• "Your company's license for SugarCRM needs to be validated. Only admins may login.

    "Your company's license for SugarCRM needs to be validated. Only admins may login." Error pop-up all the time  I have reset a admin Password from dB and also change the license type of Admin user every time i en...
    Ambit Support
    created by Ambit Support
  • Installing the On-demand version 9.3.0 on a Development Environment

    Hi,  I'm trying the install a back up of Sugar Professional 9.3.0 on a Local Development instance .  Unfortunately this is an "On-demand" only version  and the stand alone version server requirement i...
    Anoop Antony
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  • Configuring SugarCRM to use ElasticSearch with AWS Auth

    After a bit of searching I didn't see this posted anywhere, and the official Sugar docs specify that the only allowed 'transport' values are 'http' or 'https'.   $sugar_config['full_text_engine']['Elastic'] = [ &...
    John Hoffmann
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  • How to create a field that returns a specified value based on a related field in Sugar CRM?

    Here is my situation:   I currently have the following setup in my record view on one of my modules (lets call it Estate_Orders for the sake of this post)     My Goal is to be able to make the "Join...
    Ryan Siwinski
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  • Error after upgrade

    Upgraded from 7.6 to 7.7.1.  After upgrade I get Unable to load application.  Chrome developer show  {URL}/rest.php/v10/metadata/public?type_filter=&module_filter=&platform=base&module_depe...
    Jay Moore
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  • "Test for .htaccess rewrites failed. This usually means you do not have AllowOverride set up for Sugar directory." error during installation

    Hi, I am setting up a new environment on a fresh Ubuntu install. I copied the installation files for Sugar 7.2 Enterprise and I started the installation process. During the check I get this message Test for .htacce...
    Marco Pierobon
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  • split table/list

    Hello,   i have a kind of split table / list at module prospects (see Screenshot) its just in one module how can i solve this Problem. I see this on different versions of sugarcrm (7.x,8.x,9.x)   kind re...
    Alexander Strobl
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  • Sugar9.0 Db2 11 support

    Hello,   I would like to know the action plan from SugarCRM when the DB2 Version 10.5 goes out of support. * Sugar 9.0.1 support only Db2 Version 10.5.  * Sugar 9.0.1 End of life is April 30, 2021 *...
    Gopu Krishnan
    created by Gopu Krishnan
  • Connect Go Integrator to SugarCRM

    Hi,   we're using the Telekom Cloud PBX and also SugarCRM.   I'd like to use the Go Integrator DB to connect those 2.   Does anyone got experience with the import of the activitylog of calls to the c...
    Lennart Gebauer
    created by Lennart Gebauer
  • CheckFTSConfig and Elasticsearch upgrade fail

    Hi everyone,   I have a Sugar 7.9.4 and am upgrading to 8.0. It is specifically failing at the CheckFTSConfig phase in the pre-checks. The meesages are:   [Upgrader] - ERROR: Unable to get s...
    Mike Papageorge
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  • Upgrade Paths for On-Site Installations

    If you are starting at version:   v9.0.0 - 9.0.1     Upgrade to 9.0.2   v8.0.4    Upgrade to 9.0.2   v8.0.0 - 8.0.3    Upgrade to 8.0.4  ...
    Alex Nassi
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  • Sugar Ultimate 9.2.0-preview.2 -  Install stuck at INSERT defaults INTO config TABLE

    Have tried running the installer with a fresh unzip multiple times and it just stops.  In reviewing the sugarcrm/Install.log, the last entry is ...Begin creating Defaults ...INSERT defaults INTO config TABLE Th...
    QuoteWerks Support
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  • Language issue after upgrade

    HI all.  Recently I've upgraded company Sugarcrm PRO version to  I used the upgrade wizard and followed the Sugar Professional 7.9 Installation and Upgrade Guide. I checked PHP version ...
    Federico Ricci
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  • Rest v10 issue OAuth2 after upgrading to 7.9.1

    Hi all, I've got an installation of SugarCRM Pro in my own server and today I migrate from to 7.9.1.  Language different from English are broken but the very important thing is that in some cases, using ...
    Federico Ricci
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  • Connection Jira - SugarCRM

    Hi,   i'm looking for an useful application/plugin that connects Jira and SugarCRM. We're using Sugar Prof. 8.X.   Any suggestions?   Best, L.
    Lennart Gebauer
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  • outlook plugin

    I am trying to use the Sugar Plugin for Outlook 2.6.3 with Outlook 2016 (Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016).   I tried setting the Outlook Options to "Optimize for Compatibility" and then installing t...
    Kevin Glick
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  • Heads-Up regarding emails in Processes in Release 9.1.0

    I had a little surprise this weekend with release 9.1.0 that I'd like to share:   For "send email" in the BPM in in release 9.0.1 and prior, you could start to type the name of a user in the "TO", "CC", or "BCC"...
    Bud Hartley
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  • Error after Upgrade from 7.8.2 to 9.0.1

    Hello, after upgrade from 7.8.2 to 9.0.1 and I started the [Quick Repair and Rebuild] and see following errors:   Mon Jul 29 14:57:18 2019 [11194][1][ERROR] Could not generate a metadata file for module Activit...
    Chun Yu Wu
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  • "Unexpected values found in emails" when upgrading to 8.0

    Hello,   When doing the upgrade from 7.9.4 to 8.0, I had this warning during the healthcheck :   82. Unexpected values found in emails Invalid status and type for emails: status=read, type=out Learn more.....
    Nicolas Urech
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  • upload file error (data import)

    Hello everyone,   I am migrating from CE 6.5.17 (Windows) to CE 6.5.22 (OS X)   I have installed the standard CE 6.5.22 stack pack on OS X. Afterwards, I have customized some fields in Accounts and Contacs...
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