• Heads-Up regarding emails in Processes in Release 9.1.0

    I had a little surprise this weekend with release 9.1.0 that I'd like to share:   For "send email" in the BPM in in release 9.0.1 and prior, you could start to type the name of a user in the "TO", "CC", or "BCC"...
    Bud Hartley
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  • Automatic case update email from user email address

    We support multiple brands. I would like to send automated emails with notes from case updates to the contact associated with the case.  I have done this with both Workflows and Process Definitions but both only ...
    Bob Schumann
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  • Sugar BPM / Advanced Workflow future/current/past comparisons

    Hi,   I'm writing some business workflows in 9.0.1 Enterprise and I'm following a design similar to:   https://community.sugarcrm.com/thread/34139-using-advanced-workflow-to-identify-overdue-records  ...
    Steven Cox
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  • Transfer a related user to an assigned to on a parent record

    We are trying to transfer a secondary related user (Sales Rep) from an account request to be the Assigned To of the parent Account once the request is complete. How would I go about doing this. I have tried looking t...
    scott macleod
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  • Set up inbound email to update a specific record

    Use Case: use tasks or other modules to log questions with non-sugar users, and we would like Sugar to notify the task owner that the intended recipient has replied with X response. How do we go about setting this up?
    scott macleod
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  • SugarBPM - opting-out an email address via a BPM process when a contact field is changed.

    Just trying to get my head around SugarBPM - and hit a snag. Ive setup a 'processs definition' for the contacts module that fires when a user changes one of the fields in contacts ("Status") from active to non-active....
    Nigel Kerby
    created by Nigel Kerby
  • Process definitions - Field evaluations for multi-select fields

    I am using v7.8 Enterprise edition.    So let's say I have a multi-select field with the following values: - A - B - C - D - E - F - G   I want values A, B, and C to each trigger their own ...
    Jacquelyn Lane
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  • Emails sent from advanced workflow end event have blank fields

    We have a process definition which triggers off record creation in a custom module. If we send an email from a "message" event, it works fine. The email can include fields from the main module and any related modules....
    Aaron Kerr
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  • Can I use the same field in 2 different tabs ? on the same Module?

    Hi Team,   I have a field called 'Platform' that I would like to show in 2 different tabs under my Accounts module. Is this possible?   If not, does anyone know how to create a field that would copy the se...
    Peter Pavisic
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  • Tracking Cumulative Case Duration

    Our support teams use a drop-down list of time options to document the cumulative they spent overall on customer cases. They've used this same dd & field since 2008, as there was no way to really calculate the amo...
    Missy Brooks
    created by Missy Brooks
  • Is it possible to ensure a field in Opportunity updates a field in Contacts?

    Hi Team,   I have a field in Opportunity called 'Invoice Contact'. This field pops up once Opportunity 'Sales Stage' becomes "Closed - Won" and shows who it is we contact.  It works by having a searchable f...
    Peter Pavisic
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  • How do I make a field visible based on 2 selections in a related field?

    I can work it our based on 1 selection but have an error when I want it to be visible based on 2 selections in the same field. E.g I want Field 2 to be visible of you select either A or B option/s under Field 1. Can a...
    Peter Pavisic
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  • Calculated Field Timestamp "now()"

    Hi,   i use Sugar Professional 8. I'd like to set the Timestamp "now()" for a calculated Field (Date/Time). It works perfectly while creating a new Record.   But when i save the Record the Timestamp sets...
    Lennart Gebauer
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  • Creating a "time stamp" card of each call logged with a contact?

    I was recently asked to pull a log to show how many calls a group of 160 clients had received in the past 4 months.     I ended up going to each record to get the call information.      &...
    Kayla Ebert
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  • Update a Case based on a Bug Status using Advanced Workflow

    We are trying to gradually migrate across to Advanced Workflow, so I decided to try Advanced Workflow on this requirement instead of using the existing Workflow Module.   A bug has been worked on and the work co...
    Greg Barrass
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  • How to remove html tags from a textarea?

    Hi everyone   We have an opportunity module which has a workflow copying opportunities.notes and creating and setting meetings.notes textarea. Whats happening is the new lines or line returns are being copied ov...
    sonesay inthavong
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  • Upload Custom Javascript

    Hi,   I'm working on a project at sugarcrm on demand instance.   I need call an API when i add a new line item on Quotes module for get the product price and stock.   I'm trying to insert a new JS fi...
    Claudio Viva
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  • Winter '19 Advanced Workflow

    Open video

    Alex Nassi
    created by Alex Nassi
  • Show/Hide field base on checkbox

    In my Leads module, I have a checkbox for Logo and I want to show/hide an upload box based on if the checkbox is checked or not. How do I accomplish this?  
    Mike Wagner
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  • Specific area to share ideas we've come up with?

    I've come across help process definitions in my wandering on the internet and Youtube. I'm wondering if anyone else has created time-saving processes or logic hooks they could share with other users, and if so, i...
    Kayla Ebert
    created by Kayla Ebert