• Using Advanced Workflow to identify overdue records

    Fairly basic question - is it possible to use Advanced Workflow (Sugar BPM) to follow up overdue records which can currently be done easily in Legacy Workflow.   It seems Advanced Workflow is limited to selectin...
    Greg Barrass
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  • Comment log

    I would like to know if the new Comment log field can be reportable and/or can be included in the Historical Summary. The field is not visible as field in the module, but only in the Record View (Studio).
    Renzo Leone
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  • Various Mismatch errors when upgrading to 9.0.3

    Dear SugarCRM Community,    I'm attempting to upgrade a site from SugarCRM Pro 8.0.6 to Pro 9.0.3. Heath checks all run without any serious issues. However when run the upgrade process, the process stops at...
    Peter Hallett
    created by Peter Hallett
  • I'm having trouble passing this step. I'm accessing the sugar through the file manager, via subdomains, I created the database, but I can't get through because it gives these errors. Any solution?

    helder chindondo
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  • RollupConditionalSum in IfElse Statement

    Hi, our company is dealing mostly with yearly subscription customers, but some of them are on multi-year and half-year contracts. I wanted to display the current annualized invoice revenue on the associated account ...
    Fabian Varasteh
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  • Upgrade Paths for On-Site Installations

    If you are starting at version:   v10.0.0    Upgrade to 10.0.1   v9.0.3    Upgrade to 10.0.1   v9.0.0 - 9.0.2    Upgrade to 9.0.3   v8.0.6    Upg...
    Alex Nassi
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  • Redirecting sugarcrm.log to stdout = black hole

    We're running sugarcrm 8.0.6 ENT inside of a Docker container, and I'm trying to redirect the application logs to stdout/stderr so we can consume them with CloudWatch.   I have the following setup in our Dockerf...
    John Hoffmann
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  • Don't create Lead when Contact exists

    Hi all,   I just a need a little help when creating a Lead when a Contact already exists.   We have the case that sales reps try to create a Lead in Sugar although a Contact in Sugar already exists with th...
    Thomas Schlittler
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  • HOW TO SEND Workflow Email WHEN Expected Closed Date Past 1 Day

    This request has come up again. I am on the latest version of on premise. Can anyone help?     I am trying to create a workflow and/or (business process author) for new and updated opps. where I need to ...
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  • Change sorting of a report chart (e.g. Funnel)

    How can I change the sorting of a report chart, in my case a funnel chart? It is based on a campaign and I like to have 2. Viewed Message and 3. Click-thru Link.   
    created by SilvioFelder
  • Why is install.log getting entries when I am not installing?

    I haven't upgraded or installed new plugins for a while now, but the install.log keeps getting the following messages. 2019-06-10 16:33:03...installerHook: Could not find custom/install/install_hooks.php 2019-07-01 2...
    Amy Cox
    created by Amy Cox
  • OAuth: Logout after 15 minutes of inactivity?

    Corporate has requested that I change the inactive timeout for Sugar to 15 minutes to match their security policies across their other web/desktop applications.   I have the oauth2 lifetime's as so:    ...
    John Hoffmann
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  • button schedule report is missing for some users

    For some users the button schedule reports is missing. I checked but all the requirements are met. Anybody got ideas what this can be?   Report Schedule Requirements The Report Schedules module requires the foll...
    Nick Maes
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  • Rest-API access outside firewall in order to allow integration

    hi All,   Our instance is behind firewall and currently only accessible via VPN and not accessible over internet. we have implemented air watch solution for our field staff to access Sugar on the go. We would l...
    Kunal Singh
    created by Kunal Singh
  • Configuring SugarCRM to use ElasticSearch with AWS Auth

    After a bit of searching I didn't see this posted anywhere, and the official Sugar docs specify that the only allowed 'transport' values are 'http' or 'https'.   $sugar_config['full_text_engine']['Elastic'] = [ &...
    John Hoffmann
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  • Change assigned-to of Contact to match assigned-to of its parent Account?

    I need to create a Process to do the following:  change the Assigned To field of any Contact wherein the Assigned To field of the Contact's parent Account does not match, to be the same User in the Assigned To of...
    Robert McAnally
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  • When I am in the Opportunities module, And I click to create a filter the "Date Created" doesn't appear? How Can I fix this?

    When I am in the Opportunities module, And I click to create a filter the "Date Created" doesn't appear? How Can I fix this?
    Rohan Chopra
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  • split table/list

    Hello,   i have a kind of split table / list at module prospects (see Screenshot) its just in one module how can i solve this Problem. I see this on different versions of sugarcrm (7.x,8.x,9.x)   kind re...
    Alexander Strobl
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  • Connect Go Integrator to SugarCRM

    Hi,   we're using the Telekom Cloud PBX and also SugarCRM.   I'd like to use the Go Integrator DB to connect those 2.   Does anyone got experience with the import of the activitylog of calls to the c...
    Lennart Gebauer
    created by Lennart Gebauer
  • CheckFTSConfig and Elasticsearch upgrade fail

    Hi everyone,   I have a Sugar 7.9.4 and am upgrading to 8.0. It is specifically failing at the CheckFTSConfig phase in the pre-checks. The meesages are:   [Upgrader] - ERROR: Unable to get s...
    Mike Papageorge
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