• CPU and RAM high usage

    Dear Sugar experts, We are experiencing an issue with our current Sugar 6.5.16 (Build 1082) installation on CentOS 6.7 CPU usage is always at 99.8% and memory usage is  below:          ...
    Sidion Elezi
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  • Redis/Memcache and file cache

    In the advanced sugar configuration options, there is the ability to point "external cache" to redis or memcached. What is actually being redirected? This doesn't replace, or even seem to augment, the local file cache...
    Allen Sellars
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  • How to create a field that returns a specified value based on a related field in Sugar CRM?

    Here is my situation:   I currently have the following setup in my record view on one of my modules (lets call it Estate_Orders for the sake of this post)     My Goal is to be able to make the "Join...
    Ryan Siwinski
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  • Help-labels pop-ups not clearing (lingering tooltips)

    Not quite sure what these are actually called so screenshot below...  Does anyone else see this?  (the black underlined create and favourite pop ups)   They do not clear, sometimes even after a refresh...
    Luke Ridgway
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  • Ondemand Storage Use

    For ondemand SugarCRM instances, we now have the SugarCloud Insights at the top of the Admin page. This is good and useful, but it does not give us any breakdown of where the records are (i.e. Accounts, Contacts...
    Ben Hamilton
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  • What is the limitation on the number of fields you can add to a module?

    Is there a limitation on the number of fields you can add to a module? Or is the limitation based on the size of the field?
    John Harr
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  • track session time by module

    hi Guys,   hope you all are very well. I am trying to track how much time my users are spending on a specific module eg : Calls.   Basically i am trying to find out number of records created and time take...
    Kunal singh
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  • Connection Jira - SugarCRM

    Hi,   i'm looking for an useful application/plugin that connects Jira and SugarCRM. We're using Sugar Prof. 8.X.   Any suggestions?   Best, L.
    Lennart Gebauer
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  • Creating quotes in multiple currencies with SugarCRM 7.9.x

    Is anyone using the quotes module in SugarCRM 7.9.x with multiple currencies?   The new module that came in with 7.9 seems to be very buggy and we have hit a few issues that mean we cannot upgrade. The main prob...
    Steve Thompson
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  • case number being re-used

    Hi we are using a slightly older version of SugarCRM 6.5.17 (Build 1220). We have an intermittent fault where a user emails, most times it creates a Case with a new Case number sometimes it doesn't create a Case other...
    Stevan Goodchild
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  • Is it possible to merge two records from different modules?

    For example: If a lead comes in but it is already a contact can I merge those two records even though they are in different modules?
    Sheila McPhail
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  • Slow Export from ListView. Fast from Reports

    Hi, we have a customer who hosts 8.0.3 on-site. Exporting 20 records from a list-view takes 1-minute. Exporting 600 from the same module (and with every column in the view) takes <1 second.   Any ideas what...
    James Banbury
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  • How do I adjust the Subpanel ratio/% ?

    Hi Team,   I am wondering how I can adjust the ratio or % of the subpanels in my modules? E.g in Leads we have notes, emails etc and although have only 4 fields that are showing they are all at different widths ...
    Peter Pavisic
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  • Sugar on Demand response times very slow after upgrade to V9.0.0 - is there a fix?

    We use SugarCRM Enterprise On Deman and we have recently received reports from several users in different countries about sluggish response times. This might coincide with the recent upgrade to V9 but the exact time f...
    Jens Seidl
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  • How do I adjust column width in Modules ?

    When you click on a certain Module and you see the List there is a toggle wheel on the right where you can select your columns. Some columns have different sizing compared to the rest. You can easily click and drag th...
    Peter Pavisic
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  • Calculated Field Timestamp "now()"

    Hi,   i use Sugar Professional 8. I'd like to set the Timestamp "now()" for a calculated Field (Date/Time). It works perfectly while creating a new Record.   But when i save the Record the Timestamp sets...
    Lennart Gebauer
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  • Merging Account records takes a long time and never finishes

    Hi everyone   Would anyone know why is merging is not finishing? I don't understand why there are so many link requests relating to activities and if this is even important? This seems to go on fo...
    sonesay inthavong
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  • Upload Custom Javascript

    Hi,   I'm working on a project at sugarcrm on demand instance.   I need call an API when i add a new line item on Quotes module for get the product price and stock.   I'm trying to insert a new JS fi...
    Claudio Viva
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  • Creating different log file for different error level

    Hi some smarty there...  Please help me How to create different log files for different #logger level? i.e fatal errors into sugarcrm_fatal.log and debug into sugarcrm_debug.log etc..   a detaild help is ...
    Palanisankar Arunachalam
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  • Looking to report on daily user activity

    I need to report on the team's daily activities, is there any way I can export the Activity Streams of a team of users in Sugar? I have attempted to use Tracker reports but it does not report the data clearly like the...
    Rebecca McMahon
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