• HOW TO SEND Workflow Email WHEN Expected Closed Date Past 1 Day

    This request has come up again. I am on the latest version of on premise. Can anyone help?     I am trying to create a workflow and/or (business process author) for new and updated opps. where I need to ...
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  • CheckFTSConfig and Elasticsearch upgrade fail

    Hi everyone,   I have a Sugar 7.9.4 and am upgrading to 8.0. It is specifically failing at the CheckFTSConfig phase in the pre-checks. The meesages are:   [Upgrader] - ERROR: Unable to get s...
    Mike Papageorge
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  • How can I display a field from one module in a different module?

    I am running SugarCRM Professional, Version 7.2.  I want to add a field to a layout in the calls module, but the field I want to add is a Studio created field from a different module.  I searched the old Sug...
    reluctant data
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  • (SmtpMailer.php:167 [6]) - Failed to connect to outbound SMTP Mail Server: An outgoing mail server is not configured to send emails.

    hi all,   this is a a bit strange, Assignment emails and notification emails work perfectly file whereas workflow emails doesnot work. if i try to send an email via process definition or auto reply it doesn...
    Kunal singh
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  • report only on first meeting scheduled against a lead

    Hi All,   This is a bit unique one, my team wants to report only on first meeting scheduled against a lead. all other meetings / followup meeting scheduled needs to be excluded from the report matrix summary. &#...
    Kunal singh
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  • Upgrade Paths for On-Site Installations

    If you are starting at version:   v9.0.0 - 9.0.1     Upgrade to 9.0.2   v8.0.4    Upgrade to 9.0.2   v8.0.0 - 8.0.3    Upgrade to 8.0.4  ...
    Alex Nassi
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  • bug or error in campaigns?

                          I can not see anything in the campains status ,and the sugarcrm.log show me        'Error ru...
    Jecky Huang
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  • split table/list

    Hello,   i have a kind of split table / list at module prospects (see Screenshot) its just in one module how can i solve this Problem. I see this on different versions of sugarcrm (7.x,8.x,9.x)   kind re...
    Alexander Strobl
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  • Integration of LiveChat - Subpanels are not shown

    Hi!   I installed the module of LiveChat and it works so far, as I can create leads, contacts, accounts und opportunities directly fom the chat application   The problemis, that the module itself in Sugar ...
    Michael Scheiwe
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  • Website Live Chat Options for SugarCRM...

    Hi everyone.   We have a customer who is interested in leveraging a website 'live chat' feature on their website, however, would like this to be integrated with Sugar.   With so many available, and the spe...
    James Banbury
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  • Job failed in CRON run (7.5)

    I added a job to the scheduler which runs every day at 3am. I tested the job without the scheduler and it works without any problems. I also configured cron correctly, it starts every day at 3am. But it never did anyt...
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  • annoying bug in Quotes module

    There’s an annoying bug in Quotes module, in that the line items don’t retain the order in which you add them to the quote, and also every time you edit and save they get rearranged again. Using v7.2.0
    Vincent Amari
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  • Language issue after upgrade

    HI all.  Recently I've upgraded company Sugarcrm PRO version to  I used the upgrade wizard and followed the Sugar Professional 7.9 Installation and Upgrade Guide. I checked PHP version ...
    Federico Ricci
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  • Cannot assign a Group User through workflow

    The documentation for 6.5 says: Examples of uses for a Group User would be to assign all new leads to a  group user named "Sales". However, in Version 7.x the documentation no longer mentions this use.  It ...
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  • OPI 2.2.0 mass deployment: Best practice

    Hi all   Got Sugar Ent and running Outlook 2016 (Office 365):   Installed the OPI 2.2.0 already using the setup.exe and all working fine. Uninstall it.   Try to install the OPI 2.2.0 using ...
    Kristjan Geir Mathiesen
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  • Rest v10 issue OAuth2 after upgrading to 7.9.1

    Hi all, I've got an installation of SugarCRM Pro in my own server and today I migrate from to 7.9.1.  Language different from English are broken but the very important thing is that in some cases, using ...
    Federico Ricci
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  • Can you default the Assigned To of a Case to a blank value?

    Upon creating a new case, can the Assigned To be default to a blank value?  The field would be required inducing the user to populate the Assigned To in order to save.  There is a common use case in which th...
    Jon Parmley
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  • Message error - A request is failing that makes the application unusable. Please contact technical support.

    This message show try login A request is failing that makes the application unusable. Please contact technical support. Anyone know why? This is label msg "LBL_INVALID_412_RESPONSE"
    Rodolfo Jesus
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  • track session time by module

    hi Guys,   hope you all are very well. I am trying to track how much time my users are spending on a specific module eg : Calls.   Basically i am trying to find out number of records created and time take...
    Kunal singh
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  • "Test for .htaccess rewrites failed. This usually means you do not have AllowOverride set up for Sugar directory." error during installation

    Hi, I am setting up a new environment on a fresh Ubuntu install. I copied the installation files for Sugar 7.2 Enterprise and I started the installation process. During the check I get this message Test for .htacce...
    Marco Pierobon
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