• Team based permissions

    We're about to take on a new member of staff who will be field based.  Is there a way of allowing him access to add new leads, opportunities, accounts etc but without him being able to see the office based system...
    Rachel Craft
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  • Change assigned-to of Contact to match assigned-to of its parent Account?

    I need to create a Process to do the following:  change the Assigned To field of any Contact wherein the Assigned To field of the Contact's parent Account does not match, to be the same User in the Assigned To of...
    Robert McAnally
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  • How to implement Team-based views?

    Dear community, One of our customers is restructuring his sales organisation with slightly specific rules of engagement: one sales team may have access to records from another team, but not to all of the fields in th...
    Damien Pochon
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  • Limit Product Item / Category access by team

    We support multiple businesses on our CRM.  We are working to implement the Quotes module and I would like to limit the visibility of various Product Items by Team.  I would prefer to use Product Catego...
    Bob Schumann
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  • Displaying international Product Catalogue

    Hi Community,   has someone ever faced the challenge to display an international Product Catalogue?   Imagine you have a world wide company selling the same items but using their local product names (i.e. ...
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  • How do I make a field required for some users but not everyone?

    Hello,    I am looking to create some customized modules utilizing the role based views. Can I make a field required for a select team but not required for other teams or users?    If this is pos...
    Katie DelValle
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  • How can I hide modules from the report tool

    There are a number of standard modules that we are not using, such as bugs.  I've tried the following without success: - Unchecking the "available for report" field - setting the module as disabled in a role &#...
    Miklos Gaal
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  • Is there a way to limit user access based on a specific drop down option within a field? Or just the field itself?

    We have a particular field and we only want certain users to have access to those leads that have a specific option marked in that particular field. Any way to accomplish this? In Role Management I'm only seeing optio...
    Dawn Mooney
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  • New module deployed "Call to a member function ACLAccess() on null " on Listing Records

    I have created a new module via Module Builder and when i deployed it. i Get 500 server error and the log says    PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught ReflectionException: Class OE_eCHO does not exist in /var/www...
    Jackie Justin
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  • Prevent users from creating related records for specified modules

    We have a scenario where users need access to, for example, the Notes module. However we want to limit their ability to create notes linked to certain related modules. For example, we permit them to create a note rela...
    Greg Barrass
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  • How to assign product editing rights?

    i'd like to be able to assign the ability for different users to edit products in our product catalog. i don't see "products" or "product catalog" as an option on the matrix listed under an individual user or team pe...
    Robin Kiefer
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  • Custom modules not showing up in Role List and Studio after Upgrade

    Hello Folks, After upgrading SugarCE from 6.3.3 to 6.4.6, I am not able to see one of my custom module in Sugar. When I tried passing my module name in URL, I am getting "You do not have access to  this area. ...
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  • Group Email Accounts seem to have "Disappeared: overnight...

    It seems that we have been taken to version 7.10 and since this has happened Users do not have access to the "From" email addresses that they used to...  Our salespeople usually can select 6 options of the "From"...
    Justin Sadler
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  • Preferences by Login?

    Please advise - Within our Cases module, two required fields, "Support Type" & "Product" cannot be defaulted to any one value, since all teams create cases. However, individuals within teams would love the abili...
    Missy Brooks
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  • How do I add a group team to a quoted line item?

    Not sure if Im just missing something simple here, but our Sugar instance (7.9.2 enterprise) is setup with two different teams using the instance. Whenever users from 'team one' create a new record, the record is assi...
    Nigel Kerby
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  • What do you use as Learning and Development indicators?

    Hi All,   After a couple of years of using our CRM we have been through a period of development. As part of this process and our review of systems, we have decided to 'relaunch' the crm with an SMT supported lea...
    john mckenzie
    created by john mckenzie
  • Stuck in SAML Loop

    Followed setup here: Tutorial: Azure Active Directory integration with Sugar CRM | Microsoft Docs    Seems to be working OK, looks like the user is getting authenticated, but it just Keeps resending to...
    Chris Whiting
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  • Setting up the Forecast module

    Hi everyone!   I have a customer who wants to use Sugar's Forecasting module, something which is not used by any of my other clients. I am learning the module at the moment, but I'm finding the Knowledge Base ar...
    Philippa Grover
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  • SugarCRM users table >> is_admin = 1 ?

    We have migrated to a different LDAP Authentication for SugarCRM. Due to this existing Admins cannot login. Can a new user be made an Admin via updating the users table in the DB, column is_admin = 1 ?
    rahul khire
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  • team permissions: how can I enable additional permissions by default in the user profile?

    I have team permissions set. I know I need to unlock the padlock to enable additional permissions. I can get it to work. Now I want to set the user profile default to have any new records set to enabled by default. &#...
    Greg Dyche
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