount),number($opp_percentage_c))   So as you can see I want the amoun...
    Jame Ashcroft
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  • Heads-Up regarding emails in Processes in Release 9.1.0

    I had a little surprise this weekend with release 9.1.0 that I'd like to share:   For "send email" in the BPM in in release 9.0.1 and prior, you could start to type the name of a user in the "TO", "CC", or "BCC"...
    Bud Hartley
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  • Related Field Formula Issue

    I am creating a field in our report view that is a checkbox in our campaign module that determines if our system sends out a survey e-mail. Each campaign can have many appointments associated with it (appointments are...
    Steven Heath
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  • Error after Upgrade from 7.8.2 to 9.0.1

    Hello, after upgrade from 7.8.2 to 9.0.1 and I started the [Quick Repair and Rebuild] and see following errors:   Mon Jul 29 14:57:18 2019 [11194][1][ERROR] Could not generate a metadata file for module Activit...
    Chun Yu Wu
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  • Handling leads in multiple product lines environment

    Hello,   we have a problem in calculating the leads conversion report. Our company have 4 product lines where it is possible for a lead to be interested in more than one product and different sales managers are ...
    Cosmin Costean
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  • Tracking Customer Registration/Attendance at Offline Events

    My company does a lot of client events - happy hours, parties, VIP trips, tradeshows, etc. We are looking into ways to manage event registration and check-in so that prospect/customer engagement at these events i...
    Jacquelyn Lane
    created by Jacquelyn Lane
  • Deploying a layout does not go through

    Hi! In the module Opportunitty I have rearranged the layout and have changed from panels to tabs etc. I have taken Save and Deploy. I get Deploy Complete. Nothing changes outside of Studio.   I have taking Qu...
    Lena Andersson
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